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Monday, September 23, 2013

Horror at Westgate

In the course of chatting with a friend this morning, they pointed out the really good side of this Westgate terror incident. And this is the fact that it has brought together and united Kenyans like never before. And I said to him that this was something that we needed urgently. Kenyans need to be very ashamed of themselves that so much blood had to be spilled for us to momentarily come back to our senses.
The best tribute we can now pay to those who died at Westgate is to never again allow anything to divide us. Ever again!! Let their deaths not be in vain.

We must never again forget that we are one people and one nation affected by the very same things. The divisions that the political class have enforced in recent times are very unfortunate and we need to forever stay above them.

Kenyans everywhere irrespective of race, religion or tribe are united in condemning this reckless criminal terrorism on the motherland. United we can achieve much much more and united we can take the best and most effective precautions to protect ourselves from future terrorist attacks in this increasingly dangerous planet we now find ourselves living in.

Yeah, I really needed to start this post on a positive note because everything else I have to say today is extremely bad news.

Let's start with the death toll. It is much higher than what has so far been reported. Remember that confirmed deaths can only be based on recovered bodies and the truth is that there are bodies that have not yet been recovered from Westgate. For instance the ones on the third and fourth floor of the building which are still being controlled by the terrorists. Other sources claim that it has always been the strategy of Kenyan authorities to report much lower body counts so as to NOT cause panic amongst the public. All indications are that this may end up being a worse tragedy than the Nairobi US embassy bombing in 1998.

It must also be clear to most Kenyans by now that this is no ordinary terrorist attack. For starters until this Saturday incident, most intelligence reports seemed to suggest that Al Shabaab (the terror group that has claimed responsibility) was on its' last legs and certainly not capable of executing an attack of the magnitude of the one we witnessed in Nairobi. The taking over of the Kismayu port in Somalia by invading KDF forces had hit them especially hard more so because it was a major source of financing for them. Disagreements within the terrorists also led to a split and further weakening. It is now emerging that the Kenyan attack must have involved the coming together of several different terror groups. This is really scary.

But why now and why in Kenya? Why these hostage taking tactics that are rare with terror attacks and were only last seen in 2008 in Mumbai India? So many questions and no answers as authorities are playing their cards very close to their chests citing security concerns.

However I have compiled a special report that I am giving away for FREE titled Horror at Westgate. I recommend that those with relatives still held as hostages at the Westgate Mall should NOT read this special report. Trust me I have very good reasons. The report contains all the graphic images and photographs that the media has avoided carrying and which give a true picture of exactly what happened on black Saturday. This was an extremely bloody and brutal attack, more than what most Kenyans imagine. The special report also gives an insight into those involved including detailed analysis from experts on how this siege will most probably end. It also includes details of an attempted rescue attempt yesterday and the resulting casualties.

I am giving away the special report for FREE. Get details now


Anonymous said...


First things first, you misunderstood the Jack London quote I had posted but we'll come back to that some other time.

In 1998, I recall President Moi along with Kibaki and Raila "pulling together" after the US embassy bombing and practically telling us the exact same thing you posted above: "Kenyans need to be very ashamed of themselves that so much blood had to be spilled for us to momentarily come back to our senses. The best tribute we can now pay to those who died at Westgate is to never again allow anything to divide us. Ever again!! Let their deaths not be in vain." You can us here donating blood here:

Yet barely 10 years later, in 2008 to be specific, we saw what happened where many more people died by the hand of fellow Kenyans. Have you been reading how the CORD and Jubilee fanatics have been interpreting the government response to this horrendous terror attack? Hve we haven't learned anything?

Anonymous said...

We should know who are our friends. I want to remind Kenyan leaders that Britain, US, Canada,Italy, Germany, Israel, Netherlands are our best friends. China is our potential new colonialist and is not interested in anything in Africa apart from exploitation.

Uhuuru, when will you realize this? If we run away from the West, we shall be in deep trouble. Kenya must remain in the Rome Statute. Look at our cabinet. The people who are killing us now are also eating the fruits of our indipendence. Western Kenya fought for Kenya's independence so hard. NEP didnt give a damn. But see now: Foreign, Election Commission, etc are under them.

Kenya should not discriminate but Kenya should know who her friends are and who are Kenyans. Kenya must know people.

Anonymous said...

We are divided because only one tribe wants to rule. When there is trouble, they call for unity, when there is peace they eat quietly.I am sure Uhuru could have not joined Raila or Mudavadi, if these were the president of Kenya.

Satellite Don said...

Chris ARE YOU OK brother? just curious, reply YES once if you are OK or YES TWICE if you are not ok

Anonymous said...

But why now and why in Kenya?

The thugs, diehard criminals, demented agents of the evil one aka hydra incarnate and people of darkness have been so desperate and are still in very dire straits as they continue to seek relevance since they have lost a lot of real estate, clout and so many sources of funding and support unlike the case was in the course of the last several decades.

By all evil and demonic accounts, targeting a gathering place where children, women, the elderly and unarmed people frequent on any given day for recreation purposes and family weekend shopping is nothing more other than a disease and very sickening sign of the most extreme desperation and above all what will soon come to be considered as the last kick of a decaying and dying rabid mule in the months to come.

Lest we forget, every hydra has its day, and in this case the hydra in question from somewhere beyond our borders is reported to have already swallowed several of its tentacles - distinguished leaders and best fighters - must have reached desperate heights to the point where it has already have began to bite and chew it's own tail in the last attempts to swallow it in the name of making a splash, look at us we are still relevant and are able to reach far and wide.

Anonymous said...

Kenya should totally rethink the ways and means of knowing and tracking its enemies and double-faced 'alien residents', including better methods of detecting their weakness, greed, arrogance, blind spots, and any other cracks that they may have, then exploit it in the country's national best interests.

The worst of the worst that have emerged and will continue to flow out of last Saturday's Westgate Horror against the thugs and their sympathizers is that they have just accomplished one very vital project that Kenyan leaders and politicians had failed to achieve in the last twelve years, which is, uniting Kenyans from all corners of the country unlike never before.

While the best of the best that is now emerging in the aftermath of last Bloody Saturday Westgate cowardly attacks is that there is going to be by all accounts a very Strong Kenya as never been seen in the last five decades.

Talking of a new urgent sense of nationality as in One Kenya, One People, United Against All Odds including a twenty-four-hour vigilance, surveillance, situational awareness, and a tough fight against domestic and foreign terrorists, including all enemy elements of the state and people.

All that can be said from now is that the country's modi operadi will be and remain one of Mtego Wa Panya Operation from now henceforth.

There are people, certain outsiders, who have always ignored and forgotten one simple fact about Kenyans, namely we are a very resilient people, and we can take it straight on chin, spine, sheen and temple, you name it, and yet bounce back on our feet to defend ourselves and counterattack once the public enemy or enemies have been figured out in many ways than one.

Well, if the nation's enemies want to wage a battle using their coward tactics and threats, then let them bring it on and find out what Kenyans are really made of in terms of standing ground in defending the whole nation, the people and our slowly improving way of life.

As for our neighbours and good friends around the world, Kenyans do not wish the horrors of Westgate Mall brought upon any people or nation, but al they ask is that whole world should continue to be united in the surgical fight against terrorism and its sympathizers.

Anonymous said...

“This nation has become so corrupt to the extent that we turn a blind eye or even facilitate the corrupt practices that end up allowing elements that come into the country to destroy us,” said Gethenji.
“I think we need to abolish the National Intelligence Service. I think we should arrest some of them. If I was the President, the Director General would be in Kamiti (Maximum Security Prison) now,” said Ms Ibrahim.
“If we continue like this, the next attack will happen in Parliament (buildings),” Ms Ibrahim added.

This is the problem of nepotism and lack of rule of law. This what it looks like in a man-eat-man society. Witnesses are killed or bribed, people threatened, voter registry are digitally changed, indicted people are allowed to resume duties. Charged people are allowed to participate in elections. Unqualified people are cabinet ministers, PS, Intelligence, Fire Fighters.

Anonymous said...

why should UK ask for a dispensation at ICC because of westgate tragedy?

The ICC has rightly ruled that UK must attend trail as per the schedule.

I cant agree more on this.

The more UK pushes ICC to alter the schedule,the more I am convinced that there was some complicity in the westgate tragedy.

who can beleive that it happened without the knowledge of Kenya's world known high calibre intelligence system?
It may be argued that NIS knew about the whole thing (they talk of knowledge about cells in Mombasa) and also that they could use it as an excuse in the ICC.

They let it happen.

I could be wrong but I see a political arm in all what has happened in Kenya.
Kenyans may have been used as pawns in this "international terrorism" scenario.
The best way is for WSR and UK to attend and exonerate themselves in the ICC.

The statements by the foreign minister that "Terrorist were BRITISH and AMERICANS" and that of UK who said that "this is a Kenyan operation" when we all know that the UK,USA and Israel played a huge role in sorting out the westgate tragedy supports my arguement.
"The Political agenda to blame the west" dosnt sell.Leaves alot to be digested.

The more they ask to be excused by the ICC due to "westgate",the more we are convinced that they comprised the security of Kenyans.

Kenyans dont learn!

Mimi ni Mkenya said...


I especially like this sentence 'United we can achieve much much more and united we can take the best and most effective precautions to protect ourselves from future terrorist attacks in this increasingly dangerous planet we now find ourselves living in.'

But the thing is Kenyans we are so used to calm and peace, and surely this is a very good country. It's the leaders that use idle minds to spoil things and create fights all over. The Alshabaab know very well we are a peaceful country. They want to ruin things for us and we must stay strong and continue doing what Kenyans have done since Saturday. Coming together in unity and Love to help each other regardless of tribe and so forth. Remember hunger in Turkana, how Kenyans came together to help the starving? That's how we should be always.
Corruption Curruption and Ignorance, now when we tal about these guys getting caught and after afew weeks they've disappeared that's what we are afraid of. The KDF should not spare these people' lives if they want to keep Kenya safe, LAW gani? Watahonga tu na pesa NYINGI SANA na wapotee.
So many questions and no answers, has anybody seen the killed terrorists' bodies yet? We haven't gotten the full details from the President. TUNASHUKU mambo mingi sana hapa. 'As usual, tutasahau tu'
We need leaders wise ones not bosses.

Anonymous said...

@10:39 AM & Kumekucha,

Believe it or not, the Westgate mall attacks - killing field as it were - may end up becoming another version of Kenya's Watergate if at all it ends up influencing the ICC process in any way, form and fashion.

They two incidents should be left separate and not conjoined in any manner whatsoever.

Otherwise, the public and rest of the world will begin to read much into it and out it, and left wondering who-was-who that was really involved in the Westgate killing fields.

Further, many among the citizenry will also be left asking themselves and wondering whether some people, somewhere in high places, somehow and for what reasons in their convoluted personal and evil political interests knew about it - what was brewing behind the scenes - but did nothing to prevent or put required standard security measures in place for the express purpose of derailing the ICC process.

Many among us hope that was not the case at all and it is not anywhere near or within the parameters of speculation about what may have helped lead to the tragedy at Westgate and the precious lives lost.

Hence, the powers that be at The Hague and in the United Kingdom should not in any way advocate nor seek any room for dispensation with regard to the ICC process.

@10:39 AM,

It is hoped that you are who you purport to be, someone who is out to dig deep in the truth and facts about the Westgate Killing Fields and not a propaganda machine from the other side bent to distort issues and saw more confusion and seeds of evil against humanity.

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