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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Woman Gang Robs 20 Nairobi Homes In One Week Reign Of Terror

Most people tend to relax when they see a woman, especially an attractive or well dressed one. This fact is often taken full advantage of by criminals including a gang that has reigned terror on plush upmarket residential areas over the last one week or so. They have committed at least 20 robberies (several on the same day) in just one week.

Police believe that the gang consists of one woman and three men and the daring robberies are usually carried out in broad daylight. The robbers pause as employees of the Kenya Power And Lighting Company or sometimes people from the Water company. They quickly gain access into homes and even targeted apartments, and at gun point they immobilize occupants and escape with cash and valuables including jewelry and laptops. The gang even shot and administration policeman this week in unclear circumstances.

Police have vowed to arrest the woman gangster and her accomplices very soon.
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