There is no doubt the embattled Bomet governor Isaac Ruto is re-grouping. The only question is regrouping to do what exactly?

Not too long ago, Isaac used to be William Ruto's confidante and closest political ally. Indeed he was his chief strategist and did more than anybody else to lift hussler Ruto from a nobody to the kingpin of Rift Valley politics. Today the two Rutos are not even on talking terms and are in fact bitter rivals and political enemies. What has caused this? Just the devolution and referendum debate? Or is there something more?

Saturday's closed door meeting at Sopa Lodge in Naivasha was extremely revealing. URP party chairman Francis Ole Kaparo lied to the press when he insisted that IsaacRuto was not on the agenda. In fact Isaac Ruto was the ONLY item on the agenda. Kumekucha informants present at the meeting have revealed some startling details of what went down. Those details paint a grim picture of what is ahead in this mother of all battles for supremacy in the vote-rich Rift Valley.

During that meeting "evidence" linking Isaac Ruto to plans to bring down the JUBILEE government were tabled. Complete with names of the chief financiers of the plot.