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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Nairobi Businessman Shot 15 Times On Forest Road

UpdateMystery has deepened over the execution-style shooting of Nairobi businessman Paul Ngugi Kariuki on Wednesday night. Police now say that 13 shots (and not 15) were fired and yet no single spent cartridge was recovered from the scene.

This could only mean that the gunmen took their time to carefully clean up the scene of crime afterwards. The incident was at 11 pm (another detail that has changed), which means that it was dark and this could have made the task even more difficult with flashlights.

This further raises questions about the female companion the businessman was with at the time now identified as Susan Wambura Riziki, a hairdresser. Mr Kariuki had told his wife earlier that evening on phone that he would be late as he was attending meetings. Contrary to earlier reports Ms Riziki only received a minor bruise on the chin. So was she a witness? Did she see anything?

Clearly this execution was carried out by professionals who were keen not to leave any evidence or witnesses behind.

The businessman has now been linked to a Shs 95 million land fraud case.
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A Businessman was shot 15 times as he slowed down at a bump on Forest Road in the early hours of this morning at about 2am.

Paul Ngugi Kariuki died on the spot as the gunmen shot him at close range. He was with a female passenger who is now admitted at Nairobi Hospital in critical condition.

Police are convinced it was an execution because nothing was taken from him.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you look carefully at the car of the deceased after following the link in the article above, you will notice from the angle of entry into the car that the shots were fired on the driver's side and from behind. Which explains why Ms Riziki was unscathed.

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