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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Uhuruto: The dynamic duo of digital incompetence, Kumekucha disagrees

Kumekucha is back, and back with a MASSIVE bang. For the love of the motherland.

That break was costly as Kenya burnt. True, Kumekucha is guilty as charged with treason. But that is story for another day.

First things first.

To the uninitiated you better tighten and choke yourself in your seat belt. Buckle up, sit straight, brace yourself. True to its signature slogan of new dawn, Kumekucha hits hard where is politically hurts most. Here we spare no pretending royalty using his executive powers to rape Kenya as we bend over some more.

Kenya is a country in militant denial albeit served in cheap political polemics.

What is more, Kenya is hurtling to self-destruction at breakneck speed. And in its wake Kenyans are left furious.
Well, if you are not mad and angry then either you are one very cold heartless human creature suffering from an acute bout of political dementia or you have your head so deeply buried in the sand that you are better not live near an ostrich farm.

Hold you bile. Before you start foaming at the mouth inducing self-destructive heart attack just sit back and honestly reflect on the political incompetence oozing from every pore of the present leadership.

Please, there is no need for that cheap justification using comparative misplaced logic. Just accept the naked fact that the rot is so widespread and unprecedented so much so that we are thoughtleslly auctioning ourselves and many future generations.

No moral authority
Forget the brouhaha about Madaraka day celebrated in Nakuru and the perpendicular (parallel my foot!) Cord rally at Uhuru park. You see, the usual suspects are on a mission. The hitherto progressive 2010 katiba has been serially raped and bastardised to shreds.

It is all (cheap) politics, stupid. Both President Uhuru and DP Ruto are simply expanding their toxic brand of ethnic politics moving Madaraka day celebrations to Nakuru. And don't get me started with that devolution nonsense. The dynamically incompetent duo wouldn't know how to spell the word even with the capital and bold letter thrashed in their face.

Kenya is presently smarting from the abominable curse of three shameless tribalists in the name of former presidents whose lack of philosophical depth on matters leadership was masked in cheap populist slogans. Make no mistake, Uhuruto takes the biscuit for shamelessly digitalising incompetence oiled by massive official graft.

But again seriously, both Uhuru and Ruto never promised anything apart from cleverly hipnotising their ethnic base to provide their backs for a ride out of ICC. Corruption which is presently choking every orifice of body Kenya is domiciled at the heart of the government.

Raping the willing
Those Kenyans old enough must know how the government works. Civil servants saw the very top leadership marshal and misuse Kenya's national resources to fight their personal wars at The Hague. And with no no moral authority to lift a finger the graft flood gates were flung open and Kenya must bleed to the last drop of blood.
Just look around you, what do you see? Very mad Kenyans except they are angry for all the wrong petty and partisan reasons. Kiraitu was so spot on with his "raping the willing" analogue.

And you know what, we haven't seen anything yet. No need to be evangelical about it.

Kenya iko na wenyewe.
Na bado!!

Kumekucha Chris Response
Is this man fit to be president? Seriously??

My dear fellow pensioner,

Reading your piece above one would be forgiven for thinking that there are chaos in Kenya.

The truth is that if there is any chaos going forward it will have been caused by CORD. Take this CORD fiasco at Uhuru Park yesterday. Why else would you want to hold a parallel Madaraka day celebration to snub the democratically elected president of the republic other than to divide Kenyans? One would have to be blind not to see that all Raila wants is to be president. He does not care at what cost. He does not care if innocent Kenyans die in the process. Can this kind of leader be taken seriously.

Raila's own father begged Moi to allow him to sit on the coveted seat even if it is just for a few minutes. Now the son is hell bent on fulfilling that selfish ambition.

It is just mind boggling how some Kenyans can be so blind. Look at the CORD principals carefully and tell me what kind of people these are who some Kenyans are following. Raila was involved in a coup attempt against Moi in 1982 (showing that the desperation for the presidency of this man started a long time ago). Kalonzo Musyoka should NOT even be in politics. He has not built even a single pit latrine in the Mwingi constituency where he has been MP for decades until he abodoned the seat for his pipe dream of being president. How does such a man even dream of being president of Kenya? Most of the things I would want to say about Wetangula are unprintable, even here. But Kenyans need to know that his behaviour over the years cry out for linguists to define the terms "womaniser" and "coniving corrupt".

Fellow Kenyans are these really the kind of people any sane person would want to give power to?


Chris said...

Only in Kenya can one change their political views and be called a sell out

Carol Nyege said...

SELL OUT!!!! SHAME SHAME on Kumekucha Chris. Si ungekuja kwangu nikukopeshe kama ni shida.

Well done Taabu!! Soldier on my valiant warrior.

Taabu said...

When you populate key dockets of communication and security with cops and ex-military man who both work so hard to mint neighbouring enemies in every shadow what do you expect?

Dr Karanja Kibicho and Kiraithe are outdoing themselves protecting the throne. Poor Nkaiserry has to outdo himself to remain relevant as boss.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. We have missed Kumekucha greatly. Hope you will be independent in your analysis and bring us the real stuff hidden by the mainstream media.

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