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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ex-MP to Janet Mbugua: We polygamous men are "stronger" in bed

There is a good reason why Citizen TV and Royal media are way ahead of the rest of the chasing pack in the Kenyan media business. Their programming and creativity is just at another level. 

In the station's Monday Special last night the subject of discussion was polygamy in Kenya. Controversial former Budalangi legislator Raphael Wanjala (pictured here) featured prominently. Wanjala is married to 3 wives.

Of great interest were remarks made off-camera by the former legislator. He told programme host Janet Mbugua that polygamous men are stronger in bed. When the cameras came back and Janet asked him to elaborate, he quickly denied what he had said pointing to another panelist as the source of the comment.

There are many good reasons why Bwana Wanjala would not want to make such a direct and controversial statement on live national TV (as readers of my Kumekucha raw notes will know from the extended coverage we have given of the man's escapades). But the question many readers will be asking is; "Is it true that polygamous men are stronger in bed?"

It would appear that Wanjala was speaking from experience if the sizzling love affair that he has had with one Joyce Akinyi (pictured here) is anything to go by. Akinyi's spat with her legal Nigerian husband, Anthony Chinedu has been extremely public and culminated in the recent failed attempt by the JUBILEE government to deport the controversial Nigerian (whom Kumekucha has since learnt is in fact a naturalized Kenyan citizen). Insiders insist that the man right in the middle of the troubles that the couple have been having is Wanjala. It is claimed that for some unknown reasons Chinedu stopped giving his wife enough attention where it matters most and it was at around this time that Wanjala stepped in and filled the void. What followed was a whirlwind romance that led to the two lovebirds even becoming business partners and being jailed briefly in India together.

It is widely believed amongst African men that short-tempered aggressive women usually have quite an "appetite" and obviously there is no way the said romance would have prospered the way it has without Hon Wanjala satisfying the said "appetite" in full.

And so it would appear that it is indeed true that polygamous men, whatever you think about them, tend to be stronger in bed. Hmmm interesting wouldn't you say?

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