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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mystery of Kiambu MCA Kidnap And James-Bond-Escape

Samuel Gitau Munene's (pictured) kidnap and escape story is straight out of some action thriller like James Bond or the famous 24 TV series.

The Kiambu Juja ward MCA vanished without trace for 8 long days. He was last seen in Juja but last Sunday was found in Naivasha at a place called Kinungi. He was incoherent, weak and injured. The little that was gathered from him on his way yo hospital was that he had been kidnapped and held for the entire time without food or water. He then somehow managed to escape by kicking open the boot of a moving car he was in and jumped onto the tarmac road. After a few metres his abductors noticed that he had escaped, stopped briefly and then sped away.

Police are now waiting for the MCA to be treated and to recover enough to answer their questions.

But even as the poor man recovers from what must have been a horrifying ordeal, tongues are wagging and some loud-mouthed Kenyans are suggesting that his so-called kidnap ordeal was stage-managed. Other self-proclaimed experts are insisting that his story does not add up. No possible motives have been advanced as to why an MCA would want to stage-manage their own kidnapping in such a horrifying ordeal complete with serious injury to themselves.

Still there are a few facts that can be established thus far;

* The condition in which the MCA was found including serious injuries contradicts the theory that the kidnap was stage managed.

* When it comes to survival humans have been known to go to great and usually unbelievable lengths to survive.

* Kiambu county is one of leading counties in the entire country when it comes to serious crimes like kidnaps and murders.

* Many Kiambu constituents greatly fear some of their own leaders some of whom have in the past been linked to organized crime and drug trafficking.

Taking all these facts into account, it is highly unlikely that anybody stage managed anything and it is much more plausible that the MCA was indeed kidnapped. It is highly likely that the whole incident was linked to politics. It is also most probable according to security experts I have talked to that the abductors did not want to murder but were rather more interested in scaring the MCA for reasons that are still unknown.
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