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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Is Ruto behind URP rebellion against JUBILEE and the president?

For a long time now political analysts have been expecting a move from supporters of Deputy President holding the JUBILEE coalition ransom. It finally came yesterday but not in the way anybody would have imagined.

It was widely expected that such a move would have been linked to the appointments that the government continues to make that are nowhere near the 50/50 that is on paper. It is more like 99/1 in favour of TNA at the moment. Some say 100/0 in favour of TNA, while leaving URP out in the cold.

But when URP made their move yesterday it was totally unexpected. The party says that it is not comfortable working with people who “coached” witnesses against William Ruto during the Kibaki administration and want them urgently removed from office immediately or else...

What makes the URP move even more interesting is the fact that the individuals in question (not named in their statement but pretty obvious) are high ranking government officials in Internal security and the overall administration of the JUBILEE government that were inherited from Kibaki and are key players in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s most urgent agenda currently on the drawing boards. In short they are people the president cannot do without just now.

Political observers with a memory close to that of an elephant will remember that the fall out between Mwai Kibaki’s DP and Raila Odinga’s LDP in 2003 started in exactly the same way. MPs allied to Raila started making noise whilst Raila himself pretended that he had no idea what was going on. But shortly thereafter the gloves came off and the split was imminent.

And therefore it would seem that it is only a matter of time before Ruto himself joins his foot soldiers and starts making noise… and history will have repeated itself, right?


As much as CORD sympathizers are now rubbing their hands with glee and telling us that they told us so, the truth is that there are plenty of differences between the relationship of Uhuru and Ruto on one hand and that of Raila and Kibaki at the time the infamous MOU between LDP and Kibaki started falling apart in 2003. For starters Uhuruto or Uhuru and Ruto are joined at the hip in a way that Raila and Kibaki never were.

Insiders have assured this blogger that the two men tore into pieces and tossed out of the window their pre-election agreement the minute they entered State house and Ruto will never raise a finger against the appointment ratio. That would explain why the issue URP has brought up is about something totally different and indeed not about appointments. Actually it is about a seemingly petty issue in comparison; that of some poor government officials who were simply following instructions from Kibaki and his handlers to finish Ruto.

It is also true that URP cannot even sneeze without Ruto’s nod. Which would mean that Ruto is fully behind the current rebellion and threats targeted at the president.

So the big question here is; what is really going on here? The answer is rather complex but shocking and it is ALL revealed in my latest raw notes.

However Kenyans need to know that William Ruto is one of the most cunning political players the banana republic has ever produced and you underestimate him only at your own peril. It seems that the president and deputy president are working together to give the commander in chief the perfect excuse to get rid of some excess baggage that is weighing him down. That is the new Kenya politics for you. Keep your eyes very closely on this unfolding drama and be sure that there are a number of dramatic twists and turns that are in the pipeline.

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Anonymous said...

These intrigues are the reasons why we want to hear submissions in the ICC. It is not possible anywhere else. Worst in Kenya.

Uhuru should allow us to hear what witnesses have to say
They can cross exam them for us to hear.

The more the suspect(uhuru) fight appearance the worst it becomes.what is an innocent indictees fearing?
Let's hear all the "evidence" and we make our own judgement.

By the way,have you noticed that K enya is becoming a police state-
Too much crime by policemen who are being gunned down by police- beneficiary will be Ruto. He is flowing against the grain.- what a clever, chap!
Any time give me Ruto and not kiguoya Uhuru

pray Kenyans. Very hard times ahead

Anonymous said...

Reversal of political fortune or the continual amassing of whatever remains of the political?

What is the amount of size and type of excessive baggage that exists within the executive, judicial and legislature that Kenyatta and his henchmen are grappling with and want to dump as soon as possible?

Will they be able to shed or trim it off without cutting their throats in order to spite the partners, carriers and real owners of the questionable political baggage?

The public can't wait for the other shoe to fall off or for the aftermath of the domino effect once the chips have fallen where they may at the end of the day?

Let the political games, shuffling of musical chairs and discarding of extra fat - used up political insiders - begin to unfold while the public looks on in the days, weeks and months come.

Hard to believe that the 2013 December holidays will be the last time whereby some people will be enjoying themselves in higher positions of power, that is if the drastic measures of getting rid of excess political baggage are put into action by the powers that be.

The names of victims who will be kicked out of the civil service as well as the political losers and winners are yet to start emerging once the current political dust has settled.

Anonymous said...

Is that a signature portrait of William Ruto or a life-size bronze cast of the deputy president, one of the rare political survivalist the country has ever seen? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Was (is) the URP move a game changer, end-gamer (end-game) or usual posturing in the name of veiled desperation?

Anonymous said...


Why are the individuals - high ranking government officials - running the risk of being purged in what may come to be known as the morning of short curved knives?

Why would they bite the hand that feeds unless they are prepared to return to low paying jobs or worse starve themselves back to grinding poverty?

Anonymous said...

By the way, who the so-called president's men that Kenyatta "can not do without just now"?

Are they or were they enemies of an enemy that used to be a friend on the other side of the political - coalition - fence.

Whatever it is they are up to in the next couple of weeks or months, let some of us wish them the best because they will usually need it given the rough political road ahead, one that may lead to the ICC with untold consequences for those involved.

Anonymous said...


William Ruto may be one of the most cunning political players - foxes - the banana (of a) republic has ever produced, however, one of his main weaknesses and blind spots is that he has always forgotten the fact that URP may end up as collateral damage once the ongoing cloud of political dust has settled sonner or later.

Anonymous said...

William Ruto had earned himself a golden political chance to steadily grow into the deputy presidency and who knows, end up getting promoted or rise to the presidency of the republic when his time and the climate are convenient for him as a middle of the road pick given the bad political blood that continues to broil between whatever will be leftover among the diehard supporters of JUBILEE and CORD by the next general election. Ruto may have squandered what political cushion he may have had within the unpredictable JUBILEE political camp. Will the ICC trial take its toll on him or his immediate political base? And for how long will the political marriage of convenience continue to last between Kenyatta and Ruto?

Anonymous said...

Is the writing in red ink already on the wall or what? How can they deny the Deputy President information? Who are they loyal to if they are not loyal to the Deputy President? It is unacceptable.

When all is said and done, will Ruto's so-called high political IQ end up saving him in the end? Or he is already late for the partner?

And why should anyone be allowed to go through volumes and volumes of information, investigation reports, including any evidence connected with the political bloodbath of 2007/08 just because they happen to be very high ranking political figures in the current government?

Will Ruto find a way to get to the people - NIS insiders - he needs to get to in order to have all the information he needs in preparation for his defense at the ICC trial?

Or will he end up without a job, political career and a political party (URP) to stand by him once the ICC trial and the brewing war of attrition between URP and TNA courtesy of JUBILEE has taken its toll?

Lastly, why has the whole incident been allowed to play itself out in the public arena for all the wrong sociopolitical reasons?

Anonymous said...

Is that a real look of a man with an ace up his political sleeve or a distant empty look in the eyes of a man whose plan A, B, C, and D have already been deployed?

Politics is the game of expecting the unexpected and Ruto should have planned and prepared himself and his URP supporters for any eventualities in case their political comrades in the state house decide to stab them in the back after Ruto and URP company have outlived their usefulness.

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