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Friday, December 06, 2013

Mandela: From Prisoner to President to Prince of Humanity

He came into a hostile and unforgiving world. Greater evil was visited upon him. He was incarcerated for a generation, 27 years. He lent his shoulders to carry the burden and hopes of his countrymen and humanity in general. What is more, he reigned supreme, conquered fear, inspired the world and left it a better place.

Mandela was a saint in the sense of a sinner always trying. Above all else he was an icon who will be remembered among the greatest in the 20th century.

The tributes tell it all; from present and former world leaders, musicians, clerics and sports personalities. Mandela's charm made him dance with kids, crack jokes with Hollywood stars and reprimand the world's most powerful leaders.

What Gandhi was to India and Lincoln to America, Mandela was to Suth Africa/Africa and humanity.

Fare thee well Madiba, you left us a richer world thanks to your sacrifice and selflessness.

Born July 18th 1918, he died at 95 and many will remember him as the man who beat apartheid.


Kumekucha Chris said...

Above everything else, Madiba was an exceptional politician.

Hats of to a truly great African.

Chris Kumekucha

Kadubai Blogspot said...

God Gives & God Takes. He Blessed South Africa with the Greatest Man That Has Ever Lived & It is his turn to take him. May MADIBA Rest in Peace.

Kadubai Blogspot said...

Maye MADIBA rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Professor Fulani wa Hekima pointed out a universal truth: that feelings ... moods and ... emotions will follow action. If we want to be enthusiastic ... act enthusiastically.

The majority of us always allow our boiling ethnic brains and nationalistic eyes to overpower our human hearts, however Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a revolutionary, a radical and a time tested agent for change against all odds.

And he was the kind of an enthusiast who always allowed heavy doses of humility, patience, understanding, grace, dignity, a deep sense of confidence and real forgiveness to flood his heart, mind and soul before, during and after the 27 years of detention on an island of death located from civilization and far away from the shores of South Africa.

That is one of the reasons why many people around the world continue to view Tata Mandela as a master of forgiveness, a well of generosity, a global symbol of sacrifice and reconciliation.

Nelson Mandela not only managed to beat apartheid but also defeated the an amalgamation of political, social and economic forces - based out of South Africa - that had heavily supported and slept in the same bed with architects of apartheid in the former Republic of South Africa - as it was infamously known - before President Nelson Mandela ascended to the highest political office in present day South Africa.

May Tata Mandela rest in eternal peace among his ancestors who now reside in the world beyond, the here-after, the afterlife and the final destination for every mortal on earth.


Anonymous said...


It really bogus, ridiculous, sacrilegious, and evil to even dream of let alone think of comparing Nelson Mandela in the same sentence or in any conversation with the other man, yes the other political paramount chief in next door Zimbabwe.

However, what a shaming and damning contrast that exists between the former South African president Nelson Mandela who in his infinite wisdom agreed to serve his country of South Africa for only one term, while his infamous counterpart in the next - back - door nation, the despotic leader of a politically dead, economically bankrupt and socially decayed nation of Zimbabwe.

What is the despotic paramount chief really waiting for at this stage of his disgraceful and dark political life?

Is the Jurassic paramount chief of the lame nation of Zimbabwe still waiting to quit the fossilized leadership after his 95th birthdate or after the next general lection?

Anonymous said...

Mandela is not dead, but he has just 'transitioned' from the life he knew and lived on his own terms for 95 years to the next - eternity.

The world beyond South Africa continues to be reminded that there is no death and dying for the elderly who have lived a good life among the people of Mandela and neighbouring communities.

The respected and cherished elders from various South African communities only transition from one life to the greater life among circles of generations and generations of their ancestors.

The former young prince, trouble maker, confident lawyer, freedom fighter, political prisoner, first president of South Africa, and elder statesman is finally free at last after having tried to help all the people of South Africa move closer to the promised land filled with justice and equality not just in theory but reality.

May his shadow - what's better known as a soul - find a comfortable niche among his elders who have preceded him into the ancestral circle of all those who have gone before him as well as those who will come after - him - December 2013.

And may the earth of his birthplace rest gently on his remains.

Anonymous said...

The greatest African who ever lived. PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

In the foot steps of Shaka Zulu a great African joins his ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Africa mourns a great man
Elsewhere, insecurity persists in najivunia to avoid ICC

Have noted that a relative of one reported facing insecurity/die/robbed as the major insecurity occurs as in moyale and westgate.


Anonymous said...

Idiot or genius?

There was so much to grab in South Africa BUT Mandela chose NOT to acquire wealth for himself and his family.

Surely Mandela deserved a two term presidency more than anybody else in history instead he was satisfied with a single term.

Idiot or genius?

You be the judge.

Anonymous said...

It was Mobutu the Cockerl, Doe, Obote, Amin, Habre, Taylor, Gbabo, et al, who were among the league of Africa's greatest idiotic leaders.

The dictator cockerel of former Zaire grabbed billions of dollars in form of diamonds and other rich mineral resources from the DRC and used brutal means to hang onto power for years.

Yet the very same cockerel of a dictator ended up dying like a lost, wounded and infested canine in a 14 x 14 non self contained single room, and later buried in cemetery reserved for the poor and foreigners in a distant land that was kind enough to offer him refuge.

The 27 years lived in detention, harsh labour, cruel existence, and the possibility of a sudden death on forsaken island taught Mandela all he valuable lessons he needed to know about humanity and fecklessness of political power.

Mandela is Mandela.

Anonymous said...

Many would like to relate Kenyatta with Mandela. Never.
Mandela was a saint, a real African Saint who was never obsessed with power and wealth.

He never practised tribalism, racism or something like that.

He never looted his own country. Mandela made a black face become proud.

This is something which no Kenyan leader can claim to have done. They have ashamed us since independence.

RIP Our African Hero

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest challenges ever for Madiba - Tata Matipa/Matiba was not just about surviving the 27 years in captivity, avoiding constant temptations that could have easily compromised him and the course of liberation.

Nor was forcing himself to learn the language - he hated and despised so much - of the oppressor aka mortal enemy among his toughest challenges, but he had go above and beyond all his hellish existence in order to dig deeper into the recess of his heart in order to find the courage and guts to forgive everyone of his tormentors on the remote prison island.

Including all of their demonic handlers, the evil machinery and the diehard racist lords of impunity and architects of apartheid who were in charge of the whole evil minority empire that survived and thrived on oppressing the majority of South African.

The afore mentioned was game changing move -- deliberate decision - that set Madiba on a course that ended up changing South Africa for ever.

The rest is history as documented and will be retold for centuries to come.

Anonymous said...


Do you recall who said the following; Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that?

And what about Life's most persist and urgent question is, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR OTHERS?

Yaani what are we, sisi kwa sisi really doing for our fellow raia living in and out of the Kenya?

What have we, sisi kwa sisi done for those who are still less fortunate since December of 2002December of 2007 and December of 2012?

The devil is always in the details of our daily routines and I fulani wa fulani am among those who have been and continue to be part of the real problem - darkness, hate ukabila mbovu and INDIFFERENCE - that continues to regress the country and Kenyans from all walks of life.

Tupende tusipende, the ongoing brutality of urban and rural plantation life in Kenya and the [un]necessary indifference of other raia falls beyond the bounds of civilization and humanity.

Nauliza kwamba, who will lead the majority of us to the land of promised change, maendeleo kwa wote and a collective state of neutralized ukabila wa siasa ya ushenzi, giza kuu na maafa ya ghafla bin vuu during and after every general elections?

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Anonymous said...

In Kenya only Jaramogi can come close to Mandela. The others maimed, raped, looted, imprisoned their own people and they are still doing it and will still do it whether openly or digitally.

Anonymous said...

Speaking on condition of anonymity because of lack of authourization whatsoever to speak to people who will be heading out to Johannesburg for the national farewell - state memorial.

However, memorial attendees and funeral tourists - aka those who come to see and be seen by wide-eyed crowds - should not say that they were not informed in advance about the appropriate or required dress code for the occasion.

Local traditions and customs dictate that guests should dress any colours of their choice other than black suits or black dresses - reserved to accumulate dust and mite in the closets - that are so commonly used during similar high profile gatherings in the western tradition.

All the friendly visitors, including those who have already confirmed attending the memorial service, should not hesitate to allow themselves to dress in the rainbow colours that really celebrate rather than mourn the transitioning and great legacy of South Africa's most cherished son and former renowned freedom fighter.

There are some of us will also be in attendance only in spirit - clued on TV screens - as we take the time to watch the whole historic memorial event, while at the same time looking out for 'who is who' that will be among the large gathering at Johannesburg's FNB Stadium.

The world will miss former South African president Nelson Mandela - RIP.

Anonymous said...

Some people have been heard asking Why did Nelson Mandela serve for one term?

One of the reasons Mandela decided to serve for one term is because he knew the difference between leading a people toward the promised land and governing thereafter.

It's so easy to fight any unjust systems, engage in various struggles be it political, economic, cultural, or whatever, but it is so difficult to sustain the ability of providing quality governance and at the same time remaining committed to the principles of democracy and the struggle that brought about the relevant administration to power.

Nelson Mandela made the right decision, set a very good example for the next generations of African leaders - after 2033 - and beyond.

It will always remain a teachable moment for decades to come, and at a time when most of us in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60, and 70s are long gone and forgotten our so called dearly beloved descendants.


Anonymous said...

People never learn and will never ever allow themselves to learn from simple lessons of life, especially the necessary historical and political ones.

The very people with colde hearted hearts still made of very heavy stones chiseled from the Cold Era rather than the flesh of basic human goodness, understanding and forgiveness - against all odds - were reminded that a man of Nelson Mandela's stature had a change of heart that allowed him to forgive the mortal enemies of his people and beloved nation, then went to plunge himself into the depth of humility for the future common good in order to learn the language of his oppressors during the dark decades under apartheid.

Case in point, so what if Obama the president of the United States shock hands with the leader of Cuba - a tiny island nation - and brother of Fidel Castro?

Talking of two leaders of their respective nations shaking hands at Nelson Mandela's memorial service that was held in Johannesburg, South Africa as a sign of hope in the words of former President Jimmy Carter.

Further, lest people forget the fact that the current leader of a tiny Caribbean island is a brother to Fidel Castro a man who is till hated by diehard political factions was one of the most fierce loyal friends as well as greatest supporters of Nelson Mandela, the ANC and people of South Africa, Mozambique, Angola and Namibia, former South West Africa.

A man who risked it all by throwing his political weight and military might behind Nelson Mandela and the oppressed and struggling South African people at a time when the majority of free and democratic governments and countries in the western hemisphere - including despotic African leaders and selected presidential puppets - had deliberately turned a blind eye to what the apartheid regime was perpetuating in South Africa.

Many of the afore mentioned nations, multitude of multi corporations and oligarchies of the day resisted Nelson Mandela and the majority of South Africans by all means necessary due to a very simply reason, namely, they were already comfortably in bed with the same racist regime that inflicted untold suffering upon the majority of South African people.

As matter of fact, Cuban is not a perfect nation nor model island by known democratic standards in the same way many other western nations are in 2013, however a simple handshake will go a long way in thawing the long term iced relations in the name of getting to know thy enemy on either side of the political divide.

Nelson Mandela stood for unity, understanding, freedom, power of action, importance of reason and above the delicate art of Forgiving Thy Enemy.

Why not discard the old political hatreds and emulate Nelson Mandela's ways of forgiving thy old enemy for the greater good?

Anonymous said...

All things taken into account, it's not hard to figure out how and where certain sentiments like in Kenya only ... so and so ... can come close to Mandela may be coming and rightly so for whatever reasons known to those who still hold the same.

Some among them might even admit, if they happen to be feeling sorry for themselves - fifty years later - due to obvious sociopolitical, regional and other personal reasons, that they realize they are - still trapped - holding themselves back but they just don't know what to do about them because the of blaming games that have become a valueless currency.

However, trying to rewrite history as well as over sanitize the political and personal lives of former prominent politicians should not be our only excuses any longer, after fifty years of having been failed by political leaders who are profoundly corrupt, evil, worst kind of tribalists and lords of impunity.

While at the same time being able to confront the ongoing ugly reality where the majority of us - Kenyans - have failed their country as well as themselves by what they have done and not done in the last fifty years.

Kenya's gross failure as far as what has gone very wrong throughout the country cuts both ways to a sad and ugly point where each and every one of us should hold themselves responsible for having let down ourselves in many ways than we would like to admit in public and private.

We the people have been and continue to be Kenya's real problem on the one hand, and we are capable of being Kenya's real solution - if we decide to do so patriotically - for a change on the other hand in the next five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, or more years to come.

So far, the abundant gifts - double matunda ya uhuru - of independence have not yet been realized as expected by 80% of Kenya's population and shamefully so fifty years although the majority of us have remained silent and indifferent due to obvious ... reasons.

Anonymous said...

High profile memorial services like Nelson Mandela's are too good, that is why some of our so called African leaders need constant reminders - bitterness - like the disapproval and hissing that was dished out to South African President Jacob Zuma while the rest of the world was watching, to remind them and us of the tragedy that has become part and parcel of our daily lives on the African continent due to very poor political vision, leadership, governance, etc.

Jacob Zuma, ANC's top brass, rank and file deserved public shaming at an opportune time and on an international stage because of their embarrassing failures and for having let down South Africans in the last twenty years they have been in circles of power while at the same time making empty promises to that only continue to hoodwink their party loyalists, other followers and rest of the citizenry.

All the political promises and better things to come will continue to be promised - without delivery - in the mean while the well connected ANC leaders, political insiders, their families and close friends have become filthy wealthy at the express expense of ordinary South Africans who are still living in abject poverty, hopelessness and despair.

When the public booing and hissing is all done, the majority of South African voters, especially members of the ANC are to blame for repeating the same mistakes by electing corrupt and self-seeking politicians during every general election.

Words of the late Samora Machele will continue to haunt the rest of Africa in 2014 and beyond; Aluta continua! - the struggle continues! - The Struggle continues!

The struggle against what? Against what!

Against tribalism, ignorance, illiteracy, hunger, exploitation, superstition, lack of affordable housing, clothing and employment, so that we will be[come] equal and prosper as one united nation of Mozambique.

Aluta Continua! Aluta Continua not just in South Africa but throughout the African continent where democratically governments and their citizens have failed to live up to expectations in all ways.

Aluta Continua.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, ther are certain people who are now busy fuming and criticizing the American president for having exchanged a handshake with the leader of Cuba, yet the very people have never had any ounce of respect and recognition of their fellow citizens who happen to black as equals for over five hundred years. The very same people have failed to understand the fact that they will never have their political cake and eat it at the same time unless they are all willing to denounce all forms of injustices and pre-existing institutionalized and culturally entrenched racism among a large population that still crave for the golden days of Fulgencio Batista, a man who had once dominated Cuban politics for 25 years. The Castro brothers are not saints nor any type of saviours for the Cuban people, so are those who are already cooking a political storm in a tea cup yet are still unwilling to face their past and present. There must be equal rights for all Cubans wherever they are.

Anonymous said...

Tata Madiba's arch of influence and the manner in which he managed to liberate and consequently shape the history of South Africa is monumental.

Furthermore, very little slices of his life as depicted in various cinematic enumerations in the following movies as under mentioned barely manage to provide glimpses of who he was, what he was, where he was, and why did all that he did while suffering for 27 years - without surrendering, compromising or selling out - for the sake of the South African nation and its people.

The following are some of the movies have been well produced and are worth watching for anyone who was a fan of Nelson Mandela including all he stood for;

a) Mandela (1987)

b) The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela (1999).

c) Mandela and de Klerk (1997)

d) Goodbye Bafana (2007)

e) Invictus (2009)

f) Mrs. Mandela (2010)

g) Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom (2013)

h) et al.

Long live the legacy of Nelson Mandela and may the earth of Qunu rest softly on his remains.

Anonymous said...

The world is small to the point where the origin of the copycatted Kimaiyo's official uniformed was evidenced in the type clothing that several top South African military officers was seen dressed in during Nelson Mandela's memorial service, especially the officer who was seated besides the immediate left hand-side of the main podium in the stadium at Johannesburg. The question lingers; why copy a uniform of senior South African military officers in a 100% fashion instead of that of the British Metropolitan police, Canadian police or Australian police?

Anonymous said...

Regarding 'Westgate Massive Debacle.'

What were they - the powers that be, the military commanders, senior politicians and other like minded - really thinking when they pontificated ad infinitum how the well organized surgical security operation was proceeding?

Ever wonder why village politicians still believe that they can lie to the public in front of cameras and get away with it in this day and age?

By the way, there is nothing from the NYPD investigative report that was not known and discussed extensively among so many Kenyans who couldn't understand why it such a long time for the attackers to contained, arrested or even eliminated.

And why there has been zero proof nor any body of evidence about what became of the dead attackers, their handlers, financiers and sympathizers based on Kenyan soil.

What a shame, what a shame that it had to come down to such embarrassing revelations about the country's method of operation.

Anonymous said...

very uneasy handshake

Uhuru and Obama

Anonymous said...

All the heckling, booing, hissing and tongue-clicking by the mourners at the memorial services was not un-African and unbecoming at such high profile gathering because people - South Africans - are so sick, tired and fed up with the way in which politicians like Jacob Zuma and his crooked counterparts all over the continent conduct themselves with impunity while in power. The likes of Jacob Zuma will have to shape up or continue to be subject to public humiliation when they lest expect it. Jacob Zuma got a little dose of just deserts that are bound to keeping following him wherever goes.

Anonymous said...

Aluta continua! - the struggle continues! - The Struggle continues!

The struggle:

Against Kikuyu/Kalenjin tribalism directed against all other Kenyans for 50 years, ignorance, oppression of media, illiteracy, hunger, exploitation, thuggery, rape, superstition, lack of affordable housing, clothing and employment, so that we will be[come] equal and prosper as one united nation of Kenya.Start it Today.

Anonymous said...

Raila odinga is the next Nelson Mandela.

Anonymous said...

"... against all other Kenyans for 50 years ..."?

Who ultimately should be held accountable for the 50 years of misrule, mismanagement, impunity, corruption, widespread tribalism, etc.?
Easier said than done. Easier to shift blame on others wherever and whenever. Why? "Nyani haoni kudule" 24/7, 365, 50 years.
Kenyans reside in different places and regions of the country but at the end of the day they remain afflicted with the same old tribal political myopia and socioeconomic nightmares galore.
Bet you, all the "ignorance, oppression (of self, your household, neighbours, 'tribesmen') illiteracy, hunger, exploitation, village-grown-thugs, rape of siblings/cousins/relatives/guests, tribal superstition, lack of security, clean water, electricity, modern hospitals, schools, village markets, cottage industries, productive land (farms), compounded with entrenched nyani-political leadership, kondo-mentality, self-loathing, et al. in all counties and regions have zero to do with the other ethnicities aka perceived enemies.
Aluta continua against IGNORANCE and inborn/sociopolitically induced ETHNIC HATRED.

Anonymous said...

Aljazeera guest says post Mandela regime had the Kenyan attitude: 'it's our time to feed'...she meant 'it's our time to eat'.....all I can say is I thank my stars I was born and grew up in an independent diverse peaceful long as you were not political.....

Anonymous said...

Leaders can change mentality of its people. Politicians can make policies focusing on development.

Ours is focussing on tribal supremacy and ethinicity.

Latest is Kibera Title Deeds. Luhya and Luo communities which are majority are sidelined. Nubians are favoured. Is this not tribalism? Bad governance?

Parastatals full of 2 comminities, Ministries full of 2 communities.

A Vice Pres says in public: All positions are shared 50/50 Kale to Kik. Are other tribes not Kenyans?

Violence in Bungoma, Mombasa, Kitui, Kisumu, Kisii, Nyakach,Busia, etc. Why these regions?

Wesgate reports not released. Why?

Oh yes Kenya hakuna matata. Digital leaders, active progressive? True? Who is fooling who? 24yrs,26yrs...not enough? Aluta Continua!!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed. Tribal Supremacy. That is what is happening in Kenya.It reminds me on White Supremacy, which Mandela fought and won. We need a total liberation (not 3rd) but total.

Anonymous said...


Are you still in Johannesburg, Pretoria, or Qunu?

Nothing personal but mourners, 'those who came to see' and guests from far away places are expected to have left on their own accord by Sunday afternoon or very early Monday morning in order to allow the immediate family, relatives and neighbours to deal with the usual unfinished business after having escorted one of their own to transition to the great ancestral circle.

Hali ya kujibana ili upunguze vikapu vya ugali wa matanga au bakuli za wali wa mazishi always leaves the briefed family in more dare straights until the next harvest.

Tafadhali funga safari ili urudi nyumbanii mashariki moja kwa moja, unless you are part of the large Kenyan delegation (120 people in total) who had clearly planed to take advantage of the solemn occasion so that they could tour Cape Town, Robben Island, Mala Mala, and the rest of Kruger National Park courtesy of the country's ever generous Treasury?

Anonymous said...

Where did proud kikuyu woman, wapi mwarangethe, wapi pensioner Tabu, Phil, etc.....

Anonymous said...

Kenyatta's funeral was much more grander, organized, 10 days of viewing; hearse was imported from UK; cortege was escorted by armed forces/security impeccable dressed personnel; must have cost a lot; apparently a similar schedule/cost has been set aside for each past president - by an act of parliament

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