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Friday, September 06, 2013

Kidero slaps Shebesh on national TV and gets support on social media

Hand of Satan: "That was my hand trying to caress Shebesh and calm her down... it's just that it was moving at high speed." (suggestion from spin doctor of what Kidero should say after being shown the footage with evidence of him violently slapping Rachel Shebesh.)

"I have no recollection of what happened but I did not slap anybody." (what Kidero said on national TV. Politicians tell lies all the time but this one was too much for me).

I woke up somewhere in the banana republic this morning feeling cheeky and so I went straight to Google and typed "Kidero arrested."

Very funny. Such things don't happen in the banana republic where there are two sets of laws. Those for mere mortals and those for the political class and the rich. Now when you are a rich man like Kidero and also in the political class, the policeman who tries to follow the law will be arrested first before the man who broke the law on live television is touched.

I have absolutely no time for people who hit women. It does not matter what the woman has done (even if it is your wife and you have found her legs wide and somebody else on-top of her). You just don't hit women. In my view men who hit women are NOT men. They are cowards, sissies and... (let me just stop there).

From my experience men who hit women supposedly when they have lost their temper never dare hit another man with the same temper lost ten times over. That's because they know the man can hit back and harm them. And so they prey on women and practice their slaps on the weaker sex safe in the knowledge that they can stay out of harms' way.

Let's get a few facts straight. 

Kidero slapped Shebesh with a lot of force. (the irrefutable evidence is captured on video and was aired on national TV).

Kidero broke the law. It does not matter if he slapped a Koinange street slut or a nun from a convent, the law does NOT make any distinction here.

Kidero MUST face the law just like any other Kenyan. Otherwise nobody should ever be arrested again for slapping anybody. Let's change the law and allow everybody to slap anybody when they feel like it.

Kidero MUST resign, even as he waits to serve a jail term for breaking the law. Some CORDed Kenyans will want to argue that it would rather be appropriate for the Nairobi governor to run the city on skype from jail, but to me that s not even funny. I tend to lose my humour when a man hits a woman.

And so the big question this post must ask is why has Kidero not been arrested yet? What is the delay about?

It is laughable that this is the man who wants to stand for president one day. You slap a woman and then you lie in front of the cameras and say you did not. And yet the evidence is clearly on tape. What Kidero probably didn't know is what modern video cameras can do these days (especially from a distance) and he was probably sure that nobody saw anything and those who did he could easily pay off to say something else.

Kidero's political career must be over and has to be over. Personally if he continues as governor... (let me not say it). Kidero MUST GO and the sooner the better.

More Drama: Kidero goes to police station to report that Shebesh assaulted him.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder his wife looks so thin. The poor woman must have been slapped many times... woishe!!!

Anonymous said...

I too do not support mr.kidero's action, shebesh pia ajue omera's dnt entertain such shit from a woman,dat slap ment luv.

Anonymous said...

he should be charged for assault....i dont like shebesh she has a loose mouth which sometimes needs to be checked...but what kidero did was despicable..i guess he also assaults his wife judging from his actions...this is not a man...real men dont hit women...and this are our so called leader....kenya is lost with such people in office...he should be hounded out like a dog from that office..thats somebodys mum u r hitting????

Anonymous said...

i wish i could like this post 1000000 times

Anonymous said...

Common knowlegde that Kidero assaulted his first wife to her grave then quickly dashed into a second marriage within a year of her demise. Even his children are battered! Poor Susan she must have learnt that the hard way by now. Talk of Crying in the Range Rover! Afadhali nilie kwa baiskeli yangu!

Anonymous said...

You state that you have no time for men who hit, beat or slap women, likewise, you should also have no time for any person, be it man or woman, who does the same to another person - Kenyan citizen - be it child, woman or man.

People of a certain gender should never be allowed to get away with hitting or slapping others in public just because of their so-called gender.

Any type of assault on a victim - be it a woman or man - is criminal and should be treated as such and really frowned by society at large.

What is criminal for the goose is criminal for the gander. PERIOD!

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