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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is Kethi About To Be Arrested?

Plus chaos escalating in Kenya

It is now going to 5 months since the last rather strange general elections and political temperatures in the country have risen to dangerous levels. As you read this Kenya is on the brink of total chaos and all fingers must point to our unique brand of destructive politics.

To make matters worse most Kenyans don't even realize what is going on. Thanks to the tons of information (noise) flying at us from all directions which has made most totally immune to alarming headlines and trends.

The long and short of it is that the bitter political struggle between CORD and JUBILEE that was clearly evident in the vulgar and abusive commentaries seen in social media shortly after those elections is now about to pour into the streets.

Let me tell you a true and typical story to illustrate what is about to happen.

Imagine for a moment a couple who are used to noise in the neighborhood every day. Kids coming home drunk. Others playing soccer on the pavement and loud reggae music accompanied by the pungent aroma of weed (bhang) being smoked somewhere outside. After months of this kind of racket and chaos the couple get so used to it that they have no problem falling asleep. But one night amid all the usual noise there is a new kind of "noise". Armed thugs have invaded the place and are going house to house robbing people. The wife thinks that she has heard a gun shot but her husband assures her that the kind of loud music usually played sometimes has gun-shot like noises. And so they go back to sleep. Both their cell phones start vibrating at the same time. "Who is this calling us at night?" the husband asks promptly disconnecting his phone and then switching it off without even looking at the caller ID. The wife senses that something is amiss but is more frightened of upsetting her husband, especially if she ends up being wrong. And so she also switches off her phone but not before checking the called ID and realizing that it is a neighbour who frequently borrows money from them trying to call.

And so the couple go back to sleep. A few minutes later there is a huge bang as their front door gives way to a huge stone and 20 thugs armed to the teeth rush into their house. By the time they try to get out of bed powerful beams of light are directed to their faces. The thugs proceed to gang rape the wife in full view of her husband and the children even as they gather all the valuables they can find in the house. That family like others in the neighborhood are left traumatized for life.

That is the situation we are now facing and most of us will wake up when the thugs are already in the house doing their thing.

CORD were outsmarted in the last general elections and at every turn since the hotly contested presidential elections. There is no doubt now that the coalition is the weakest opposition the country has ever had since we returned to multi-party politics with its' main leaders out of the national assembly and at least one prominent member of the top leadership desperately struggling to remain politically relevant. What would you do? The answer is simple. You would resort to what every cornered dog does. You turn in blind rage and become extremely dangerous.

With no adequate numbers in either the senate or house of representatives to get anything done and with a judiciary that they mistrust CORD is now preparing for a major offensive on the streets. The idea is to turn Kenya into another Egypt and trigger a people's coup so to speak (see details in yesterday's raw notes ).

And it was all triggered in Makueni county. All evidence so far points to the fact that Kethi Kilonzo's voter registration documents are not valid and must have therefore been forged. That's pretty serious but there is an even more serious concern that legal experts including presidential candidate Martha Karua are now raising. How did some junior TNA officials get full access to the IEBC voter register with their numerous different rolls so early in the game to be able to ascertain that Kethi's name was NOT there? Who is the custodian of the IEBC voter register? Based on these concerns, CORD has bluntly proclaimed that TNA and the IEBC are one and the same merged organization.

Naturally TNA have angrily denied this and are accusing CORD of conveniently shifting attention from the real issue in the recent Makueni senatorial elections nominations. According to them the issue is missing voter registration material from the IEBC that is suspected to have been used to forge Kethi Kilonzo's voter registration card. Indeed as you read this police are out investigating the matter with clear instructions to press charges as soon as possible. Lawyers associated to the party are even saying that they can already charge Kethi with "handling stolen property."

Kalonzo Musyoka in a recent press conference proclaimed that it was war and added that his coalition does not have a plan B because they are confident they will succeed. He added that CORD had launched a bid to have the IEBC disbanded.

War is the keyword here and when two elephants fight the grass suffers most.

Clearly emotions in the CORD camp have reached the level where reasoning takes a back seat. The coalition feels that the concluded election still shrouded in many question marks was stolen from them. Admittedly few people have an inkling of what really happened (those few include those who have read my unbiased eBook Mystery Monday: Unlocking the 2013 Kenyan Presidential Polls Secrets-see what those who have read it have to say  ). Salt is being rubbed into CORD wounds all the time as TNA arrogantly go about their business dismissing them as sour losers. Senator Beth Mugo even asked Mahackos senator Johnstone Muthama to shut up and wait for investigations into the late Mutula's death to be completed. That was after Muthama emotionally insisted that Mutula was murdered. The shocking bizarre truth can be found in Who murdered Mutula?   and in back issues of my raw notes. 

The President's Lovers is still available for a limited period


Anonymous said...

Ignorantia juris non excusat.

Ms. Diana Kethi Kilonzo will have no one - person - or group of people or institution to blame but herself and self alone - 150%.

She clearly knew that she was the kind of potential political candidate, type of admired lawyer and among a new generation of women professionals in the country suitable for rising to the occasion whenever golden opportunities arose.

But at the same time, she was very much aware of the fact that she was not ready of becoming the next MP, governor or senator of Makueni, let alone qualified to run for any political office in the country due to obvious technical reasons that should have been known by a person in her position at this stage of the game.

Hence, the public should not be surprised at all if she gets arrested and later charged for engaging in mendacity with the calculated intentions of seeking to be elected to public office.

Her arrest, if and when it occurs, should set an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar - fraudulent - circumstances.

Ignorantia juris non excusat.

Anonymous said...


Kindly leave Kalooser out of this. He is just a pawn being used and poor guy doesn't even know it. Kibaki used him for 5 years to legitimize the stolen elections of 2007 and dumped him faster than an MP can pass a salary increment.

The chaos you are writing about is vintage RAO tactics. RAO has NEVER EVER accepted defeat in his life and he is not ready to accept it now.

RAO blames two institutions for his defeat and these are the IBEC and SCOK. This Kethi court case has nothing to do with Kethi and everything to do with RAO getting nusu or the country gets nothing. He is systematically trying to destroy the IEBC and now the SCOK through the High Court with this case. He knows that the case will most probably go against Kethi and that is exactly what he wants. RAO has perfected the art of destroying that which gets in his way of his right, the presidency.

Poor Kethi, forced into the limelight during the petition and too dumb to know that the medieval dress code had been abolished by the CJ (remember Mutunga chiding her?), was out of her depth. Now that daddy is not around to cover her shortcomings (and she has very many), she is now being used to advance RAO's waning political career.

Will it work as you prophesy?


Watch Orengo and Muthama among others destroy RAO and Kalooser.

Mwarang'ethe said...

When the African Teacher listened to some Law Teacher, he heard it taught that, there are TWO ways of injuring another person. These are:

(a) force, and

(b) fraud.

And, even better, he heard that, FRAUD is the MORE ODIOUS of the two.

When he inquired further, he heard that, fraud (dolus) occurs chiefly into two forms, either:

(a) the representation as a FACT of something that the person making the representation DOES NOT believe to be a fact (suggestio falsi), or

(b) the concealment of a fact by one having knowledge or belief of the fact (suppressio veri).

Anyway, so much for that stuff of lawyers [MODERN PRIESTS] and lies.


"With no adequate numbers in either the senate or house of representatives to get anything done and with a judiciary that they mistrust CORD is now preparing for a major offensive on the streets. The idea is to turn Kenya into another Egypt and trigger a people's coup so to speak (see details in yesterday's raw notes )."


Ati people's coup?

What RUBBISH is this now?

Listen bwana Chris and co., etc.

Just as the 2011 so called Egyptian Revolution was a CHILDISH DELUSION as well as CHILDISH FANTASIES, the present "people's coup" is even a MORE dangerous DELUSION and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

The question is, what will they solve by having that CHILDISH people's coup? We answer. NOTHING.

Anyway, since all that matters is the FORM and not the SUBSTANCE, we leave to enjoy:

There is SOMETHING WRONG and the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS cannot understand:

Anonymous said...

Was Kethi's humongous political blunder a case of swala - swara - getting caught in the national political headlights as a result of undue pressures brought about by various parties and the two coalitions, all in the name of seeking immediate substitutes to do their usual bidding before and after the senatorial by election in Makueni?

Or will it end up like one of those old tales - teachable moments - where a daughter who was deemed to be highly capable of succeeding her late father as the next Senator of Makueni County, ended up getting caught in the ebb and flow of the people's loud eager expressions of praise and shouts of enthusiastic approval to the point where she was driven into committing an uncharacteristic error - very costly mistake - in the quest for the above mentioned political office?

Anonymous said...

Talking of Beth Mugo the elected senator by the majority, or nominated by the usual select few?

Wow! What a political roaring rebound she has made in just a matter of few months.

Kwa kweli Kenya ni nchi ya maajabu na ina wenyewe.

Anonymous said...

What may have seemed as Kethi's assured road to political inheritance, the path to senatorial glory (the two are now, at last, seen to be more or less synonmous) lies along the road filled with countless political, professional and personal landmines that have been placed in place by dark political forces, and as predicted earlier on, by the real friends and good associates of her father, the late Sen. Mutula Kilonzo.

On the one hand, there are those of us who are trying so hard as not to find thrills with Kethi's political and legal quagmires, but on other hand, we can not help but wait to see sparks of repercussions fly at her expense.

The conundrum thus far has yet to be clarified or explained away by Kethi's handlers and political allies.

In the mean time, the public's curiosity and the usual warped emotional quotient of taking pleasure in other people's calamities, such as Kethi's self-inflicted misfortunes continues to increase as each day passes by.

What will become of Kethi Kilinzo's kismet now that the Makueni senatorial by election have been put on hold by the court of the land, is yet to be seen in the next couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

What next? What becomes of Kethi Kilonzo the prospective senatorial candidate once the clouds of political dust have settled and people of Makueni have returned to their usual way of life riddled with burdens of empty promises, abject poverty, insecurity, diseases, and glaring landscape of enduring underdevelopment?

Anonymous said...

Kethi Kilonzo tried venturing into the Kenyan version of dirty politics without knowing - being aware of - what she really wanted in the first place, nor what she was willing to sacrifice.

With all due respect, she should have taken all the time to get acquainted with the twins Messers Ndue Ndiligence and Ndue Mprocess who are known to be extra vigilant when it comes to the underhandered political antics of Messers CORD - the philanderer - and JUBILEE the promiscuous one, during any election season, and when demanding huge salary packages plus extra perks.

Anonymous said...


Did you miss the public discussion and input on whether or not to allow Kethi Kilonzo to submit signatures os that she can lay claim to a ballot spot in the pending senatorial by-elections in Makueni County?

Anonymous said...

Let's save Diana Kethi Kilonzo's nomination one step at a time. It will help boost the number of Senators in the Coalition.

Legally - professionally, ethically, morally, politically speaking - it is very unlikely that Kethi Kilonzo will ever be appointed or elected to higher office in the next decade unless a political miracle happens in her favour.

By the way, there is not a chance in ... that a second or third party will volunteer to take the fall for Kethi's by-election paperwork debacle, and she may be forced to carry her own "expired" variegated wooden cross to the end.

All things considered, she was an unlikely candidate for the position.

Anonymous said...


Pardon my opportunistic advocatus diaboli spots and stripes for all they are worth in this particular case.

However, there are pockets of the population who would to know why should a carpetbagger be imposed upon the electorate and other long term residents of Makueni County?

What is Kethi Kilonzo's real local connections if any to her ancestral land and especially in Makueni County other than having been known as the daughter of the late Sen. Mutula Kilonzo?

Further, what are the exceptional leadership qualities and socioeconomic development deals is she ready, willing and able to bring - deliver - to the empty table of Makueni County?

FYI, none of the other confirmed senatorial candidates are outstanding in any way, shape or form.

Anonymous said...

The paperwork debacle begs a more fundamental question: Was Kethi Kilonzo involved from the get go, or did she allow herself to be wrongly influenced by the Wiper insiders and other opportunistic coalition forces?

And did Kethi Kilonzo knowingly engage in the presentation or delivery of improper - fraudulent - paperwork to the IEBC?

An action - of criminal deception -that seems to have consequently resulted in the ludicrous failure of her claiming a nomination spot in readiness for the senatorial by-election in Makueni County.

Anonymous said...


The concrete answer as to who is the real custodian of the now infamous IEBC voter register should be pretty obvious by now.

Woe unto the manipulators of the electoral process in the last several decades.

It goes without saying that we were told so in December of 1992 as well as in December 2002 but never paid any heed due to our warped collective euphoria under the now magnaled banners - i) FORD - Freedom For The Restoration Of Democracy and YYBM - Yote Yawezekana Bila Moi.

While on the other hand, the issue in before us is the current blaming game of who did or didn't what is becoming a real major source of irritation in various political circles as well as the among the electorate of Makueni County.

Whether some people like it or not, the buck will eventually have to stop with Kethi Kilonzo at one point or another, and especially when all has been said and done by the two political coalitions.

Kethi Kilonzo, the famous lawyer, will have to take the fall, own up to what has already happened, apologize to those concerned, then seat back and await whatever legal repurcussions that are due to follow any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Who is this calling us at night?

The question is no longer Who is my neighbour but the real question is What do I owe my neighbour in good faith?

Baba Kilasura: Mama Njerusa, what is going on? Who is calling you at this time of the night? Is there something that I really need to know? Do you have something to tell?

Why is someone calling you at this time of the night? Is it someone that we know, a relative or family friend?

Your cell has been vibrating and vibrating for a while now and I don't know what to make of it neither I am able to go back to sleep.

Mama Njerusa: Baba Kilasura, don't worry. You know I am not that kind person at all! Look at you! My goodness!

After all these years and you're still not sure of yourself. The caller is our next door neighbour, Bwana Ombaomba bin Madeni. neighbour.

He may be in dire straits after having been caught in something, or he is in a very spot, one that is worse than being sandwiched between a rock and hard a place.

We will try and return his calls the first thing in the morning after breakfast.

I am sure, he will call you as well if he doesn't get any response from me.

You know how he is! C'mon, Baba Kilasura, let us get back to sleep before it dawns bright and sunny.

By the way, don't forget that we have to be at Mama Wairasha's home in time to leave for her daughter's wedding that will be held in Walukesha by noon tomorrow.

Good night.

The rest is history as we know it due to Ali Baba's band of twenty thugs roving and pillaging the entire urban neighbourhood.

So, was Bwana Ombaomba bin Madeni a real good neighbour who made desperate attempts to save the lives of his generous neighbours -creditors - the couple in question?

Or was he just trying to save the owners of the hands that lends him convenient and interest free loans throughout the course of the year?

Well, at the end of the day, it is Bwana Ombaomba bin Madeni who is a real good neighbour that residents would want to be in their midst despite his never ending thirst for credit from urban neighbours like Baba Kilasura, Mama Njerusa, among others.

Otherwise, why would anyone risk his or her life in the efforts to save a neighbourhood bank from burning down to the ground, while knowing very well that s/he owes the bank a lot of money?

Anonymous said...

Diana Kethi Kilonzo is worse than a carpetbagger due to the fact that she had distanced herself from her roots, never bothered to venture into any area of Ukambani, and she is known to have a great distaste for 'muthokoi', what she considers a reserve for the the poor and ignorant people. Hence, the people of Makueni County have a right to question her new found loyalties and so-called ardent desire to serve the people of Makueni.

Anonymous said...

Kethi Kilonzo may never get arrested due to obvious reasons known to many, and for fear that the move will be viewed as rival political pots calling a single kettle black in many ways than expected given the current Kenyan dirty political style of dealing with certain issues.

A sleight of hand is a sleight of hand by any other name, and a person in Kethi Kilonzo's position knows very well that any type of misrepresentation to gain an advantage has a legal liability tag attached to it.

However, she will never see the inside of a jail or prison because many of her counterparts like Nancy Baraza, et al, are still walking and driving around scot free in Nairobi and throughout the country.

In the meantime, the public may never know what type of dry or wet skeletons are well hidden in the political and personal closets - black pots - of the likes of Kyalo Kituti, Wavinya Muoka, John Harun, Urbanus Muthoka, Ngilu 'the Uncharitable one', Ndetei, et al.

It all boils down to the fact that Diana Kethi Kilonzo did not have what it takes to be among the candidates contesting for the Makueni County senatorial by-election, due to apparent legal and technical reasons that have already come to light.

Therefore, the best next alternative for Kethi Kilonzo would be one of making an immediate about-turn by withdrawing her her candidature and followed with a well crafted public apology in order to save face and her legal career in the long run.

Further, an issuance of an apology is called for in this particular unfortunate circusmtances and rightly so. She will have to apologise, first, to the people of Makueni County, second, to the general public, third, to the LSK, and last, to the IEBC.

The IEBC is not without its own ongoing huge problems, however it should not be blamed nor maliciously targeted by certain pockets of the political community who are already clamouring for their own brand of justice to be adminstered as they see fit, given the continuity of a very dense sour grapes climate dating back to the outcome of March general election.

Lest we forget, a false statement of fact that was made by Diana Kethi Kilonzo affected the IEBC's decision - and maybe even CORD's willingness - in agreeing to have her name approved and listed as one of the candidates for the by-elections in Makueni County.

Diana Kethi Kilonzo is the one and only person who should be held accountable for the wrongful act - misrepresentation - done willfully in order to gain a political advantage at the expense of the other candidates running for the senatorial seat in the Makueni County by-election.

Diana Kethi Kilonzo should be left alone to carry her own cross from point - A to Z - of discovery to time or day when the matter will be put to rest.

Actions have consequences, but will there be any consequences heading in Kethi Kilonzo's direction any time soon? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Let us try and go beyond the usual cliches of 'women are their worst enemies' and figure out why the political forces under the command of Ngilu the 'uncharitable one' have declared an all out war against Kethi Kilonzo.

Are they - certain political forces - trying to posthumously settle scores with the late Sen. Mutula Kilonzo?

By way of fighting whatever reminds them of him? In this case, his daughter, Kethi Kilonzo.

By the way, what has the recall of a master's degree from the University of Nairobi got to do with the issue(s) at hand, especially the senatorial by-election in Makueni?

Women like Ngilu and Ndetei may have just taken a path of no return and opened a can of worms, a move that will now haunt for a long time to come.

By going after Kethi Kilonzo with open claws, it make them open season to any kind of scrutiny, be it related to their past and prsent personal, financial, political, and other corruption scandals that those concerned had decided to let them be , or looked the other way for the time being.

Ngilu may have just dug herself a huge political grave and a personal ditch that she will never ever manage to get out from in along time.

It is one thing to fight proxy political and personal turf wars against political archrivals like Kalonzo Musyoka, et al, but it is quite another to use the same them viciousness and underhandedness in the attempts of outright destruction of Kethi Kilonzo, who happens to be the daughter of a deceased political opponent, the late Sen. Mutula Kilonzo.

How far are women like Ngilu and Ndetei willing to carry on with turf war of succession against a younger generation of very well educated and infromed women of Ukambani and Kenya as a whole?

To what extent are the likes of Ngilu - a hasbeen - and Ndetei - a hasbeen - willing to defend their one time glorified political status that do not hold any water, value or importance in this day and age among a generation of Kenya young women and men born after 1986 and 1990?

Ngilu and Ndetei should be very careful of what they wish for in their attempts to destroy the chances of a young women - their daughters' generation - from making to the Senate, and others to parliament.

What goes around will definitely come around and bite them and their families so hard in many ways than one.

Anonymous said...

The vigour with which TNA has pursued Ms Kilonzo in and outside court has left crirics puzzled.

Mmmmm! Let those who living in huge glass mansions continue to throw chunks of broken glass at the footprints of Ms Kilonzo.

In the meantime, it's been reported that the government has thrown its weight behind a certain candidate in the Makueni by-election.

Well, hope the majority of the Makueni electorate get even by doing to the candidate supported by the powers that be, what the majority of the Othaya electorate did to Ms. Munene's opponent in the March general election.

By the way, will the powers that be use the same vigour in pursuit of all the people - culprits - involved in the theft of ivory at the State House in Mombasa?

And why is ivory being stored at the State House instead of a secure government evidence vault?

What is really going behind some of the most secure walls in the country, and how long has the theft - alleged trade/export - been going on?

Re: Port ivory haul 'could be from the State House.' - Sunday Nation.

Anonymous said...


How far will Ngilu and Ndetei go with their destructive political pursuits of everything in the person of Kethi Kilonzo, at the real risk of exposing their undebellies to other more formidable opponents?

Anonymous said...

You're pointing a picture of a Rambo-like movie which, unlike the usual jovial endings, this one doesn't end in joviality but in total chaos. We got more serious stuff to deal with than engaging in discussing an insatiable oldy that is Rao! When are our kids going back to school!

Anonymous said...

Women like Kethi Kilonzo who have aspirations for political office, are among a generation of Kenyan women facing countless opportunities and great pressures that were never experienced by the older generations of Kenyan women.

The opportunities and great pressures end up shaping their views on careers, personal lives, politics, ethnicity - tribal loyalties - and what makes them stand out and apart from their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers.

As the political battles continue to be waged in Makueni, the turf battles and fights for domination have not just boiled down to skirmishes between Ngilu and Musyoka Kalonzo.

But they have also evolved into a tenacious struggle of succession between Kethi's younger generation of Ukambani women and the older generation of women politicians like Ngilu, Ndetei, Nyiva, et al, whose time has come gone over the last fourty years.

All things considered, there is very little chance that the old guard will emerge winners once the dust settled, regardless of whether Kethi Kilonzo's - one of the vanguard of Ukambani - does not make it to senate.

The real casualty after the Makueni by-election will be the likes of Ngilu, Ndetei and their contemporaries due to the sad fact that they have indeed squandered their golden - socipolitical - opportunities over last fourty years with absolute zero to show for.

Anonymous said...

ICC rejects Ruto bid to be tried in Kenya:

KNUT is really messing the situation for these indictees by showing the world how the situation in Kenya has become volatile-a small spark will light the fire. ICC is avoiding being one of these sparks.
Ms Kamara said the details of the vote were not yet out and will be communicated to the affected parties later.

“The deliberations were done closed door and details are not meant for the public. Only the outcome has been communicated. A vote of 12 judges would have guaranteed Mr Ruto the pleasure of being tried in Kenya or Tanzania in line with the ICC procedures," said Ms Kamara.

“In order to change the location of the trials, a two thirds majority is needed. The decision today (yesterday) indicates this was not reached,” she said.

Anonymous said...


What say you when it comes to issue or lingering question: What is the grammar of tribal politics in our banana of a republic?

So far there have been very little or rather zero tribal political drumbeats in the ongoing by-election saga in Makuneni County?

Kwani do political elections or by-elections become tribally designated by the parties involved?

Believe it or not, if Kethi Kilonzo's political ordeal have been crafted and put in motion or place by a group of older women politicians or the usual political patriachs from the kabila adui, her immediate community with the ardent support of a tight coalition of the majority of major clans in Ukambani, would be crying foul as in wanajaribu kutumaliza na siasa ya ukabila, this is very unacceptable, and it should not be allowed to happen anywehere in Kenya in this day and age.

But what is to be made of the ongoing deep seated siasa ya kukatana miguu baina ya wenyewe kwa wenyewe or kati ya wanasiasa wakike in Makueni County?

Not to mention their ever supportive - distant - cousins five times removed. Oh, yes, talking of the jubilant crowds of that are so elated of what may turn out to be Kethi's achilles heel with regard to her not participating in the pending by-elections of Makueni County?

Anonymous said...

While we continue to muse over whether Kethi Kilonzo is eligible to run for office, or she is a registered voter, or even casted her patriotic vote for the candidates of her choice in Nairobi County - including Lang'ata Constituency - during the March general lection.

Kenya's richest - the real owners of the whole country - are widening the gap - 400% - between the haves and the have-nots.

At a time when the highly anticipated socioeconomic windfall has yet to trickle-down to half percent of the populace who have been eagerly awaiting for it in the last ten years.

Will the promised windfall - matunda ya Uhuru - ever reached to those it was intended, in other words, half-percent of the populace?

Or is the so-called not-yet-uhuru banana republic going to spend another five-to-ten years making well intended promises that will only be realised after December 12th of 2030?

Anonymous said...

Kethi Kilonzo had been viewed by many as a potential candidate - rather a political symbol - of advocacy for the ordinary people of Makueni County.

But as it now turns out it seems to be obvious that she failed to apply sound and prudent judgment during her application process for the by-election.

That is one of the reasons why it is inexplicable how a well educated lawyer like her was able to commit such an erroneous mistake and unethical behvaiour while filing her paperwork with IEBC.

The people of Makueni County as well as the general public have been left wondering about what else is there - she has done or hidden in plain sight - that should be called into question due to her failure to exhibit native good judgment in a simple matter as filing the proper paperwork with the IEBC?

The likes of Johnson Nduya Muthama, Kalonzo Musyoka, among other big wigs in Wiper party and CORD Coalition should have created a solid and suitable environment where political novices like Kethi Kilonzo and others are able to find fuel for their by-election campaign journey and gifts of wisdom to sustain them in a leadership capacity when and if they are elected by the majority.

Anonymous said...

What is good for the goose is good for the gagger.

On the one hand, the coming months should be a better opportunity to put Charity Ngilu's public track record as well private dealings - courtesy of alleged abuse of office - through a thorough microscopic exmanination as well?

On the other hand, it would be very unfair for Kethi Kilonzo, if those who are opposed to her candidacy are allowed to engage in delving into matters related to her paperwork for the Makueni by-election as well as academic papers from the University of Nairobi.

While at the same the public or other interested parties are not all delve into the political, financial and personal detritus of the likes of Ngilu, Ndetei, and the vast company of those united in their sole efforts to make sure that Kethi Kilonzo's attempts for running for public office are blocked by any means at their disposal.

What is good for tge goose is good for the gander, and the same vigour should be employed in the examination of all of their eggs without ant type of exemption.

Anonymous said...


What is really going on in Makueni County?

And what do the self-appointed malicious political opponents and hired vicious attackers of Kethi Kilionzo stand to gain when all is said and done?

There are segments of the general population who can't wait to review - in broader terms - the long-run significance of the turf battles being waged in the so-called interests of Makueni residents, and under the pretext of winning the Makueni by-election by all means dirty.

May the last man or woman be left not just standing but walking tall in the whole of Makueni once the by-election dust has settled in a couple of months from now.

Anonymous said...


Hodi hodi! Alfu-lela-ulela, au siku elfu na moja? Tumekutafuta tauni yosi, tukakukosa tangu Jumamosi, Jumapili, Jumatatu hadi hivi rero Jumanne. Mbona bado umejilelalenza? Utajipimbilikiza hapo Jumanne, Alhamisi au Jumatano? Mwenetu, udongo uwahi umaji. Kwaheri ya kubonana.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, We Just Wanted To Send A Few Shout Outs To Brighten Your Day And At The Time Try And Coax You Out Of The Long Shadows Of Self Imposed Silence. And Also To Let You Know We Are Thinking Of You Inspite You Being AWOL. Have A Good Mid-Week And Weekend!

If you don't say it, who will?

Anonymous said...


Kethi is not in hot soup yet but she will soon be grasping at strawsWhat of yours have I eaten or refused to return on time or in full that makes you keep disconnecting your phone and switching it off without even looking at the caller ID?

Kwani have you forgotten that I am one of your neighbours, the one who lives in the house around the corner and across from the house of the former big man, the one with a blue gate?

Oh, yes! It is me! It is me! The same friendly neighbour who first welcomed you to the neighbourhood when you moved in with your family during the good old days.

That was before your other two sons and your last born daughter were not yet part of your great and wonderful family.

I even introduced you to the principal of that famous private school that has turned out to very beneficial to your children and whole family.

And do you remember the knowledgeable mechanic whose brother runs the gas station near the main road?

I am the one who introduced you to him as well, and I guess that is one of the reasons why your special vehicle and the other two family vehicles have never given your major mechanical problems.

Anyway, to be frank with you, it's the middle of the month and I urgently need to borrow some two-hundred and fifty-five thousand shillings from you.

I guarantee to pay you back in full by the end of the month plus interest and a bonus of a weekly basket of mixed vegetables from my farm, the one near the place where my old house is located.

I know you are very busy but you don't have to call me, just leave the money with mama watoto and I will come and pick it or send my wife or one my children to collect it.

Please, be assured that I never take your generosity for granted and that is why I am always very grateful for the lifeline and for your coming to my immediate rescue whenever the month is in the middle or mix of things, very harsh and against my financial vision.


Neighbour number who live across the blue gate.

Anonymous said...

Will Kethi be arrested at all? Or will she be let off the hook like many politicians, civil servants and other high level professionals in the country?

Anonymous said...


Rise and shine, and also make sure laughter is part of your breakfast menu.

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