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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Out Of Court Settlement For MP Rape Case?

 The name Gideon Mwiti has become a household name in Kenya virtually overnight and many Kenyans are keenly following developments in this landmark rape saga where a sitting MP has been accused by a victim.

The latest is that impeccable sources say that the legislator has made spirited attempts to settle the matter out of court. So far the victims' lawyer, Harun Ndubi has ruled out any possibility of his client withdrawing her complaint in return for monetary compensation.

In another development police investigators yesterday summoned the legislator to record another statement because his initial one was found to have way too many contradictions.

Despite what the alleged rape victim says through the lawyer, one cannot rule out a settlement out of court in this matter. Although the clock is rapidly ticking towards a possible charge against the MP. Once in court (if it lands there) the matter will be further complicated as far as the legislator's survival is concerned.

It seems that this is the Kenyan way of settling violent crimes against women. In September 2013 Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero slapped Nairobi women's representative Rachel Shebesh right in front of rolling TV cameras. The matter was ultimately settled out of court for what insiders revealed was millions of shillings.

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