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Friday, March 20, 2015

Size Matters In A Husband And Is Ending Way Too Many Marriages

Women find me easy to talk to and that is why over the years I have learnt a lot about what really goes wrong in marriages. I have watched know-it-all marriage counselors get it all wrong simply because they have focused on the symptoms rather than try and look deeper for the disease causing it all.
Ridiculing your husband's size (something most women like to do) just makes things worse.
Let me give you a simple real life example that I have witnessed way too many times. If a woman has a problem with the size of her husband's tool do you think she would easily confess it to some stranger trying to arbitrate between the couple? It wouldn't even be easy for her to convince even herself that this was the crux of the whole problem. Granted marriage is all about love and understanding BUT you cannot ignore the human element and the physical needs of any normal human being.
In one particularly bad case the wife started ridiculing the husband about his size every time he demanded his conjugal right. This made things worse for the husband who resorted to going to bed fully dressed to hide his "shameful size." He even went into the shower with clothes to change. the wife got even more frustrated and after the inevitable divorce has been going round town making jokes with her friend that her husband's size was akin to the butt of a smoked cigarette. It is therefore not surprising that the woman's husband has actually attempted to murder her. But that is a story for another day.
No man chooses his size. Although there is a school of thought that says Masai's (who seem to attract women from as far off as Europe partly because of their size) are generally bigger because they do not wear trousers and children should therefore not wear tight underwear as they row as this could lead to serious "marital problems" later in their lives.
The most important thing here is compatibility. There will always be somebody out there that was made for you no matter what size you are. They too will be abnormally small or that part of the marriage will not be as important to them as it is to some women.
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