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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Breaking News: Yet Another Deadly Attack As Terror Escalates in Kenya

Terrorists are planning something very very major, experts say

If you see this on the road ahead of you, do not proceed. It is usually also a sign that others may be planted in the area including where you are.

Oh no, not again, yet another deadly terror attack on Kenyan soil. In the space of just one week there have been several attacks (some reported here exclusively) and a grenade attack at a major hotel in Diani South Coast that injured scores. Security and al Shabaab analysts have told this blogger that this unprecedented activity appears to be in preparation for a major attack as detailed in my 2014 predictions book and what should really worry Kenyans are some of the targets al Shabaab have in mind this time round.

The latest attack happened earlier today around 9am and miraculously there were no casualties. This time it was at the Dabaab refugee camp and it appears that the I.E.D. (Improvised Explosive Device) failed to explode as several vehicles went over the area and only detonated after the last truck in the convoy drove through. This is what saved many lives and frustrated the intention of the terrorists who planted it. (Read the full report HERE).

Apart from predicting intensified terrorist activities in the country in 2014 and revealing latest developments reported by intelligence sources within the al Shabaab high command that is the cause of this, my latest sizzler also has plenty of eye openers on the political front. One email from somebody who has recently read the book described the revelations and predictions in the book thus; "I have no words.."

The most amazing/sick photo you will ever see in your life that illustrates the perils of African politics. View it in seconds click HERE.
Inside info that predicted March 4th Elections winner in 2007
I have received several emails over the years asking a simple question;

"What is your secret? Do you consult witchdoctors in Tanzania to get to know what is going to happen in future?"

This is concerning predictions made on Kumekucha. Regular readers will know that we have a policy here of NOT gloating. The only time we comment about predictions we make is on the few occasions when they do not come to pass. When they happen just as we had said we do not even talk about it. Why should we when we should instead be busy digging out the next big revelation? besides folks are intelligent enough to realize what has happened without us seeking to rub it in.

HOWEVER today I break that rule and point you to a Kumekucha post in 2007. Yep 2007. That revealed insider information that clearly identified the fourth president of Kenya (our current president) while detailing what was going on in the corridors of powers even then to ensure that this would come to pass. Actually a group of very powerful and resourceful Kenyans pulled all the plugs in their careful scheming then and it worked. It is this powerful clique who are forcing the grandfather appointments by the president that have drawn so much criticism across the board. Read that 2007 article for yourself HERE and don't forget to check the date.

This will no doubt be useful information to the tons of folks who are relatively new to Kumekucha and I sincerely hope that it does not sound like bragging because that is NOT my intention here. Rather I am preparing you for some of the jaw-dropping predictions of what is expected to go down in the next 12 months or so. All signs are that it is going to be a year like no other. BUT it is NOT all gloom, so relax.

Answer questions like;
- What is URP's secret plan and deadly ace card currently being played from under the table? And what will happen to Ruto as a result?
- Is Raila Odinga finished politically or will he rise again in 2014 like a Phoenix from the ashes of the last general elections?
- What is going to happen to governor Kidero and who are the main powerful individuals plotting his downfall? What are their chances of success in 2014?
- Who is this evil, brutal Osama Bin Laden imitator in Somalia who has caused so much blood shed in Kenya already? A man that the influential TIME magazine felt was important enough to write about and feature amongst the 100 most influential people in the world? What is this evil man's plan for Kenya and the world in 2014? (has already started happening).

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