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Thursday, September 05, 2013

So you think PEV was a joke and the ICC cases a bigger joke?

Now is an especially trying time for hundreds of thousands of Kenyans still nursing the scars and wounds of the post election troubles of 2008. It is now crystal clear that it will take a miracle for them ever get justice this century. Meanwhile their attackers walk the streets without a care in the world, safe in the knowledge that "hiyo maneno iliisha" (that saga ended).

Deputy President William Ruto's trial is about to begin at a time when witnesses are withdrawing in alarmingly large numbers. You need evidence and witnesses to prove a case.

To add insult to injury the JUBILEE government in a carefully timed and choreographed move is seeking to withdraw the country from the Rome Statute (how on earth did we sign such a thing knowing our politics?). The debate will no doubt be heated in both houses and many will take the opportunity to play to the gallery for all its' worth, BUT at the end of the day you can be sure that all motions will be passed with ease. It is now pure politics and the spin is how can our president and vice president face the humiliation of appearing before a foreign court, as if we do not have a court system in Kenya? Very compelling.

Long forgotten are the actual sufferings innocent Kenyans went through. And if indeed some of those who suffered were less Kenyans than others, still no human being should be allowed to go through such trauma... and for what? Politics? Somebody's extended stay in State House as president of our banana republic? PLEASE!!!!

To many folks reading this, the PEV is just another chapter in our long sad history. The dead and raped are just meaningless figures. As meaningless as the number of violent crimes that happen in distant US every day (latest FBI figures show that a violent crime occurs in the US every 25.3 seconds). To make matters worse the vast majority of those reading this do not even know anybody who was affected by the PEV in Kenya.

That is why the timing of the horrifyingly dark tale that is my latest book "Let The Blood Flow" would not have come at a more appropriate time. Kenyans need to wake up!!! How can we seriously move on with our lives while we still have internal refugees in our country and while the issues that led to that horrible bloodbath remain unresolved? How can we seriously look at ourselves in the mirror and cheer up our MPs and senators as they seek to withdraw Kenya from the ICC? It is a terrible slap in the face to the victims and their families and no sane Kenyan should want to be a part of it. Killing and raping people is NOT politics and will NEVER be politics. It is criminal. Pure and simple. And although it is true that to thrive in politics in Kenya one has to be a brutal criminal it is time to start making a clear distinction in our national conscience.

I leave you with a personal account from just one victim of the 2008 troubles. There are many who went through much worse than this poor woman and many others whose story will never be told. But for now read and think and ponder... look for that thing that is supposed to be somewhere in your chest called a heart if it is still there.


On the first of January 2008 we were still fearful. On that day, we were not open for business.

I worked at the Eldama Ravine shopping centre at Mama Faith's Shop. We owned the shop. It was just next to my house - they are joined together. But I stayed home that day because I was scared. We left the shop locked up.

At about 3pm that day, people came to my home. At the time there was only my husband and I at home. My children had gone to visit their grandparents in Nyandarua. There were more than ten people who came. They were all men. They were dressed in coats and they had smeared mud on their faces so you could not recognize them. The mud was different colors on their faces - white back and red in spots - patches all over their faces. They were armed. They had arrows, pangas and rungus.

The first I knew they were there was when I heard talking and noises outside. They were speaking in Kalenjin.

They said "we have come to finish you." The door was not locked so they just came inside. My husband and I were in the sitting room. We were sitting down but stood up as soon as the men walked in. When they came in I began to plead with them because of what I had heard them say. I asked them why they were doing this when we had lived with them for so many years. They ordered me to shut up and said that the Kikuyu had migrated to the area and taken up their (the Kalenjin's) property. They asked me to be quiet or they were going to kill me. So I just kept quiet then.

That is when they started attacking my husband. They began cutting him with pangas and pierced him with arrows. My husband he did not go without a fight, the men, they struggled to keep him to the ground. They crowded him - ten of them against him... they attacked him. I was scared.

With a panga they sliced his neck, and he fell to the ground. It was a serious blow. As if that was not enough, that he was lying on the ground, they cut up his body into little pieces.

After they cut up my husband, but before he died, one of the men came towards me and asked me what I wanted to be done to me. I asked them not to kill me.

One said "we need to know what she is like, now that she never talks to us". There was another group of men who were looting my shop. I could see them from the door - it was still open. They were going past carrying property from my shop: sugar, cooking fat and other goods.

I was wearing trousers with buttons at the waist. The men tore at my trousers trying to get them open and the buttons came off. There were about four of them there doing this to me at that time.

They lifted me up and put me on the ground. They were arguing amongst themselves who was going to be the first.

Then one said that if I escaped from the knife and arrows, I would die of AIDS. Some of them held my legs and some held my hands while they raped me. When this was happening my husband and I were both still in the sitting room, but by now I was not watching my husband but pleading my own case.

The last time I had looked at him, it was like he was dead. He wasn't moving.

One man raped me and then the second one and the third. They put their penises in my vagina. It was either the second or the third man who said they were not able to get inside me: so they cut me.

I think it was the panga they were carrying that they used. They cut my vagina and continued raping me with the blood flowing. As they raped me I thought about my children. I remember that when I had my children, my doctor had told me that I had a narrow opening. So both my children were born by cesarean.

They continued raping me. It was when the fourth man was raping me that I went unconscious.I next remember - and it is vague - that a Kalenjin friend of ours called Joseph was there and he was pleading with the men. He was asking them for him to be allowed to take the body of my husband and take me to hospital. The men started quarreling with him and told him that he was in partnership with us. They threatened to kill him.
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Charles said...

The story is spine chilling. The question is who really was affected?
What if it happens again?

The same people who chased others from their lands will not hesitate to repeat it again.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Kenyan elites, shame on you Kenyan tribes. Kenyans are forced to do weird things in support of their greedy elites from their tribes.

Now they want to get out of ICC because a Kikuyu and a Kalenjin are accused.

What if today a Luhya, a Kamba, a Digo, a Luo or a Kisii was accused? Would anyone care?

What if a Mjikenda commit crime against humanity, will Kikuyus and Kalenjins want to take him to court?

Lets face the truth. Kenya is not Uhur and Ruto. Kenya is not Kikuyu and Kalenjin.

If the above is true then we have to support secession.

Anonymous said...

Stupidy begins at home

Anonymous said...

It is really getting there.

ICC is really responding to what is happening in Kenya:
-"In the present case, after consultation with the judges who were present at the Plenary of 11 July 2013, I has been decided that a reconsideration of the Plenary Decision of 23 August 2013 by the plenary of judges is not warranted notwithstanding the issues that are being raised being raised by the Defence in their application, which are similar to those raised by Judge Eboue-Osuji in the motion to vacate the Plenary Vote of July 2013, The application is dismissed,” the court said.I see a ruling to "tame" the Nigerian! Goodluck is in Kenya as Mpigs pass some very dangerous decisions to aleniate Kenya from the Rome statutes.
-ICC prosecutor allowed to appeal-to amend charges
-Icc refuse Ruto's appeal to transfer cases to Kenya or Tanzania
-ICC probing bribery of witnesses in Kenya

Add this to "isolation" of Tanzania by UK,M7 and Kagame.

Very interesting times ahead-maybe,a Zimbambwe reborn in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

None of the Ocamp 7 raped or killed. Jealousy and envy are the real culprits here. COVETING thy neighbour's possessions!

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