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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Leading media houses put CORD statement condemning Kidero in obscure places

Kidero is extremely lucky in that he seems to have slapped the right woman. The man should have gone down a long time ago if only because he seems to have numerous enemies within his own party and the CORD alliance who must have rubbed their hands in glee when they saw Kidero destroy himself on national TV. 

An interesting point to note here is the CORD statement that was released condemning Kidero and announcing that the party had launched its' own investigations into what happened. The strongly worded statement sent to media houses emphasized that what Kidero appeared to have done was against the coalitions code of conduct for leaders. 

Fascinatingly that statement (Find it HERE) did NOT receive much or prominent airtime despite its' weight and implications. Indeed it was clearly made as low key as possible. (Just how powerful is this Kidero man with the media?). Now chances are that the coalition will review its' position when it realizes what the public mood really is. Incidentally many in Kidero's party and coalition have never forgiven him for skipping Raila Odinga's governor's trip to the US bu finding time to visit China with the president.

Am also informed that yet another reason why Kidero is safe is that a nightmare scenario of Raila Odinga standing for governor of Nairobi if and when Kidero is forced to resign is making many in TNA and the JUBILEE coalition break into a cold sweat. And so even the women group activists have been told to shut up and cease making calls for Kidero's resignation.

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