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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Day The Kenyan Media Ignored The Biggest Story

What really happened on 13th Feb 2014 at Uhuru Park, Nairobi?

The media gave the biggest story of the day, an anti-government protest, a complete black out. Later a few articles in the press mentioned it almost in passing. It never really happened, they wanted Kenyans to believe. Those who wanted to know were forced to turn to the International media.

But even more fascinating was this piece in the Daily Nation by KWAMCHETSI MAKOKHA.

Judging by the way people were huffing and puffing in the wrong direction on Facebook most missed the whole satirical message.

In my days we greatly appreciated satire and were quick to spot it. I find it very strange that these days everybody misses it. I have experienced it in this blog several times where my satirical pieces have always gotten people hot under the collar in the wrong direction. What went wrong? Shallow education system? Very sad what people are missing.

In such an environment how would somebody ever get to really appreciate William Shakespeare's classic Julius Caesar for instance which my dad used to great effect to teach me politics? More so the speech by Mark Antony and the immortal words "I come not to praise Caesar but to bury him..."

Anyway to quit boring most of you, it will be of much more interest to you guys to know that as the country moves in the direction of a gagged press and policemen on Facebook satire will be the only way to go folks. And having privileged information on what is going on in the media and the pressure they were feeling over reporting the said demonstrations (the low key media coverage over what should have been the biggest story of Feb 13th was no accident) I strongly suspect that the style of writing used in this Nation piece was arrived at out of necessity rather than by voluntary whim.  It may even have been edited at the last minute, I want to speculate.

Apart from the security goons skimming through and nodding their heads in approval, satire is difficult to prosecute for defamation.

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