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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Do shut up about Emmy Kosgei, will you...

Guest post

All the best wishes to the young woman and the not so-young man as they prepare to embark on what is hoped to be a life long journey in form of a happy and normal marriage as expected by all accounts.

Emmy, Emma, Emily must have been swept off her feet and been moved to greater heights of joy, happiness, satisfaction and love by a very special aspect of humanity she found within her husband from the west of Africa.

Emmy should be given her props because as we say in my neck of the woods, 'the choice is hers, whether we like it or not' - tupende tusipende, chaguo ni lake.

Emmy's husband is her one-in-a-million choice of who-among-who was found suitable for a worth while partner in marriage, given her vocation and lifestyle.

Emmy is now the envy of many women and men in our midst, including countless others who were known to have mocked her at great lengths during her school days, while others had written her off as spousal material in many ways than one. She is more of a caterpillar that morphed into one of the most beautiful butterflies that flew to greater heights and found suitable landing in western Africa. More power to her and her choice of a spouse.

Congratulations to Emmy and her man. May they live happily ever after.

Emmy Kosgei wedding photos, eat your heart out

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Anonymous said...

You wrote "Congratulations to Emmy and her man. May they live happily ever after."


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