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Monday, July 29, 2013

Why even Nelson Mandela would not have won Makueni seat

By M-pesa
The good people of Makueni voted for Wiper, not Mutula Jnr. 

They would have voted for a monkey in a suit, as long as it was standing on Wiper ticket- so as to "punish" Jubilee. Mutula Jnr only campaigned for just a few "seconds" very late before the ballot was cast. He did not even venture 30% of the vast Makueni. He does not have any "development record" to speak of and most people of Makueni just saw him on TV and know he's the son of the real thing. 

On the other hand, just imagine all the goodies someone like Mwau would have brought to the people of Makueni, implicating the wonderful job he did in Kilome as an MP! I know the role of a Senator is not to unleash the goodies, but hey the people there are starving, some even feed on rats, truth be told. Water is like gold in those parts. 

What impact will the people of Makueni see in 5 short years brought about by Jnr? What has Kalonzo done in Ukambani for the last 30+ years? 

Ngilu was accused of heavily favoring Ukambani when she was water minister but she got "punished" by the Wiper wave. Is there something odd/wrong/funny with our politics? I doubt even someone like Mandela would have made it unless he was in the "right" party. Honestly..... 

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Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha

They flatter human weakness with doctrines of equality!

Governing nations has been reduced to COUNTING HUMAN HEADS.

And, whoever has more EMPTY behind him, becomes the ruler!


Meanwhile, in the REAL WORLD:

"The ugly side of devolution is beginning to rear its head. In an unprecedented move tantamount to creating illegal trade barriers, at least 10 counties have introduced illegal fees and charges without consultation in a manner that will surely kill industry in Kenya."

Machakos County [WHICH WILL BUILD FORMULA 1 STADIUM SOON] has insisted on giving companies permits at a fee to deliver goods to the area, while Kwale County charges a “distribution fee”.


Anyway, time for music:

Legalize it:


Anonymous said...

Now why are u besmirching the good people of Makueni.. ati they eat rats.. and for how long will u keep reminding them water is like Gold... av bin to many Kenyan places with more serious water shortages than makueni bt seems u were not happy u r preffered choice wasnt voted.. when it comes to writing about poverty u guys like potraying ukambani as leading but when it comes to dividing resources e.g CDF and County Funding according to poverty levels.. then thats where the region stops featuring as poor.. we see other areas that pple claim are well endowed getting more funding ati they are more poorer.. why all these double standards.. We have seen pple eat donkeys, monkeys and other stuff including humans bt it hasnt been an issue... Mtawacha kudharau wakenya wenzenu na mjifunze kuishi nao.. Theres no place hakuna mashida so find another way of expressing yourself without insulting communities..

Anonymous said...

First of all, it is a no-brainer why Mzee Shujaa Madiba Thembi would never have won the senatorial race in Makueni, let alone be even considered for the candidacy in the Makeuni by-election.

By the way, Shujaa Madiba Thembi the 'African Icon' is not known as a 'native son' in terms of grassroot politicss by the people of Makueni, nor does he speak the primary language of the entire region of Ukambani. Period.

All things considered, it simply boils down to jogoo la Mvezo haliwiki wala halitambuliki Makueni kote.

Anonymous said...

The good people of Makueni voted Wiper, not Mutula Jnr.

Mmmmmmm! Are you trying to insinuate that those 'good' people of ________ region voted TNA, not Kenyatta Jnr?

Or the majority of very highly educated and well informed - good - people of US of America voted the Democratic Party, not Obama Jnr?

Eeeeeeeeeeeh! M-Pesa, upende usipende, Sen. Mutula Kilonzo Jnr it is and the name Mutula Kilonzo will hang around the political enclaves of Makueni for quite a while, tupende tusipende.

Anonymous said...

Very dark political forces from within Makueni, Kitui, and beyond Ukambani, fought so hard, funneled a lot of funds, hated and trampled upon the name of the late Sen. Mutula Kilonzo and his family for one reason or another. But in the end, the voice of the majortity of the people of Makueni was registered and heard, loud and clear. The rest is history, including one character in the person of the helicopter politician.

Anonymous said...

There we go again with the developmeent record myth. What development do some people have in mind?

What type of real development when very little has changed not just Kitui but in the entire Ukambani region?

Show the people of Makueni a real constructive development record, and they will in turn show you or direct you to the one in the UAE and eleswhere a good number of the sons of Ukambani have been working on various development projects since the 80s.

Shadow development records are nothing more than a political myth.

Anonymous said...

The wrong question is what has Kalonzo done in Ukambani for the last 30+ years?

A more pressing question would be 'what have the politicians of Ukambani done for their people, region and reat of the country in the last fifty years?'

And why is Ukambani a region that is located in close proximity to the capital city, still over riddled by abject poverty, insecurity, preventable diseases, very poor infrastructure, raw tribal emotions, prejudices, ignorance, less-educated residents, etcetera, like all of the other regions of Kenya?

Anonymous said...


Please stop making me laugh so hard until my stomach hurts.

Mandela would have won this seat hands down if only he was a Kamba anointed by Railonzo.

That was the only qualification needed.

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