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Monday, August 05, 2013

This is Uhuru's future from a man who has NEVER gotten it wrong

In the run up to the 2002 general elections there was great fear in the country and many rich folks left Kenya for the duration of those memorable elections. The excuse many gave was that they were taking a holiday. But the massive transfer of funds out of the country spoke a different story.

The fear was justified because credible reports that even I received indicated that there was a lot of pressure on then then President Daniel Moi to find a way to hang onto power. Kenya also had no history of a peaceful handover of power from a living president.

Then in the midst of all these uncertainties an arrogant Briton came into the country for prayers and started making predictions and prophecies on the counry's political future. Few Kenyans had ever heard of the London based preacher. But he spoke with such authority that some Kenyans even got annoyed.

He predicted that there would be a peaceful change of guard. Mwai Kibaki was going to be the new president and he would usher in a new era in the country. His role was to prepare the country for take off, putting all the structures in place and in readiness for Kenya to prosper so much so that many will jealously ask; "why Kenya?" I drunk in all his prophecies and implemented the only known test for prophets, to wait and see if what he had said would come to pass. You know what happened next.

Then in 2007 the man was back again. This time I was really shocked. He predicted that Mwai Kibaki would be back in office. he was going to finish his work of preparation. This contradicted all the information I had on the ground which clearly showed that Raila Odinga was headed for a landslide victory in those presidential elections. The prophet had to be wrong this time round, I was sure.

That election resulted in post election violence and weeks of uncertainty over what was going to happen next. But the truth is that the man was right once again.

In the run up to the just concluded 2013 general elections I deliberately chose to not read his prophecies because I was sure they would influence my analysis and writing. And so immediately after the elections, I rushed to his website and read what he had been saying. (read the rest of this article in my latest raw notes).

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Anonymous said...


Why would you SELL as RN material from a preacher's website?

Has KK come to this? Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Just because a false "prophet" is in cohorts with election thieves does not make his pronouncements "prophesies".
Let us respect God and not drag his/her name into man-made shenanigans designed to grab and keep power and maintain control over mankind.

Anonymous said...

Nyanza si Kenya

Anonymous said...

Regarding false "prophets" from beyond our midst.

Is it true that "true prophets" are those who speak to us what we want to hear at all times but not what we really need - must - hear at any given moment?

While "false prophets" are the ones that seem to speak the language that is unpalatable to our ears - and at time what may seem to be in favour of our opponents or the enemy's political/ethnic camp.

Or "false" prophets that are so keen at prophesying what is very contrary to our to expectations and yet ends up happening in the end against all expectations.

Well, with all due respect to the carte blanche religiosity that has become part and parcel of our present day society, what type of '[G]od' is being talked about?

And what is the real name of the - y/our - '[G]od' that needs protection from desecration 24/7, discourtesy of "false prophets" from beyond our country's national borders?

By the way, what is the real (actual) difference between 'man-made-religiosity' and 'man-made-other - Eurocentric or ethnic - concept' of a 'God' that is there to solely serve our exclusive needs at any given time?

Lest we forget the 'man-made-shenanigans' that usually pass for the current religious maze of theological and spiritual mumbo jumbo?

Anonymous said...

nyanza na migingo ni uganda

Anonymous said...


Guess what! The committed prophet from the British Aisles will be back again in 2017/18 with a message that some of us will not want to hear, let alone have the guts, honesty or even the political muscle to stomach by all means.

The so-called arrogant Brit knew something that some of us didn't know or never wanted to know at the time, and yes, his prophetic utterance turned out to be somehow on the mark after the fact.

Further, the arrogant Brit was just doing what his own kind does in the best possibly way they know how when it comes to helping out those of us who have ears but can't hear and eyes but can't see, at all times - 1992, 2002, 2007, 2013 and following. Woe unto us. Ole wetu.

All that the prophet ended up doing was to engage in perpetuating what his ancestors - our former colonial masters - did at the turn of the 1900s, by reminding myopic minded natives who still have "hearts of stones" - about what was bound to happen not just to them but throughout the entire the country.

Wherever the Brit of a prophet is, he is either glad or hates the fact that he took the time to tell us so in our own national best interests, regardless of whether our side won or lost the temporary game of putting together the political puzzle.

That is one of the reasons why some of us have become so fearful of listening or reading about phrases like "time will tell", "it all unfolded as prophesied" and "it came to pass" etcetera.

How we - some of us - now already dread the next political games of 2017/18, given what some of us know now and yet will do very little to stop it at our own peril.

So be it! It too, shall pass!

Anonymous said...

Which is which? Uhuru's future or Kenyatta's future?

Why not just call him or refer to the son of the country's first president, Jomo Kenyatta (Johnstone Kamau Muigai), as Uhuru Kenyatta, or rather use his last, Kenyatta?

Why has always allowed the public and print media to continue distancing his first name, Uhuru, from his last - family - name, Kenyatta?

What is there to fear or be afraid about in that regard? He should be proud of it and embrace it given his family roots.

That is the only two cents to comment about it the name dodging issue.

Anonymous said...

The British Prophet with a knack of peering into the future and foretelling the bitter truth(s) about Africa's political affairs has been proved right once again with regard to the outcome of the just concluded general election in Zimbabwe.

His so-called unpalatable prophecies have always been detested and at times found to be very disgusting to the ears of countless natives on the African continent.

As it were, the British Prophet had spoken to the crowds on the ground in Harare, Zimbabwe that the Kingdom of ZANU-PF would rule for another five years, and Mother Nature had found favour in HRH King Robert Mugabe and decided to grant his majesty with an extended healthy lifestyle.

His Royal Highness King Robert Mugabe of the mighty Kingdom of ZANU-PF has in deed managed to survive one more time by beating his archrival in the name of Sir Morgan Tsavangirai, and countless other international 'dark forces' that really wanted to see HRH King Robert Mugabe kicked out of power, once and for all.

Sir Morgan Tsvangirai is the same person who had been willing and very comfortable to take a golden plated seat and eat - all he could eat at will - at the high table that was crafted and is still owned by HRH Robert Mugabe since the 1980s.

Unfortunately, for the people of the beautiful land of Zimbabwe, the opposition had invested in the a leader who was less credible in terms of being able to bring an end to the thirty-two year reign of HRH King Robert Mugabe.

Surprisingly, what happened - came to pass - in terms of Kenya's last general election is the very same scenario that unfolded in Zimbabwe, where one political camp ended up underestimating the other political camp that had been not only in power for decades, but was known to have done its thorough homework over the last four years in preparation for maintaining a stronghold on the huge prize and sole mandate to rule for another half-a-decade.

The rest of what was done, undone and could have been done will remain under the darken cloudy political history of a country, Zimbabwe, that was once known as one of Africa's leading bread-basket by all standards known to humanity.

The 'arrogant' British Prophet can never blamed nor ignored for having spoken the political truth(s) to the masses in Zimbabwe, at the same time offered them a bigger but dirty picture of what was in store for them and their one time wonderful land in the southern region of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is in God's hands. He is the one who choose leaders and dispose them. If you don't like any of the leaders, then take it up to Him.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kenyatta's future may end up being so blink in many ways than been anticipated, given what he decides to do or not do in the best interests of the whole country and people during the cause of his five year leadership.

So far, Kenyatta seems to have gotten it all wrong in the cause of his first hundred days in office, and he may be continuing to fumble the ball due to his current style of leadership, given the old political baggage that he willingly agreed to inherit for whatever self-serving reasons and at his own peril, including that of his party and temporary coalition.

Therefore to even dare think and imagine new possibilities beyond our present political and socioeconomic circumstances remains a challenge not just to those people addicted to rubbing shoulders within the idle and corrupted corridors of raw power, but also to millions of everyday people who keep hearing and reading about the country's way of life no longer being entrenched in the old sickening and tiring layers of a Third World state of existence.

Sadly, the utterances of self-anointed prophets from Europe and political gurus on the continent of Africa, compounded with the never ending political blunders, squandered opportunities and humongous losses that have been at the core of abject lack of health care, food, proper agriculture, water, education, economic development, security, empowerment to the women and men on the African continent, etcetera, continue to wreak havoc and cause destruction of millions of young and old African lives.

There are those of us who have always forgotten the fact that hope that is not rooted in the concrete realities of the moment often leads to even deeper despair, and inevitable civil strife between the haves and the have-nots, including outsiders - greedy investors from Europe and elsewhere.

Mr. Kenyatta may be among the type of men and women who have never gotten it wrong, but will he end up getting it right this time around in the cause of the next four years of being the man at the helm in what has remained of the former colonial governor's mansion aka 'State House'?

Anonymous said...

Tons and tons of money loaded in airfreight cargo, wildlife crates for exports, shipping containers, personal luggage, and at times hidden beneath perishable produce, have always found many official avenues, private routes - panya roads - and countless other electronic outlets to walk out far beyond Kenya's borders without any intentions of ever returning back to be reinvested in the local economy for the greater good.

The never ending massive transfer of funds out of the country, continue to speak volumes depending on the lame political excuses that pass in the form of different stories that either get published in local and international print media as well as whispered in exclusive business circles and private investment clubs.

Mr. Kenyatta will always be damned if he tries to chart a totally different political and economic path for the benefit of the whole country and majority of the people.

Likewise, he will also end up being damned if he tries to toe the line by maintaining the status quo that have always been cemented in place for thee express benefit of the ten to fifteen percent of the well connected and overly protected segment of the Kenyan population.

Mr. Kenyatta, the son of the first president of the country, may be the most powerful person in the country for the next four years, but unfortunately, he finds himself surrounded by slithering reptilians, striped hyenas as well as spotted hyenas at every level of the government machinery, including vicious political gangs of scoundrels, scorpions and serpents who continue to take advantage in every which way to enrich their well coated underbellies.

When all is said and done, the onus of turning the sad state of the country's affairs rests not only on Mr. Kenyatta's shoulders, but on the collective shoulders of every patriotic Kenyan regardless of their ethnic and political affiliations.

We, the people, will rise and succeed as a united nation, or end up failing miserably as a divided nation along deluded political and ethnic coalitions that only benefits the powerful criminal politicians, their henchmen and very greedy business associates.

Anonymous said...

We, Kenyans, the majority of us as in 98%, are what we are because of who and what we decided to evolve into over the last several - forty, thirty, twenty and ten - years of our lives under the skies above Kenya.

We have kind of moved on unconsciously to the point where we've developed a very self-destructive attitude that is similar to that of many angry and vengeful divorcees or the so-called ex-spouses and ex-partners as they known in more politically correct terms.

As a country and 'a' people, we never got it right during our very first post-colonial marriage with Mr. Jomo Kenyatta (Johnstone Kamau).

Then there was our disastrous and very abusive second marriage with Mr. Daniel Moi, where most households hit rock-bottom in every department of domestic existence, given our collective dsyfunctionality, ethnic myopia and stubbornness as wild nyumbus.

A third chaotic marriage was entered into with Mr. Mwai Kibaki, and worst of all, when it failed to work out, we sought a fourth polygamous marriage (union) - what passed for two very dysfunctional households under one roof - with Mr. Kibaki and Mr. Odinga from 2008 to 2013.

Well, those who forget their destructive nature and a very ugly past are bound to?

The answer is self-evident given what has already been taking place under a very shaky type of 'come-we-stay-as-we-are' or 'come-we-stay-as-we-have-always-been' partnership with Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and his legions of court jesters.

So, do we as a nation and people have a path to destiny? And what type of destiny are we seeking before 2020 and 2030?

Anonymous said...


Who is the real Fire Marshall or Fire Chief aka 'boss' at JKIA?

What are the real fire fighting capabilities of our so-called JKIA Fire Department, if any?

Were they a well prepared professional fire-fighting force, or just as corrupt and mediocre like our national police force and the rest of the country's civil service that never seem to get their households in order?

Wowww! What has been going on at our nation's international airport?

Several days ago we were told that there was a fuel shortage or a very limited availability of aviation fuel that was causing a temporary disruption in the daily operations at JKIA.

And just before we could even begin to digest the mess that seems to have become our second nature, given our collective PhD in Mediocrity and another old time PhD in Corruption, a stage was set where a huge fire engulfed a large section of JKIA in a matter of minutes.

Was the fire an inside job or a well calculated move to disrupt daily operations or rather distract attention, scrutiny and overall security away from clandestine business operations that were in the making or already in progress at JKIA?

What became of the mandated water sprinklers and other simple fire precautionary measures that are required - a must - in all sections and places of international airports such as JKIA?

There goes billion of dollars in damages, and much more in terms of the immediate repairs and reconstruction that will have to take place urgently.

What is really happening at our nation's international airport, and why?

Will the same damage take place or happen at our nation's major sea port in Mombasa?

How can a major airport terminal be consumed by a massive fire in matter of minutes?

Our misery will now end up being a real gain in profits for Nyerere International Airport, next door.

What a mess it will be in terms of travel and other businesses that depend on JKIA as a regional hub?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese firms and contractors should be awarded the contract for the emergency reconstruction and other repairs at JKIA, so that the job gets done up to international code unlike the jua-kali job that was by the previous contractor, whatever the name of their firm was? What a shame! What a loss of business during such a anticipated business season!

The government should now invest more in the expansion of Mombasa (Moi) International Airport, and even seek the ways and means in the little airstrip or what remains of the once busy 1940s airfield in Nakuru should have been expanded into an international facility that is capable of handling such emergencies as is the case at JKIA, given its close proximity to the nation's capital.

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