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Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Tribalism Monster Was Badly Missed At Uhuru Park Demos Yesterday

Question to Kumekucha on Facebook;
This is a very honest observation. Please do not read mischief. Why have high profile demonstrations or political protests become solely Kikuyu activism? Why are other communities boycotting or showing complete apathy? Every other lead spokesperson at the Freedom Corner protest yesterday were our brothers and sisters from Mount Kenya region.Njoya,Mwangi,Maina etc etc. This is unilateral solidarity for which I really can't put a finger on.What is happening...??

My answer;

This is a group of Kenyans who have been consistent in their fight for a better Kenya. I have never looked at them as Kikuyus and it would be unfair for anybody to look at them as such. They are Kenyans. PERIOD. They have refused to be boxed into the categories carefully prepared by our so-called leaders for their own selfish political objectives. Secondly those in civil society championing the peaceful demonstrations are wise enough to realize that if they were to allow one of their Luo brothers for instance, on the forefront the whole noble cause would be reduced to the-elections-are-over-move-on rhetoric. Or these-stupid-Luos-rhetoric. Or Raila-has-organized-this-because-he-lost-the-elections-and-wants-to-be-president-at-all-costs etc.

I have had the pleasure of knowing some of these tribeless Kenyans who are largely ignored by the tribal voters of Kenya. I always assure them that even if people see them as confused now, history will classify them as visionaries. And remember that being on the forefront is not a joke. Some like Oscar Kingara lost his life while others like John Githongo have had to live in exile from their own country. And there are many other who continue to suffer. I really get angry when I see some silly tribal comment and remember what people are risking while the rest of us have fun on Facebook and Twitter.

Oscar Kingara: Brutally gunned down in his car (along with his assistant Oulu) by a man on a motorbike a few hours after the government had accused his Oscar Foundation of being a front for Mungiki. There are those who will see Kingara as a "confused Kikuyu" but may he be remembered as a gallant Kenyan. Perhaps long dead and forgotten, but I have written a book available only to raw notes readers that talks about his assassination and those who organized it. Hopefully one day that book will be widely available. Meanwhile you can read an old Kumekucha post HERE. Pay special attention to the first readers' comment because I believe it was written by somebody sympathetic to the killers. Rest in peace Oscar, and may your brutal death not have been in vain.

All my children and others I have influence on have been carefully brought up by me in the knowledge that all those who propagate tribalism are the worst kind of criminals. I have highlighted the strengths of major Kenyan tribes to them and what they should seek to copy from them. The Luo brilliance for those who want to pursue the medical profession and other highly technical fields, not to mention their swag. The Kikuyu entrepreneurial spirit that is unmatched in most of Africa and beyond etc. BUT recently one of them put me in a tight corner when he asked me how come some of the worst tribalists we have are PhD holders. My reply; Son, degrees do not mean automatic intelligence and that is why Kenya is full of very educated but very foolish people. I want you to be both intelligent and highly educated so that when you take over from these idiots you can bring about real and lasting change in our country.

History bores most Kenyans and that is why there is absolutely no chance that most will ever discover that this tribalism monster was birthed and fed in State house after the assassination of Tom Mboya (a Luo man who won all his elections with Kikuyu votes against Kikuyu candidates) in July 1969. Jomo and his team did an excellent job because if you go to the estates even today you will hear kids barely out of their diapers saying "Luos are stupid." The current government has effortlessly used it (guided by some of the people who were around when this evil was first mooted). Admittedly it wins elections. But I have consistently said in my blog since 2005 that the country needs a real truth and reconciliation campaign where people will be made to understand what happened and we should start by apologizing to our Luo brothers for the grave sin we have committed against them. If not this is something serious enough to be tried at the ICC.

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