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Friday, July 26, 2013

Makueni voter speaks out

38 year old senator-elect for Makueni Mutula Kilonzo Junior
Here is a conversation I had with a voter on the ground on Thursday (the day before the polls and I hereby reproduce it verbatim.)

Kumekucha: Why do you people in Makueni hate the government so much?

Makueni Voter: You must live outside the country. Times are hard in Kenya and it is all the JUBILEE government's fault.

Kumekucha: But you know this government has been there for a very short time and inherited many problems, how can you blame them?

Makueni Voter: I am not highly educated and so I know nothing about financing and the economy but let me give you examples of what I am trying to say. Kibaki was not as good as Moi but at least he allowed us to work and make a living. This government seems to be very hungry for money, I do not know if donors have stopped sending them money. They are determined to tax unga and other essentials. I do a boda boda business in Nairobi during the day and at my home area at night. During the day city council askaris are harassing the whole day asking for bribes. Then at night the police take over. Since the road block near where I live has now been removed and the cops no longer make money from that, they come to collect our earnings for the day. Life is unbearable. How do you expect me to to like the government.

Kumekucha: The examples you have given are about corrupt individuals taking your money, surely that is not the government.
Makueni Voter: But it is the government causing it. They have refused to release money and meanwhile every day they come up with new laws and new ways to take away the little money we have earned through new taxes and rules and regulations that either require us to pay more money or hinder what we are doing to make money. Kenyans are very hard working people and all we need is to be left alone to hassle and make our money. This JUBILEE government is just bringing about suffering. I fear that very soon we will see what is happening in Egypt happening here because the small man has had enough.

Kumekucha: That cannot be true. Kenyans are very peaceful and some people say they are cowards.

Makueni Voter:  I am now sure you do not live in Kenya. There is something called the stomach. When somebody is hungry and he has never stolen in his life, will he not steal to eat? Moi was a hero because he not only always gave us relief food here in Ukambani but he understood the common man and always made sure that we had a way of surviving. With all the hunger and frustration I am seeing you will soon see Kenyans on the streets causing chaos. Our lives are already chaotic.

Kumekucha: There are rumours that somebody is going to try and rig the by-elections. What is your comment?
Makueni Voter: Let them try and they will see what will happen. They will be shocked. We have had enough. I can tell you that some people have been busy giving out money. I was even offered Kshs 5,000 to give out my ID for "safekeeping" until after the election. That is a lot of money but I said NO. The problem is that these people think that people who are hungry and are poor do not have brains that are working. We Makueni people know what they want to do but we will vote and wait to see. Let them even try to delay the results so that they can change things and you will see what will happen.

Kumekucha: In your view what should the government do to improve the lives of Kenyans?
Makueni Voter: They should just leave us alone and release money. We do not need handouts or laptops. We just want to be left alone to survive.

Ignorant as most of the views of this voter were, they sent a chill up my spine. Make your own judgement on the situation in the country today and what is likely to happen if the current government does not start paying attention to the common man wherever he can be found in our republic and whatever party affiliation they may have.

(article courtesy of Kumekucha's Raw notes with sensitive parts edited out).

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Anonymous said...

Hee hee Chris,

Maybe you should have asked him if he was one of the ones caught dancing in 2010 when the new constitution was promulgated, promising us heaven on earth.

In short, we allowed ourselves to be conned big time and one of the con men (RAO) is now using our dissatisfaction to (again) con us in to believing that things will be better if only he were in charge.

Only in Kenya, I tell you, only in Kenya.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kwani, where did Kenyans expect the money for funding the IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NEW WONDERFUL KATIBA to come from?

Na bado!

The said Makueni voter is talking about hard life when he is busy "electing" one of the EATERS of the taxes he is complaining about!

What SHEER IGNORANCE in the name of voting and democracy!


So, what will Kenyans achieve by having chaos as we see in Egypt, which we were told by the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS FOOLISH graduates was undergoing a revolution?

UPUMBAVU mtupu huyu!

Anyway, since we are only being abusive, we leave to enjoy:


M. Pesa said...


The good people of Makueni voted for Wiper, not Mutula Jnr. They would have voted for a monkey in a suit, as long as it was standing on Wiper ticket- so as to "punish" Jubilee. Mutula Jnr only campaigned for just a few "seconds" very late before the ballot was cast. He did not even venture 30% of the vast Makueni. He does not have any "development record" to speak of and most people of Makueni just saw him on TV and know he's the son of the real thing. On the other hand, just imagine all the goodies someone like Mwau would have brought to the people of Makueni, implicating the wonderful job he did in Kilome as an MP! I know the role of a Senator is not to unleash the goodies, but hey the people there are starving, some even feed on rats, truth be told. Water is like gold in those parts. What impact will the people of Makueni see in 5 short years brought about by Jnr? What has Kalonzo done in Ukambani for the last 30+ years? Ngilu was accused of heavily favoring Ukambani when she was water minister but she got "punished" by the Wiper wave. Is there something odd/wrong/funny with our politics? I doubt even someone like Mandela would have made it unless he was in the "right" party. Honestly.....

Anonymous said...


Please don't constipate eating your own words. You see according to RAW NOTES Makueni would be won by somebody outside Cord/Wiper.

Now the smart you comes wit the tall tale of interview to mask the embarrassment. You should know better than stick your neck selling RN peddling bar gossip as research.

Pole lakini.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Maybe you should have asked him if he was one of the ones caught dancing in 2010 when the new constitution was promulgated, promising us heaven on earth.

In short, we allowed ourselves to be conned big time and one of the con men (RAO) is now using our dissatisfaction to (again) con us in to believing that things will be better if only he were in charge.

Only in Kenya, I tell you, only in Kenya.

7/27/13, 12:36 AM"


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ga ga ga ga fa fa fa da da da va va ba ba na na na ma ma ma ca ca ca

Kenyans! Mtalia na jicho moja!

Sample this. Now, Raila is in the USA to "look for investors."

Is this not SPECIAL madness when you know of such stuff as this in the Counties he "is looking for FOREIGN INFESTORS for?"


Now, you hear CORD, JUBILEE bla bla bla bla bla, but, NONE of these MONKEYS will talk about real issues.

Sample this:

"Jobless graduates to earn Sh15,000 monthly if new motion gets nod."

"KENYA: University graduates who do not find jobs immediately could soon receive Sh15,000 in monthly unemployment benefits for their upkeep.

“Aware that thousands of Kenyans graduate annually from universities countrywide and deeply concerned that the unemployment rate continues to rise...this House urges to the Government to create a national unemployment graduates fund at 1 per cent of the annual national Budget,” read the motion in part.

Age bracket

“From this, all unemployed youthful graduates aged 18 to 35 years will be paid a monthly rate of Sh15, 000 until they get employment.”

If the proposal is passed, the Treasury will need at least Sh12 billion each month to provide for the unemployment insurance scheme. This sums up to Sh144 billion annually."




Do so the so called Kenyan OPIUM TAKERS have an understand of what ALL this is all about???????????

We give a hint:

"Rare Earth deposits in Kwale estimated at Sh5 trillion."


Anyway, since CHILDISHLY FOOLISH "ANALYSIS" is what the Kenyan IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS GRADUATES who will get KES 15 k per month to SURVIVE, can understand, the African Teacher leave to enjoy:

The Romans were amateurs for these days we conquer NATIONS WITHOUT WAR:

Nyanza si Kenya said...

Nyanza si Kenya

Anonymous said...

While Mwarang'ethe remains REVERSED DELUDED as knowledgeable, Chris thrives in political hyperbole sold as RAW NOTES.

Good luck to those bloggers gullible enough to fall for either genre of prophets of e-heat.

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