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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Will high political IQ Ruto survive?

By Kumekucha Readers
Is the writing in red ink already on the wall or what? How can they deny the Deputy President information? Who are they loyal to if they are not loyal to the Deputy President? It is unacceptable.

When all is said and done, will Ruto's so-called high political IQ end up saving him in the end? Or he is already late for the party?

And why should anyone be allowed to go through volumes and volumes of information, investigation reports, including any evidence connected with the political bloodbath of 2007/08 just because they happen to be very high ranking political figures in the current government?

Will Ruto find a way to get to the people - NIS insiders - he needs to get to in order to have all the information he needs in preparation for his defense at the ICC trial?

Or will he end up without a job, political career and a political party (URP) to stand by him once the ICC trial and the brewing war of attrition between URP and TNA courtesy of JUBILEE has taken its toll?

Lastly, why has the whole incident been allowed to play itself out in the public arena for all the wrong sociopolitical reasons?

These intrigues are the reasons why we want to hear submissions in the ICC. It is not possible anywhere else. Worst in Kenya.

Uhuru should allow us to hear what witnesses have to say. They can cross examine them for us to hear.

The more the suspect(Uhuru) fights appearance the worst it becomes. What is an innocent indictee fearing? Let's hear all the "evidence" and we make our own judgement.

By the way, have you noticed that Kenya is becoming a police state? Too much crime by policemen who are being gunned down by police- beneficiary will be Ruto. He is flowing against the grain.- what a clever, chap!

Any time give me Ruto and not kiguoya Uhuru

Pray Kenyans. Very hard times ahead.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Has the honeymoon between the two twins - with separate great-great-grandmothers - come down to a predictable end as was expected a while ago?

Will the brotherly love forged during the strategic campaigns of the last general election wither given the pressures and the anticipated outcome at the ICC?

Things must be either falling apart between the two comrades or they have already fallen apart, and it is just a matter before the public gets to see the true colours and real nature of who is who that is involved in the whole saga.

If the word on the streets holds any amount of water then Ruto seems to have already been subjected to an old fashion German police-marking by the gate keepers, who will do everything in their power to make sure he knows his rightful place and remains therein for as long as he's going to be of service to the powerbrokers and game-keepers within TNA and JUBILEE.

In the meantime, both political camps are counting on the unfounded fact that only one of the accused will be found guilty for having brewed the political bloodbath of 2007-0.

While the other party - you-know-who - will be exonerated and allowed to return home in order to reconstruct his political domain and establish a glorious kingdom during the current term and the next.

The events in next couple of months will reveal who the scapegoat or sacrificial offering is going to be left hanging dry on the altars at the ICC's legal shrine, and later confined in one of the secure guest rooms at The Hague.

So far, it's still very hard to imagine the fact that a one time very powerful and wealthy man like HRH Charles Taylor will never be able to access billions of dollars that were stacked away in safe nests within the Cayman Islands, Switzerland and in other financial safe havens in Europe.

As for the tons of diamonds that were buried five-hundred feet deep in three locations in Liberia, that is another matter because all of the twenty witnesses were executed as an insurance that Taylor's diamonds will remain secured. until he is released in the near future.

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