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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shocking new info reveals exactly how Mutula was killed

Much has been said about the late Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo so much so that many Kenyans no longer care to know if he was murdered or not. For those interested in the truth Kumekucha Chris has stumbled on devastating new evidence that sheds new light and not only proves that Mutula was indeed murdered but also points to the ingenious hi-tech method used that left no trace of poison in his body. Had the family not hired a foreign pathologist the small detail that points to the truth would have been overlooked (as the assassins had so intricately planned).
  • Biashara Daktari When the tantrums have passed those who are interested will want to know that I have seen the new info and it is very compelling. Should make any Kenyan very, very scared. Yesterday it was Mutula tomorrow it will be you and people will be saying you died from a Viagra overdose. What kind of assassins are these that have come to Kenya and where the hell are they from?
  • Anne Wa Muriu Viagra pap! if wat u av is the truth post it for all to see. y ask for emails? u r the pple hacking pples emails
    • Dark Secrets of the Kenyan Presidency Viagra pap it is!! Let's move on then shall we?? Thank you also for ur wild unsubstantiated accusation about me hacking people's email (I wonder for what purpose people do that for, it is NOT a bank account is it?). Ignorance and gullibility is ur democratic right.
    • Anne Wa Muriu if u av information weka kwa gazeti watu wasome. that which u r not willing to publish keep to urself coz its propaganda. after all hatafufuka
    • Carol Nyege Kenyans are angry at Mutula for sleeping with underage girls and for his womanizing ways so much so that his assassination no longer means anything. The propaganda Anne is accusing you of is the same propaganda from state agents that has worked so well on her that she has come out early this morning spitting venom on you (Chris Kumekucha) for doing what you have been doing for years (giving those who are interested a heads up on what is really going on). Chris, a man with your experience and track record in this business should not get diverted by her sarcastic "weka kwa gazeti" tantrums. Let sleeping dogs lie and let Viagra-theory-pap folks remain with their Viagra theories and focus your efforts instead on those of us who don't swallow everything we read in newspapers or watch on TV because we know better. Keep em coming Chris and don't waste time with Viagra people.
    • Carol Nyege Kenyans are so naive that it pains me. No wonder the country is in such a mess. The problem is not our leaders but the Kenyan people themselves. They elect trash and then start complaining when the trash manifests itself. Bure kabisa nkt!!!
    • Anne Wa Muriu Nyege n Chris(if thats who u r) if u know the truth n cant share it publicly then keep it to urself. kuandika a composition on this comment does not help. even my comment are tantrums yako Nyege ni nn?
    • Biashara Daktari Kenyans are highly educated fools. Mutula's symptoms were NOT Viagra symptoms, a simple Google search will assist those who do not know. Yet today most Kenyans believe the Makueni senator died from a Viagra overdose.
    • Biashara Daktari Does it mean that if a womanizer dies their death should not matter and is good riddance? Is all the good that Mutula did for our country cancelled out by his womanizing ways? aki Kenyans are just disgusting.
    • Anne Wa Muriu does it make a difference wat he died of?
    • Dark Secrets of the Kenyan Presidency @ Anne Wa Muriu Probably doesn't make a difference. But is that the point here?


Taabu said...


Keep safe, won't you?

Anonymous said...

There are those of us who still have a lot of respect for all departed members who are now inductees into the revered Club of Dead.

However, it does not prevent some of us from asking whether he was really killed by the well known dark - tribal - political forces in our midst?

Or if he did indeed hasten his own demise by overly indulging in extra recreationational activities and certain borderline extreme manly hobbies over the last forty or thirty years of his life?

And does it really matter at this point and time whether he died as a result of natural causes, self-induced causes or other countless causes known to many mortals living brutal, harsh and unforgiving conditions that have been part and parcel of of Sub-Saharan Africa?

Bearing in mind that those among us - with substantial means - who elect to live their lives in exclusive inner sanctum of Asgard in order to worship at the ancient sacred altars of Odin, are bound to forget the fact that they always end up as designated scarificial lambs for the biannual ritualistic cleansing of the temples of Norse that are located around the world and strictly supervised by the highpriests of Odin.

Lest we forget the fact that anyone eho elects to reconstruct a Valhalla of their own, must pick not just their own passion but their poison as well, as precondition for lifetime membership.

Anonymous said...


Just so that you know, it is very honourable for one to die with their boots on rather die after a whole lifetime of having tried to secure a pair of used or discarded gorgeous wellies - wellingtons.

Kudos to every man who has lived by the motto live and let live in the manner in which the late Sen Mutula Kilonzo did without fear or the usual man made hesitation due our deceptive minds.

Anonymous said...

Who was Mutula to you? You seems fascinated with his death to a point it's now an obsession.

Let me put it very plain to you, i don't give a hoot about Mutula or what killed him.
I am just glad one pedophile bite the dust. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Mutula had so many great moments of his life for years before his final moment arrived at a time when he was having one of the simplest pleasurable times that he really loved enjoying every night of his life, namely, taking a few hours of good sleep before dawn.

As all of us continue to have great and not so great moments of our lives, there will come a day when they are followed by that one final bon voyage moment, call it hurray episode, last call, curtain call, or aha! moment, when are we have to embrace our exit from everything we thought that we knew.

Lest hope the moment of no return arrives when we are involved in one of the simple but most pleasurable moments of our lives while we are deep sleep without any undue inducement or whatever natural agents of our life cycle.

Anyway, bon voyage in advance to most of us - 2013-2063, or make it 2073 - for those who are strong or will be strong enough to weather the ususal storms of life.

Belated BON VOYAGE to Sen. Mutula Kilonzo.

Anonymous said...


While it is not yet appropriate to issue an actus forensis in light of recent revelation that traces of a second drug were 'discovered' in blood samples from the late Sen Mutula Kilonzo.

There are very few people out there who are still be shocked and surprised at what may have caused Mutula Kilonzo's sudden demise, given all sorts of conspiracy theories that are still making their rounds in a Kenyan style.

Compare and constrast how the deaths of Mutula Kilonzo and that of James Joseph Gandolfini, Jr, both famous and well liked in their own right and by their respective communities, were handled moments after they were reported to have occurred.

Gandolfini who was an American actor best known for his role as Tony Soprano in the The Sopranos TV series in the USA died several days ago, while Mutula Kilonzo a well known lawyer and senator died several weeks ago.

The Joseph Gandolfini is reported to have died while actively enjoying his family vacation, and his body was found in his hotel room by his son or a family friend.

There after, the Italians - not hired American - physicians went ahead and performed an autopsy which later determined that the actor's death was the result of natural causes.

According to further reports, there was no foul play nor any foreign substance(s) found in his system.

In the meantime, zero conspiracy theories have been in circulation about what may or may not have caused his sudden death that occurred while he was touring several regions of Italy.

On the other hand, inspite of all the "top pathologists" that were sanctioned to perform an autopsy on the remains of Mutula Kilonzo, over twenty something versions of conspiracy theories continue to have a life of their own weeks after his death, and it has really become difficult to figure out which is which from the current pool of conspiracies that are still being floated around in the coaurt of public opinion.

Given our Kenyan way of doing things, it will take a while before a real people's judicial declaration of guilt or innocence in the public court can be issued without a shadowy of a doubt in light of whether some Kenyan versions of very dark forces had anything to do with Kilonzo Mutula's death while he was actively enjoying his weekend break at his Valhalla estate.

May both the deceased public figures RIP.

Anonymous said...

When a big man dies in Africa, the whole village from where he came from and the surrounding villages shake and tremble for weeks if not months. - Boafo Osei-Agyemang.

How did Sani Abacha "Sura Mbaya" (scarface) die?

What became of the billions of dollars that were stashed in foreign banks under his name?

Who are the people that have benefited most from Abacha's sudden death since June of 1998?

It was reported by the international media that a patriotic senior government official had to stop the monthly payment of $50 million that were flowing from the oil revenue and into Abacha's foreign accounts, eight months after his death.

The was no foul play involved but the question many people continue ask years after his death, is how did the big man, Sani Abacha die?

Anonymous said...

Biashara Daktari,

What about if it was a manizer as in a cougar or fisi wa hyaenidae?

Anonymous said...

Who is the current Kumekucha Ambassador-at-Large? Who is likely to be the next Ambassador-at-large?

Have you by any chance already forwarded the name of the nominated choice among some of the qualified candidates who will have to go through a thorough vetting process?

Talking of a Kenyan style thorough vetting process along the lines of wacha huyu mtu wetu achanguliwe, na sisi tutaacha mtu wenu achanguliwe pia wakati ukifika.

Kananda, Washington NDC, London, Germany, Mbeijing, Paris, Jampan, India na hiyo yote ilichanguliwa hapo kitambo.

Itawambidi jarimbu mbahati yenu na sehemu ya umbalozi wa huko Yemen, Uganda, Mburundi, Somalia, Nchad, Mali, Eritrea, na kadhalika.

Ni lazima manjina ya kandidate wote yafikishwe kwa mkumbwa na wakumbwa wengine wa kamati ya uchangulinsi wiki tatu kambla hiyo mbeting mbrosesi haijaanza.

Munajua kwamba hiyo mbeting mbrosesi ni kama fomaliti tu, megine yote ni kupotesa munda tu, kwa sambabu manjina yalifika kitambo hapo mwezi wa Aprili tarehe kumi.

That is what has already happened my ndear. The rest is not up to us here in this office. Siku hizi ni kusema na kutenda.

Anonymous said...

The say that Mutula Kilonzo was murdered because he never knew how to keep the deadliest of his enemies closer.

But how could he have known who his real deadly enemies were, let alone keep them closer in a very shaky political landscape where Kenyan politicians and their ignorant followers are known to jump from political party or coalition as if they were crossing Muindi Mbingu Street on any given busy afternoon of the week?

There were a lot of promises made, tons of money were changing hands as if the CBK had left its vaults open 24/7, and the temptations were great in terms of making more money while the campaign season lasted.

So, who was the political Judas Ischariot that had the courage and the nerve to offer the infamous shake combined with a brotherly hug to Mutula Kilonzo, hours just before death knocking at his Valhalla Castle?

Or was it a Marcus Junius Brutus aka Quintus Servilius Caepio Brutus, a very familiar character who was well known to the late Sen Mutula Kilonzo and a frequent guest at the Valhalla Castle?

There is no way in the world that the late Sen Mutula Kilonzo could have opted for the easy way out by volunteering to drink the Ukambani version of hemlock juice, in order to avoid any issues regrading his public or private life.

Anonymous said...

One sex pest out of our streets. A good reason for celebrations.

Anonymous said...

The so-called famous prodigal son - twice removed - from one of the other villages of Eastern Africa, will be on his way to visit with the elders of distant African villages located in western region of our great continent.

He is still determined to head out to the very same villages where some of his three predecessors and their spouses have been welcomed on numerous occasions due to various political reasons in the past twenty-five years.

We are told that he will be there to see for himself the agricultural, educational and health progress that has been made as a result of the million of dollars that have been pumped into the villages in the region through one international agency that has yet to leave a permanent development footprint wherever it has been on the African continent.

The development footprint of the Chinese agencies is clearly evident wherever they have been regradless of the allegations that continue to made by the well informed emissaries of the prodigal son, and others from his greater western region.

In the meantime, the prodigal son has decided not to pay homage to his village of of his father, including whatever that remains of his ancestral lands by the fresh water lake, due personal and other political reasons that are very well known to him and his group of trusted emissaries in the eastern region of the continent.

Ironically, the prodigal son - twice removed - will also be visiting a village that is just a stone throw away from his father's ancestral village in order to spite them for having failed to toe the line that was drawn in the ever shifting political sands in the regions.

One grandmother, a retired high school principal and a graduate of
St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University (1961-1967) was heard saying that, it would have been right and fitting to have invited the sixty year old Russian President Vladimir Vladimirorich Putin to visit Kenya around the same time in order to provide much needed funds to construct several electric power stations, two or three major regional hospitals, a major medical university and a six-hundred mile double track rail line system that will revive the region's stagnated economy and way of life in general.

Anyway, does it really matter and will it really five to years from now on as to whether the prodigal son - twice removed - from one of the other villages of Eastern African decides to show up or not while he is still in a very powerful position similar to the one Joseph son Yakub had while he was in Egypt?

Who is it that said, he was more Irish than a member of the clan from his father's village?

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure, he will not get the golden opportunity to have a political picture taken with one of the greatest political icons of South Africa. An opportunity he must have been looking forward to at a time when his itinerary was scheduled.

Anonymous said...

You know a person is brain bankrupt when they copy and paste answers/replies from other blogs.

I have a feeling this so called "dakatri" is Chris Kumekucha.

Anonymous said...


The damage the Governors are planning to do to the country pale against what happened to Mutula.

Mutula took one too many blue pills.

The Governors want the whole hospital including the parking!

Anonymous said...

The late Sen Mutula Kilonzo would have been one of our best representative capable of extending some real legal sense from a Kenyan perspectives to the son of fulani wa fulani aka Yusuf bin Yakub - Joseph son of Jacob - living in Egypt, the land where brave people spend their lives in pursuit of different brands of milk and honey.

The son of fulani wa fulani - a full blooded Irishman, has been made to believe that he is the best thing that has happened - and will ever happen - to the African continent, to the point where by he will always seem to be the main center of attraction - while he is still in power -whenever and wherever he lands on our great continent, including his latest arrival in Afrika Kusini.

Unfortunately for him, his crew of advisors and usual entourage, the ongoing predictable events in the old city located in the northern part of Gauteng, will not allow him to steal the thunder nor distract the collective attention from one nation's concerns about one of its own greatest native son and Africa's most revered iconic elder statesman.

Well, old habits die hard, and that is why some of the elders from my father's former village never miss the customary opportunity to remind the younger generations of upcoming villagers that rare is the wise man who has not had a definite opinion about habits.

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. We weave a thread of it every day, and at last we cannot break it.

The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. ...

All things considered, let the son of fulani wa fulani be welcomed by our other neighbours at the southern end of the country, where he will definitely be well entertained as a newly adopted son - for all he is worth - by the seasonal politicians, legions of choirs, eager crowds and his newly adopted cousins and urban villages full of extended relatives for hire.

Hate to sound like some of the long term residents from my father's former village, who are so much used to taking a quick bite at the seitan's apple - sour grapes - that were planted and left behind by the Persians settlers during the era when Achaemenid Empire ruled and owned the whole of the coast along Eastern Africa.

However, let us be honest, many of our village people are not a hateful group that strikes terror in the hearts of our southern, eastern, north eaterns or western neighbours, including relatives of distant strangers like the newly adopted son of fulani wa fulani.

Further, no amount of political shaming, public rejection and a nine year calculated avoidance by the son of fulani wa fulani - in order to please the other powers that be - will ever manage to induce any tiny amounts of singeing fires of hateful anger towards him, extended relatives and members of my father's village.

Most of our people from Ukingoni village and surrounding Usiku-wa-Manene County are not and have never been mere bands of people known to be insolent ruffians or a gang of arrogant tribal thugs or hateful human beings.

That is why we will not be tempted to stoop so low to the level of those who have been deluded into believing that we are a toxic - omba omba cultured - people living in a forsaken and hazardous region of Eastern Africa.

Anonymous said...

Some among us have said that it is nice that the son of an Irish-American mother and an African father - not that it really matters he was a Kenyan - is given the usual state welcome that any guest in his position deserves.

As well as his presence is acknowledged in one or another by those African political figures who seem to be interested and so consumed by his few days visit to few selected African countries for whatever reasons known to the organisers of his belated trip to Africa.

Without forgetting to mention the huge engineered white elephants that continue to consume all they can swallow from above and underneath the African continent.

Talking of conglomerates that are very interested in the major mega deals that will be made behind closed doors during and after his visit to South Africa and later to the former German colony - Tanganyika - present day Tanzania.

But there are others amongs us who are saying, besides his visit and all the protocol that goes into hosting a world leader like him with all of his entuorage and escort machinery, what is the real big deal with his presence to South Africa and the other select few countries on the African continent?

An afterthought visit that comes after he has already spent a great part of his years as the leader and man in charge of one of the most powerful offices in the world? In his case the Oval Office based at the White House.

Why now and rather than several years ago when it would have mattered most to millions of people living in sub-Saharan Africa?

The very people who spent days and months celebrating his huge victory after he first won the American presidential elections.

What has his really brought to the few African countries that he has already visited?

Will the gifts of substance that he delivered be able to overshadow all the mega billion dollar development and industrial projects that have already been initiated by Xi Jinping, the President of the People's Republic of China?

Or will his usual professorial lectures and political campaign type of pep talk to the young audiences be all that will be left to show for or in place to rival all the tangiles that Xi Jinping has implemented for the benefit of successive African generations in many of the African countries that he visited not long ago?

Anonymous said...


Pardon the intruption that has very little or nothing to do with the Shocking new info reveals exactly how Mutula was killed.

But a lot to do with the similarities between Robben Island and Guantanamo Bay or GTMO as it is known by those who are able to freely walk in and out.

One facility is a detention camp used as a detainment and interrogation facilty located within Guantanamo Bay on Cuban soil, although it is not owned nor operated by the owners of the land and the island in general.

The above mentioned facility is dubbed as the most expensive prison on Earth that has 166 inmates currently in custody.

The other facility, which formerly served as a place of banishment, isolation, imprisonment and at times death for several inimates from the 17th to the 20th centuries, is located on an island in Table Bay, 6.9 km west of the coast of Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa.

The facility is on an island that was known as Seal Island by the aerly Dutch settlers, and as Robbeneiland in Afrikaans.

The big question, although premature, is, will Guantanamo Bay end up becoming a World Heritage Site and Museum in the near future as well?

Or will the facilty be shut down, destroyed and forced to face the same fate that has befallen many other detainment and interrogation facilities of its kind around the world in the last hundred years?

Case in point, there were over twenty-four detention camps in Kenya - during the 50s - that were msyteriously detroyed, and only six of them ended up being converted into certain governmental institutions after the original builders and users of the same had left the country.

While the Kenyatta adminstration made sure that any records and memories of all the twenty-four facilities were buried in the deep sands of the past after December 12, 1963.

So, how many of us who have visited - and others who will visit - Robben Island have not thought or will think about the existence of Guantanamo Bay?

Disclaimer: The above comment in no way, shape or form attempts to sympathize with the previous well known deadliest attacks and actions of those being currently held therein, nor does it in anyway try to validate or support the devious ideology espoused by the inimates in the facility in question.

Other than attempt to slightly compare and constrast the two facilities in terms the other being converted in a museum of sorts.

Nyanza si Kenya said...

Nyanza si Kenya

Anonymous said...


Wahenga walinena Msahau kwao ni Mtumwa.

Sasa, kwani mbona veve uliamua kwenda Afrika Kusini kwa ghafla bila kuzingatia desturi na utaratibu wa mambo yalivyo huko hivi sasa?

Kwa kweli, ulienda kufanya 'nyinyi' huko kwa huo munda mfupi?

Yahe, uliwahi kujifikisha huko Afrika Kusini kirasmi kulingana na zile shughuli zako zakawaida, au ulienda kwa ajili ya ule mtindo wako mbovu wa kujipendekeza pendekeza ovyo ovyo popote uendapo?

Na ni lini utawahi kuelea umuhimi wa kusema na kutenda mengi ya maendeleo kama yule amri jeshi mwenzako ambaye aliwahi kuzitembelea nchi mbalimbali katika bara ya Afrika?

Kris, mbona umesahau kwamba mcheza Tanga hutangatanga kutwa nyikani bila kutuzwa chochote, bali mcheza kwao hutuzwa.

Veve mtu mzima eti! Shauri yako!

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