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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Raila Favour Part Of URP Fury Against Uhuru

The Kalenjin community are very emotional and headstrong people and what may start out as a small disagreement can quickly blow up beyond all proportions and cause serious chaos.

And that is why tensions have risen and political temperatures in the country are recording new highs shortly after the president's visit to Rift Valley.

Retired president Moi hailed from the community and understood his people rather well. And that was the only reason why he got out of a very tight situation during the last elections he participated in for the presidency in 1997. Most Kenyans do not know it but there was such strong bitterness and opposition against Moi (most notably from the Nandi sub-tribe of the Kalenjin) that Mwai Kibaki's campaign team in the Rift Valley at one point recorded that massive votes for Kibaki could be forthcoming from the province. Things got so bad at one point that Moi was being openly booed and shouted down when he tried to campaign in certain areas of the vast vote-rich and constituency-rich province. Kibaki in sharp contrast was being wildly cheered.

Moi handlers were desperate and only won the day on voting day by telling the Kalenjins the only thing at the time that would make them see red. They told the people that Moi had resigned himself to losing to a Kikuyu who would jail him (and maybe even hang him) alongside ALL prominent Kalenjins (including the popular ones amongst the people) and the suppression of the Kalenjin even in the Rift Valley would be unbearable. That worked and the community trooped to polling stations on voting day to vote Moi albeit grudgingly. Incidentally the same strategy was attempted in 2007 with the circulation of posters depicting Kalenjin leaders lining up to be hanged by Raila (assuming he won the presidency). It did not work. One would have to be very lucky to use the same trick successfully on the crafty Kalenjins.

But back to the current woes deep within JUBILEE. What started out as a clever strategy by URP to keep Ruto relevant has suddenly and unexpectedly taken a new dangerous turn after the President's unsuccessful tour of the Rift Valley. Somebody somewhere seems to have taken some salt and rubbed it on old wounds of the folks in Rift Valley and now even former Prime Minister Raila Odinga's name has emerged with talk about a major fertilizer contract linked to a Raila company that should have gone to URP people instead.

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Anonymous said...

Rift valley Noise and ICC

ICC Prosecutor seeks adjournment of Uhuru's trial due to lack of evidence
Read more at:

Above explains the noise coming from URP to keep W Wheeler relevant in the Republic- Willy Wheeler is now on his own. someone had to be done by this court as a trade-off!
Kweli ICC is political! Ogopa M01 and his WENYE Republic very,very powerful group whose commercial interests are very very inter-twinned with the west.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Everything is put on Raila. Uhuru's failure=Raila, Ruto's ICC fixing=Raila, Jubilee dicatorship=Raila, etc

If you fail your exams, say it is because or Raila. If your wife cant get children blame it on Raila. If you have jiggers, it is cos of Raila. And if your husband contracts shida blame Raila. The whole Kenya will berieve you.

This Raila, incredible!!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Everything is put on Raila. Uhuru's failure=Raila, Ruto's ICC fixing=Raila, Jubilee dicatorship=Raila, etc

If you fail your exams, say it is because or Raila. If your wife cant get children blame it on Raila. If you have jiggers, it is cos of Raila. And if your husband contracts shida blame Raila. The whole Kenya will berieve you.

This Raila man, incredible!!

Anonymous said...

URP's misplaced fury is aimed at the wrong target because Kenyatta is not the reason why their leader may end up joining the ranks of Charles Taylor among others who are currently serving their sentences imposed by the ICC.

What if? What if? What if Kenyatta manages to dodge the hammer of justice courtesy of the ICC's generosity as well as what seems to be cause for hesitancy with regard to subjecting an East African nation - Kenya - to double jeopardy?

Double jeopardy? Oh, yes! Double jeopardy as in prosecuting and jailing the president and deputy president for the country's collective cardinal sins that were committed between December, 2007 and early 2008.

Thus leaving Kenyatta's deputy to take the fall and responsibility for the crimes against humanity and any other relevant organized criminal acts that precipitated post election violence in the country.

All things taken in account, the ICC Prosecutor may end up not just seeking the adjournment of Kenyatta's trial but the prosecutor may also recommend the dismissal of the case against Kenyatta.

An outcome which will leave his deputy in a real pickle with zero option other than to face the wrath and might of the ICC for the express purpose of being made an example to other prominent African politicians who are bound to incite their followers to engage in political violence due to one reason or another.

There is not a chance nor any possibility that the president and his deputy might or will have the cases against them dismissed by the ICC. One of them will be left hanging dry in the dock, and eventually bite the dust after having taken the fall.

The current political situation in South Sudan will only makes matters worse for Kenyatta's deputy because the ICC will be forced to send a direct message and stern warning to those who are currently involved in the tribal political violence that has already caused over six hundred deaths and the forced displacement of thousands and thousands of civilians in the newly created nation of South Sudan.

The ICC will do everything legal and political under the sun in order to save face and remain relevant at the same time by cracking the whip of justice aimed at one of the high profile political defendants from Kenya.

The dye is already cast while the rest will be a historical formality.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kumekucha Chris for your excellent work over the years.

Anonymous said...

Kwani kila kitu ni Raila tu???

Kenyans should get a life.

Anonymous said...

12/20/13 @1:57 AM

Kwani kila uchaguzi mkuu ni lazima huyo kijana wa marehemu Mzee Odinga achaguliwe kuwa rais wa taifa?

Kenyans who continue to blindly support him should look for an alternative candidate.

Anonymous said...


Some African presidents are real jerks to say the least. Why would a leader of a struggling African nation despite its huge oil reserves and other rich natural resources, waste one million dollars on hiring a foreign musician to perform - sing - for only two hours in order to raise sixty-thousand dollars for a charity run by his daughter of a brat?

Dumping one million dollars in a drain instead using the same to construct three primary schools or four clinics or wells for those - Mozambique people - in need?

Seems as a peculiar repeat of what Charles Taylor was deluded into doing when he decided to pay several million dollars to a 'model' who was known for throwing wild tantrums, so that she could come and spend some murky quality time at his one time palace in Liberia.

Anonymous said...

Maji Maji warrior type of emotionalism and headstrongness only ends leading a whole community into political exile or cultural extinction.

History has countless ancient examples of communities that disappeared without a trace. Some of our communities might not be the exception in the next fifty or hundred years if they fail to adjust and adapt for their own good.

Anyway, how comes some of us have never been known to be 'emotional and headstrong' where necessary or when it really counts for the greater good of their respective communities?

The cultural art of investing ourselves and respective communities in emotionalism and headstrongness - kichua ngumu - would be very much worthwhile if the same were well channeled in skirmishes, battles and wars against ancient societal ills.

Such as the humongous stain of poverty, political tribalism, superstition, insecurity, ignorance, underdevelopment, unemployment, systemic exploitation by the tribal elite for political/financial gain, etc.

Without forgetting to wage a real collective war against nationwide blight of entrenched corruption, impunity, nepotism, cronyism, layers and layers of lukewarm patriotism, sanctioned looting of the nation's coffers, community resources, etc.

And worst of all, the fifty year old collective mentality of having allowed our nation - Kenya - to be used as an economic, political, tourism, and religious brothel by outsiders, et al.

So, where are the so-called emotional and headstrong community when it counts most or when they are needed to stand up for their own in terms of progressive issues that not only benefits but the rest of the country as well?

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