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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kenya: Banana republic ruled by digital tribalists

Hypocrisy galore from the highest echelons of power in Kenya. And the adage goes hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue.

What a shame that while Kenya is executively steamrolled down the garden path of abyss by the dynamically clueless duo, their apologies are applauding all the resulting stench.

Well, let them enjoy the beauty of every floor on their way down oblivious of the sturdy pavement awaiting to painfully crack their tribal skulls.

Truth be said, nothing is ever achieved by a bigoted government running on slick PR devoid of substance. Even the hitherto suave Tony Blair hired to globalise and sanitise the rot has taken a back seat drawing his pay cheque without breaking a sweat.

And what is more, already executive hustling is in top gear to perpetuate more of the same come  2022 and even worse.

You know you live in a banana republic in militant denial when her politics is so predictable a deputy president starts measuring the drapes of State House more than a half decade in advance.

It is superlative impunity to negate the fundamentals of democracy making political outcome certain while keeping the process (read IEBC) fluid and unpredictable.

Katiba raped
The hitherto progressive katiba promulgated in 2010 has been raped and bastardised to its bare bones.

Forget the facade of hiding under the same shredded constitution claiming to protect and operate under established institutions which have all been emasculated to serve narrow twin-tribal interests.

Promoting national graft and packaging it as hustling and seeling it as a virtue is the height of lack of moral compass. But hey, who would blame the ruling duo who only asked successfully for ethnic backs to ride on to power to extricate themselves from the yoke of ICC. You only reap what you sow.

The clueless duo are so street smart they know how to mint and grow national confusion to mask their incompetence.

Just look at the shamelessness of EACC as an executive lapdog licking the feet and whitewashing mega graft scandals like NYS.

Add that to the executive-induced circus at the judiciary for obvious reasons and you get an original script on the manual of how to make a banana country and deny it in ethnic vitriol.

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