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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

It wasn't me, it was Moi: Kibaki, biggest failure Kenyan president and his hilarious blame game

 Character is judged by how people behave, but even more importantly how they respond under attack or when under pressure.

When a person chooses to defend themselves by blaming somebody else, then it becomes very clear what kind of person that individual is.

In a public lecture at the University of Nairobi (where Moi would have been a much more engaging guest lecturer in my view), retired President Kibaki opened his mouth to hit out at a man without whom he would NEVER have survived the presidency.

My late dad had a lot of respect for Kibaki and I have to admit that I too respected the man when he was in the opposition. Well, the good news is that Mwai Kibaki's true character has come out very clearly for all to see. And I have NOT even started analyzing the Kibaki presidency and how it took the country 100 years backwards so that the man with a bald head left a much more tribally divided country than what was handed to him by President Moi.

And if you still had doubts a recent Kumekucha poll clinches it. We asked Kenyans a simple question; who was the better president, dictator Moi or polished Kibaki? 

The results were;
Moi 61%
Kibaki 38%

Kumekucha being sold

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Will Kibaki appear before ICC as a witness or otherwise?

Small issue of meetings in the House on the Hill and as the then CIC coming closer

ICC rejects Uhuru's bid to stop his trial

President Uhuru Kenyatta's bid for a permanent stay of his trial at the International Criminal Court over alleged abuses by the prosecutor has been rejected.

In dismissing the application, ICC judges noted that the Trial Chamber was not persuaded that it was impossible for a fair trial to take place.

ICC said that a stay of roceedings could only be given as a "last resort" and where the "essential conditions of a fair trial are missing and that there is no sufficient indication that this would be resolved during the trial process."

The judges further said that the defence had demonstrated ability to investigate and compile materials which go to the credibility of Prosecution witnesses and find its own witnesses in support of its case.

They said any unfairness in the process would be dealt during the trial, including ruling over inadmissibility of materials or witness testimony.

President Kenyatta had in October applied to have ICC case against him stopped citing “serious, sustained and wide-ranging abuse on the process of the court."

He alleged that his witnesses have been intimidated or interfered with to change their testimony “for reward”.

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