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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Old friend almost 50 in serious trouble

An old friend whom I am sure you also know is in very serious trouble. The biggest problem here is that most people don't even have the slightest clue that there is any problem. Actually the right place where our mutual friend should be for his own good is nothing short of ICU in a good hospital and on life support. But instead somebody is pumping him with pills and energy injections so that he looks as normal as possible.

I am of course talking about that guy who is about to celebrate his 50th birthday called Kenya.

Kenyans are busy peering through their carefully selected party lenses and if those lenses are JUBIREE then all is well, seen no evil and never will hear any.

We have a parliament that is shaping up to be worse than president Moi's dictatorial regime(maybe 10 times worse or more). In fact so far it is making Moi and all his evils look like a nun of a leader in comparison.

Any crazy idea (and especially if it is unconstitutional) will be passed by the tyranny of numbers.

But what I would like to draw your attention to is the president's decision on Friday to suspend 6 members of the Judicial Service Commission as per the recommendations of parliament. Let me remind you (because we Kenyans have very short memories) that the debate that went on in the August house to reach this recommendation was done so illegally totally ignoring a high court order. The president had an excellent opportunity to fall back on the court order and ignore the recommendations. But those who have read my book This Man, The CJ will not be surprised at all that the president jumped at the chance of suspending the 6 and therefore "killing" the operations of the JSC. The JSC needs a quorum of 9 the surviving members are only 6.

You can be pretty sure that there is a very good reason for disabling the JSC just now...

Anyway happy birthday Kenya. All indications are that you will survive this as you always have but I cringe to think what kind of "animal" you will be when you emerge out of this one.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dictatorship has returned. When thugs are in power, you dont have to expect anything. Best example is Zimbabwe.

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