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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Who was Uhuru referring to as the cause of URP rebellion?

Businessman causing chaos but all president Uhuru can do is speak out against him
The president of Kenya is still a very powerful office. And so you would expect that a mere businessman who is inciting politicians within JUBILEE to rebel against President Uhuru Kenyatta would be dealt with firmly and quickly.

Instead all the president could do yesterday was angrily hit out at the said businessman at a public meeting in the Rift Valley and didn't even mention his name. Why?

Who is this person that has made the president so angry? Why is he still untouchable to the extent where nothing more can be done against him? The answer will leave you numb with shock. It seems in Kenya crime pays and it pays big time. This individual has a long track record of being very corrupt but remains untouchable. He even embezzled massive funds from a former president and nothing happened to him. Actually he is also craftier than a desert fox.

His amazing story is in my latest raw note but this is a good time to ask ourselves the million shilling question yet again, who really rules Kenya? The politicians or those who bankroll them?

Traditionally the public and even the press have been naive enough to always ignore the source of funding for our politicians. Actually that should always be the first question the issue that an investigative journalist should always interrogate first.

But even as we continue to ignore the big elephant in the room we have created monsters who straddle our political landscape quite capable of holding the president of the republic of Kenya at bay as was clearly proved yesterday in the Rift Valley. 

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Anonymous said...


I am a Kikuyu from Gatundu

I lost very close relatives-the recent blow up of a matatu in Pangani

Many also lost close relatives in westgate

I am asking- are all these happening just to "protect" Kamwana from ICC

KenyattaI,Moi,Kibaki's time,there was not this much insecurity!

I am sure that what is happening in terms of insecurity in Kenya has something to do with ICC

May my Lord who I worship deliver justice.
If Kamwana and his DP are involved,may they face justice like that Rwandese Governor.

Jubilee has lost the plot-we (Kikuyus) are very dis illusioned.They have failed

Moi,Kibaki,Kenyatta were bad. but to his level competitors.Not to ORDINARY Kenyans
But now,we,ordinary Kenyans are suffering
Get this Jubilee out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The bold businessman in question is - and will - not likely cause any more problems, embarrassment or future damage to Kenyatta's personal, family and political interests.

The word - not on the streets but - within circles of power as well as in the house on hill has it that the brazen businessman's underbelly is very vulnerable, including the whole of his secretive business empire that has been at the political mercy of the powers that be dating back to August, 2004.

Further, he is noted to have crossed the local Rubicon in October, 2006 and went on to engage in underhanded and questionable business ventures in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Mozambique, DRC and even with agents and 'fixers' of warlords in Somalia (talk of conflict of interest).

As stated the president of Kenya is still a very powerful office in the land and those - the president's men - therein will not hesitate to unleash the well crated mongoose on any rabid desert fox that attempts to threaten or harm the president's hatchery that is home for hybrid quails and native pheasant.

Anonymous said...

Mpiga ngumi ukuta ...? Mwenye nguvu ...?

How many times have some of us been warned about the risks involved in biting the hand(s) that feed us or provide us with exclusive protection?

It's always futile for business people to continue trading in chaos at the expense of their bottom line, and unnecessary provocation of very powerful people and institutions.

The ungrateful businessman is bound to jeopardize several of his long term lucrative contracts with the MoD, DoD, KPF, GK-Prisons, including the monopoly over the supply routes to refugee camps in the wider northern region of the country.

Not to mention the ability to sustain his horticultural industry, including daily exports to Europe, Middle East, Asia.

And at the same time prevent competition from regional potential rivals who are trying against all odds to get a foothold into the industries he has dominated in the last decade.

By the way, for the record, URP rebellion is nothing more than a flash in the pan because the ringleaders do not have plan A, B, nor C in light of their bargaining power in the next general elections.

Or worse, if the outcome at ICC turns out to be unfavourable should their leader be found culpable in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

of course it is always Raira.

Anonymous said...

Kenyatta has been critical but in a more restrained and behind the scenes manner when it comes to dealing with the likes of mere businessman who is inciting politicians within JUBILEE to rebel against him.

So, for Kenyatta to angrily hit out at the said businessman at a public meeting in the Rift Valley of all places was totally out of character given the manner in which he has dealt with similar characters or cases since 2009.

Uhuru the son of Kenyatta is not the kind of politician some of us would crave to work for due to the fact that there are those of we who have been cut from very different hides and hold onto totally divergent political ideologies.

However, the following is one of Kenyatta's favourite statement when engaging his peers and people he trusts to some extend, and it must be reiterated in all fairness because he really believes in getting to know the other person on different levels while the usual crowds and his - president's - men are not around during private gathering or in certain family/friendly settings;

Are you a part of any patriotic movement to engage the wider Kenyan community to set and put into action a plan to make positive changes in their communities?

Are you connected to a community and how you inspire members in that community to join you for the greater good?

Then he will recline back in his seat and let the guest or persons in his presence share his/their views without any interruptions or interjections.

That's a side of Kenyatta that is rarely known by many out there, unfortunately, he is surrounded or surrounds himself with semi-political extremists and chauvinists that jumped on his presidential bandwagon prior to the March, 2013 general election.

Hope there will come a day, a month, or a year when Kenyatta loads up the courage - ruthlessness - to get rid of the extra deadwood politicians, hang-on-extremists, and state house sycophants galore for the good of his presidential legacy as well as for the greater good of the whole

Anonymous said...

Wake up Kenyans!! What rebellion are we talking about here?
For 50 years only TWO TRIBES have gained from the fruits of independence. Let's be fair and transparent.

It has been Kikuyus and Kalenjins ONLY. A few individuals called 'projects' here and there have gained.

How long must we accept this?

The new constitution didnt fight tribalism.

Let us fight this vice today. The two leaders know where they belong.

Kenya is bigger than them.

Anonymous said...

So say you and your kind as you have always said it for the last five decades.

But you and your kind have never bothered to confront the most ugliest eight-hundred sokwe-mtu that continues to rove all over the country while haunting and terrorizing citizens who have never had the chance to live in peace, let alone experience law and order as expected in any civilized and democratic nation.

The undeniable fact is that two of the five major ethnicities have benefitted unfairly since December of 1963, however, the irony is that members - thee sociopolitical elite - of the other remaining three major ethnicities - names withheld - have never bothered to sincerely question why the rest of thirty-something Kenyan ethnicities should or would want to end up being dominated by any one of Kenya's five major ethnicities?

Political ukabila is ukabila by any other name and should not and never be allowed to flourish in any way, shape of form on Kenyan soil, unless the other major ethnicities are crying wolf or hyena while dearly hoping, eagerly waiting and salivating for their big time political ukabila grand moment to eat together as they feed from the nation's troughs to their greedy hearts content, while they drive the country to ruins in the same others have done in the last fifty years.

So, who is trying to fool who fifty years later

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