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Monday, September 09, 2013

Can Kidero stay out of jail and remain governor?

In Kenya politics is much more important than "petty" human rights or violence against women. Also there are two sets of laws, those for everybody else and those for the political class and the rich. That is what all the hullabaloo over the ICC cases is really all about. You will notice that in all the acres of content about the ICC nobody is talking about the PEV victims because it is clearly irrelevant. Amazingly so!!!

This harsh reality is again being demonstrated in the Evans Kidero slap saga. Impeccable sources have just informed me that A VERY POWERFUL MAN IN KENYA has gotten involved (see details in my latest raw notes). His concern is that the incident has heightened Kikuyu versus Luo tensions in the country. The long and short of it is that the Nairobi governor is unlikely to face the consequences for his actions.

Incidentally it is amazing what a spin doctor and crisis PR man can do to distort the truth and direct attention elsewhere. Kidero must have a pretty good one under his payroll. The talk all over Kenya now is about Kidero being attacked (below the abdomen) by Shebesh. Any intelligent person will not buy such a cock and bull story but it has been widely sold to the gullible Kenyan public.

What should have been a clear open and shut case of assault is now something else and getting more and more confusing by the day. CORD activists have even kicked in and are now saying that this is a plan to ensure that the coalition loses the Nairobi governorship.

This blogger has been informed that this is not the first time the Nairobi governor has hit a woman (details in my latest raw notes).

Kidero has also worked closely with the police to find charges to press against Shebesh as his bargaining chip to stay out of jail. One charge that will probably be pinned on Shebesh is incitement and possibly contempt of court since the governor had gotten a court order barring demonstrations in Nairobi county. The idea is to ensure that any assault charges will be at the very worst reduced to misdemenour under extreme provocation. That is Kenya for you.

However retaining his seat as Nairobi governor is another story. In fact campaigns have already began in earnest for Kidero's seat, which means most people amongst the usually well informed political class do not believe that Kidero will remain governor for long.

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Anonymous said...


For the record, there are those of us who didn't support Kidero's bid for the governorship nor liked him while he was in charge of the sugar plantations of western Kenya, let alone his days as an executive 'nyapara' at one of the nation's impotent media houses. A topic for another time and place.

Anyway, Kidero should always braze himself for a showdown of some kind, regardless of whther it is political, social or personal the moment he steps out of his residence, away from the confines of the governor's office, or slide from the comfort zones that have been his niche as a CEO of some kind in the last two decades.

Further, Kidero like an other person in a high profile political position or corporate station, should not only have known better to stay clear from any would be dirty political elements - from within or without his own political fold - that are out to seek cheap publicity at his own expense for whatever self-serving reasons.

That includes very well known sociopolitical goons and pariahs, but he should have let his personal security detail do the dirty work of fending off the rabid assailants in order to take care of the instigated - stage managed - semi political mess.

By all accounts, the assailant in question is a well known certified raving and raging bully with an intact political security blanket.

So whether Kidero hit back at the assailant after his family jewels or biological vault had been dented in one way or another is another matter to reviewed and assessed by the authorities concerned.

The word within the corridors of the governor's mansion and around certain exclusive business circles in Nairobi is that Kidero's haters and enemy's have done all they could to dump younger underage beautiful bodies in his path in order to entrap him and derail his governorship but to avail.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that other very dirty methods of distraction had to employed to paint Kidero into a very bad political light by his opponents, haters and enemy's alike.

Last but not least, the culprit, yes, the well known political character in question, may just find her match or worse fall on her own sword sooner or later in the same manner it has happened to many other political instigators cut from the assailant' s dirty hide.

By the way, there is YouTube clip of one international car race driver being slapped by a girlfriend - not wife - of another car race driver after the race was over.

Hell knows why the assailant decided to take it upon herself to seek vigilant justice in broad daylight and in full view of multiple news media camera.

Fortunately, the assailant has been banned for life from attending any motor racing activities in North America.

kumekucha said...

OK assuming that he resisted the temptation of young under age girls, wouldn't that mean that he would have had enough self control to resist slapping Shebesh?

Your views are NOT concistent with human psychology and behaviour in this case.

Chris Kumekucha

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