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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Karangi in, Ruto's neck for 2022 political noose

DP Ruto is one astute Kenyan politician who prides himself being a hustler even if the tag is a clever ruse meant to spice his grand graft past and present.

While it may sound foolhardy, the truth is that the hustler has being politically outsmarted and boxed into a corner where he belongs.

While Rachel's hubby is busy lighting fires in Western buying LPK for pliable ODM MPs, the real premier league Uhuru succession is being militarised with ex-army chief Karangi replacing Kimaiyo at Kenya Airport Authority with no pretence to ceremony.

Truth is in Kenya there are some dockets that has its owners. And lest we forget Kimunya's prolific  profiling of a whole community by reminding them that "The stock exchange is not a fish market".

Stereotypes and chauvinism

KAA is one lucrative department that must be controlled by insiders complicated enough to market graft as strategy not one functionally illiterate ex-police boss who can't pronounce SIEGE.

Forget the hitherto victimhood card, the ruling tribe now operates with a sense of entitlement with no trace of pretence.

The two rich ministries of Transport and Energy tells it all. Board meeting can be conducted in mother tongue and those fussing about it can seek the deepest part of Lake Victoria and take a dive not to resurface.

It is the political homestretch and we haven't seen anything yet. The old guard from the ruling tribe have acquired digital recruits oozing bigoted, reckless and derogatory comments with abandon. Woe unto you those who dare challenge or question their divine right to rule and plunder as the taxpayers take the tab.

National unity my foot!

The only unity that matters is within the ruling tribe uniting behind one of their own. Ruto's dispensable flower girls (real Kalenjins) must count their stars for breathing royal oxygen while being allowed to loot petty cash as the big money goes to the owners of Kenya.

Well, the ruling tribe has ranked and profiled other Kenyan communities but one thing is for sure, they will be ranked too, and painfully so very soon.

that undermine national unity. Comments like ‘the stock exchange is not a fish market’ are

The arrogance and demeaning reference to other Kenyans is one sure recipe for tension. But who care?

One thing is for sure. The ruling tribe has ranked and profiled other Kenyan communities and they will be surely ranked too, and painfully so very soon.

It is 2016 and you don't expect to RULE a people with contempt packaged in superlative stereotypes and chauvinism.

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