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Friday, July 07, 2006

Witchcraft In Kenyan President's Office: The Bizzare Phillip Mbithi Harambee House "X-Files" Episode

Kalonzo Musyoka Was Named In Witchcraft Allegations

There are those who believe that a nut or two went loose somewhere in the head of former secretary to the cabinet Phillip Mbithi. Others believe that he was genuinely and honestly converted from atheism into a passionate born again Christian. Read his story and decide for yourself.

The former University of Nairobi lecturer was appointed head of the civil service and secretary to the cabinet by Moi in the late 80s. The arrogant professor had no time for the power barons of Ukambani at the time like illiterate Mulu Mutisya and fast rising Kanu star in those days, Kalonzo Musyoka. The system in those single-political-party days worked on a strict patronage hierarchy and the worst mistake any senior government official or politician would make would be to fail to acknowledge it or the key power brokers behind it. Prof Mbithi not only failed to acknowledge Ukambani power brokers, he completely ignored them. And despite several subtle warnings and messages sent to him he remained aloof and focused all his energies on doing his job while keeping his distance from all politicians but most of all these kings of Ukambani.

My sincere apologies to supporters of Kalonzo Musyoka, for publishing this photo. But we must know the whole truth and nothing but the truth about all our presidential candidates. Here hon Musyoka is photographed with Bishop Deya (yes, the miracle babies guy). In our story Prof Philip Mbithi named Mulu Mutisya and Kalonzo Musyoka as the people he suspected to be behind his witchcraft attack.

These details you are reading here were obtained by a close associate of this blogger in an exclusive interview with Prof Mbithi at his Machakos ranch, which was published in the Kenyan daily press.

Mbithi says several messages and subtle warnings were communicated to him through third parties, which he ignored.

One day he was seated at his Harambee House office quietly working on some files when suddenly, "people he could not see" violently attacked him and started strangling him to death. Harambee house houses the office of the President.

The "people" were too strong for him and besides it had all happened too fast because one minute he was seated quietly working, the next he was fighting a losing battle for his life.

His wife happened to have turned up at that very moment and seeing her husband on the floor in trouble, quickly prayed for him (she was and still is a staunch Christian) and the "attackers" vanished as quickly as they had appeared.

What stretched the imagination of most Kenyans over this incident was that Prof Mbithi was a well known atheist up to this point and not the sort of person who would believe such a cock and bull story, let alone tell it.

Mbithi said that he believes to this day that the "invisible people" (demons) who attacked him were sent to kill him by Mulu Mutisya and Kalonzo Musyoka, the politicians who had repeatedly been sending messages to him to tow the line.

Prof Mbithi's woes did not end there.

One day President Moi called him to State House to discuss a major cabinet reshuffle. They worked on the list for hours and when the President was finally satisfied, he asked him to release it to the media which Prof Mbithi did. He was sitting in his office listening to the one o'clock radio news bulletin when he heard amongst the people on the list he had helped draft, his own name. He had been transferred to an obscure post with the East African community in Arusha. Mbithi was shocked beyond words.

That was vintage Moi.

Prof Mbithi rejected the East African Community appointment and retired to his ranch in Machakos (close to the Machakos/Mombasa Road junction. To this day he spends his days secluded, reading the Bible and raising beef cattle. He has also issued various predictions including one that he supports with an encounter he had with Moi, to the effect that there are rich Oil deposits in Kenya which for some strange undisclosed reason can not yet be drilled. But Mbithi says that it will be drilled in the near future.

Folks that's what happens regularly on the political scene in Kenya. I say it is time we sent the old superstitious folks home for good with their witchcraft. Witchcraft and superstitions can never build Kenya and must not be allowed to be a part of the new Kenya.

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Half 'n' half said...

LMAO !!!!!!!!! especially where he is being beaten by invisible people. Obviously I dont believe withcraft works......BUT what I want to know is the story behind that Deya/Kalonzo picture. Please reveal

Anonymous said...

kalonzo, i last time hew was in a picture with the armenians now deya! haha iw onder what other pics exist - lakini that picture hehehehe

chris said...

You should trust this blog if you are a regular. View the photo for yourself at it's original source;

Or go to Google key in Kalonzo Musyoka and search images

First line page two of results, fourth picture.

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