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Sunday, November 17, 2013

What next for ICC "fugitives to be" as cost to Kenya escalates?

What UK is saying to wamefura-kama-mandazi-ya-Burma GOK: "We are your friends lakini hio hatukuweza"

A recent opinion poll has made it clear (tyranny of numbers not withstanding) that a vast majority of Kenyans want to see their leaders behave themselves and stay within the law by attending the ICC trials and clearing their names there.

I have received tons of emails and angry comments from Kenyans across the political divide. Most seem to believe that I am being "too soft" on this ICC issue. I hereby reproduce 2 that appeared as comments in this blog in earlier posts.

 History was made at the UNSC due to the fact that It's the first time decades that a Security Council resolution has FAILED in such a spectacular way without being VETOED. Kenya will go down in history as a nation whose name was involved when the overwhelming rejection was delivered as a sweeping statement in favour of human rights and victims of political violence. It was a vote against impunity, corruption, "democratically elected" despotic regimes, and above all leaders who think that they own their little African nations.

Who "fixed" William Ruto's undying desire and request at the United Nation to the point where the resolution on their - Kenya's - ICC case was rejected?

And how much money - millions -was paid out to some individuals and influential members at the body - can't remember its name - that meets once in while in Addis Ababa?

What did the members of the organization in question expect by tabling the issue at the UN instead redirecting the same at The Hague?

Least African leaders forget the obvious historical fact that the UN will always gets its way and prevails because the very same representatives of their respective nations end up depending on the UN for everything during severe political crisis, hunger, diseases, natural calamities, and in so many other predictable - preventable - circumstances that have become so common place on the African continent due to very poor leadership, corruption, head-in-the-sand attitude, and other pre-existing political-cum-ethnic squabbles.

By the way, why was the resolution termed as 'Kenya's" when in reality it was Uhuru Kenyatta's and William Ruto's personal resolution with the support of their fair weather political friends and economic bottom feeders?

When did Kenya as a nation vote on it, besides the underhanded political games that continue to be played out within whatever is left of the country's parliament?

BUT still our leaders and the powers that be don't get it. they continue to ignore the crystal clear writing on the wall.

The British response of urging the Kenyan government to move on and look beyond the devastating Security council ruling is fascinating. Basically what they are saying is; "we are your friends lakini hio hatukuweza". They are also saying; "We will always be your friends and wish that you would NOT interprate our actions at the Security council as "unfriendly" towards you. And to prove it the Brits have launched their own initiative to get the trials on video link so that the President and Deputy president can continue ruling Kenya even as their trials proceed.

So far the GOK is still sulking or as ordinary simple Kenyans in some slum somewhere in Kenya would say bado wamfura kama mandazi ya Burma.

But what should concern all thinking Kenyans right now is the fact that for better or for worse we are joined to these two suspects (at the hip) for the duration of their trials and beyond. Whatever they do and whatever happens will affect us like hell.

NUMBING SHOCK as GOK autopsy on Mutula Kilonzo confirms "wild, far fetched" BUT accurate Kumekucha report on precisely how the late senator was murdered.


Anonymous said...


If Kenya's new president agrees to face trial in The Hague, he risks ending up in prison instead of in power. If he avoids the trial, it could deal a blow to a young institution still trying to estbaish credibility." - open Security.

Kenya may soon find itself with an Omar al-Bashir gurudumu around its sovereign of a neck, or worse, a Charles Taylor type of embarrassing moment that will be broadcasted worldwide as a deterrence.

As Tanzanians like to exclaim, "I say", time will tell sooner or later, however it will no longer be business as usual thereafter within the so-called old corridors of power that have been corrupted by impunity, neptism, cronism, sychophancy galore (from Yes-Men and Yes-Momen), ukabila chungu nzima aka tani million saba, and a destructive pre-colonial mindset that never seems to lead and guide the whole country in a whole new way and different but better as in constructive direction since August of 1965.

Jomo Kenyatta failed the country and its people from December, 1963- August,1978.

Then his carefully selected and groomed henchman by the name Daniel arap Moi followed in Kenyatta's failed post-colonial footsteps from 1978 - December, 2002.

A nation that forgets its past is bound to repeat the same old same old ways of governning itself in the worst posiible ways.

Consequently, the country was subjected to another retrogressive decade of the same old school political mentality laced ukabila heavy handedness in all things government and within the rntire top corporate sector from December 2002 - March, 2013 under one of Jomo Kenyatta's "made-men" although not a member of the infamous KKC better known as "Kiambu-Kitchen-Cabinet".

And just when the country and its people from different walks of life were so glad that the old school politicians - Odinga and company from CORD as well as JUBILEE - had beeen deleted from the circles of political power after the election of a young president who many thought would be bring a ray of hope, things continued to fall apart as Kenyatta and his henchmen - exclusive members of a well hidden and mysterious cabinet within the State House - reverted to the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s old ways, dirty tricks and dysfunctional governance of running the country.

Who would have thought that the ICC would end up becoming synonymous with the names of a seating president and his deputy?

While who is it that is known to have liked utterring the phrase that "the country is bigger than one man (person)"? Or two people as it is wwith ongoing case trials at ICC.

Will Kenyans allowed their country to be sacrificed in the process of saving the political careers and cravings for power by two of their fellow country men?

Anonymous said...

The people of Kenya have NOTHING to do with ICC. It is only some three men suspected of crime against their own people.

While RAO tried to convince them to present their case to courts in Kenya, they shouted him down with a slogan: Dont be vague Aguambo, we are going to the Hague. RAO dont be fake, we are going to Holli-land.

Later they claimed RAO fixed them. Now the truth is emerging. It was MK or is it UK who fixed WR?

Let the truth come out. What is important is that Kenyans are not angry with Britons or Americans when they didnt vote to defer cases of the 3 Kenyans. The British and Americans voted silently in favour of 1300 dead Kenyans and over 100000 Kenyan affected victims.

Britain and America are our true friends.

My dream is to visit Chicago or Birmigham and not Peking or Moscow or Kigali.

Once more ICC cases are not Kenyan cases.
Lets move on. Those people should carry their own cross.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan from all walks of life have suffered and died and still continue to suffer terribly from impunity, yet they always end up allowing tribal lords, their henchmen and extremist tribal elements to divide them, as well as tear their immediate regions and rest of country apart along dysfrunctional tribal lines and other related backward tribal political affiliations five decades later.

Anonymous said...

George Thuo

did i head "Mungiki" and ICC somewhere?
Ngaruya(kikuyu mpig) should wake up and smell cofeeeeeeeee before its too late!

or is something to do with "recalling" Kabogo to mtado?

just some thoughts

choices have consequencies

Anonymous said...

Did you know these British you look up to were once the most primitive people on earth? Just over 2 millennium ago the average life span of a British man or woman was just 30 years old. For a Britsh man or woman to live upto 35 years it was considered life fully and well lived.

Today the life span is 82 for a woman and 78 for a man.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. In other words, the rest of the citizenry should remain very calm while those summoned to appear at the ICC prepare themselves to carry on with their respective defence teams and crosses during the trials until such a time all verdicts are delivered in due time. Let justice prevail. No more, no less.

Anonymous said...

carry your own cross

Anonymous said...

AU should be more concerned with migrants to Europe.

Anonymous said...

The AU formerly known as OAU should be dealing with the very reasons that are forcing poor African immigrants to flee their home countries in search of better lives in the Middle East, Europe and North America.

AU delegates are nothing more than what they are now infamously known as, the All-United-Do-Nothings-of-Africa.

In the meanwhile, the ever present deadly arch-enemies of the continent such as Malaria, hunger, abject poverty, corruption, bribery, abuse of power, zero-infrastructure, ethnic intimidation and liquidation, killing of civilians.

Including the centuries old wholesale of the continent's natural resources - at through away prices - to European, North American, Asian and Arab nations, et al, continues to take a heavy toll on children, young adults, women, men and the elderly of Africa.

Yet the All-United-Do-Nothings continue to take very good care of their bloated stomachs and special interest groups during eating together sessions in Addis Ababa, every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Stunned Ruto must have been left licking his wounds and pondering the impact of the outright rejection by the UNSC and the fearful thought of a possible failure by the defense during the criminal trial at the ICC, should more damning evidence get unearthed against him and his comrade based at the house on the hill.

Anonymous said...

The one certitude about the ICC trials is that there are going to be losers and more losers by the time everything has been said and done while the whole world looks on. Then there will be winners who happen to be victims, survivors and families of all Kenyans who perished from political violence and impunity galore. Whatever outcome once the ICC trials are over and done with, it will all count as one more step closer for ordinary citizens in terms of justice and fairness. Kenya is going to change and it will definitely change in one way or another, if not in many ways than Kenyans have ever imagined regardless of whether the lords of impunity, their hired handlers and myopic diehard supporters like it or not, or continue to burry their collective heads in the sands of denial.

Anonymous said...



The Prosecutor v. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta
Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta President of the Republic of Kenya
Summonses to appear issued: 8 March 2011
Initial appearance hearing: 8 April 2011
Confirmation of charges hearing: 21 September to 5 October 2011
Decision on the confirmation of charges: 23 January 2012
Opening of the trial: scheduled on 5 February 2014


Mr Kenyatta is allegedly criminally responsible as an indirect co-perpetrator pursuant to article 25(3)(a) of the Rome Statute for the crimes against humanity of:

murder (article 7(l)(a));
deportation or forcible transfer (article 7(l)(d));
rape (article 7(l)(g));
persecution (articles 7(l)(h)); and
other inhumane acts (article 7(l)(k)).

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