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Friday, June 21, 2013

Mike Sonko: Pewa, kila mtu apewe... saa ya kazi? Hio nini???

Now what would Nairobi senator Mike Sonko be doing having a drink with cops? And during working hours. Can somebody solve this mystery for me? Ama ni business as usual in the banana republic?


Anonymous said...

Thugs in power. Poor Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Is it a case of "Kinyauji Kwa Kila Askari", or "Ulevu Kwa Kwote"? Konyangi na Kazi ndio mwito wa maafisa hao wote.

Anonymous said...

The OCPD or SSP guy has no qualms about resting his official police cap between two bottles of whisky bourbon scotch in broad daylight - thanks to Sonko's generosity 24/7.

Don't be surprised at all if the two "gentlemen" in uniform, seated on both ends of Sonko's high table, including several of the other plainclothes senior officers in the background were among the fourty-seven who have been appointed as county commanders.

"Mheshimiwa, karibu! Kuja uketi hapa. You can use my desk and chair anytime you are here, hapa kwetu. Feel at home." - SSP Afande Fulani.

Taabu said...


Please ATAMO (accept TYRANY and MOVE ON). It is a new dawn and you better resign yourself to fate, UTADO?

Anonymous said...

M'Mjiwetu, must be saying "I will miss the afternoon whisky sessions, the bonding moments and things we did to pass time, when we were not out there trying to shoot down thugs."

Anonymous said...

Now what would Nairobi senator Mike Sonko be doing having a drink with cops?


The country needs more senators like Hon. Mike Mbuvi Sonko. The type of senators who are willing leave their new secured comfort zones and head out to the trenches and meet with the public.

Such as in Sen. Mike Mbuvi Sonko's case, where he went out of his way and met with the country's police officers, listened to their immediate concerns, and long term endemic problems.

As well as their workable solutions that are geared to preventing some of the country's common and major criminal issues, bur are always ignored by their seniors at the former provincial headquarters and Vigilance House.

Sen. Mike Mbuvi Sonko's presence did help a lot in raising the morale among senior officers including rank and file who are based at the particular station where he visited.

As expected, our so-called daily newspapers failed to report or quote Sen. Mbuvi as having said the following to the police officers who took the time to welcome him at their precinct.

Here is the VERBATIM, all caught on tape, although the first two portions of his speech have been left out due to some ogoing process between the police inspector general and the NPSC.

... Change is coming, it will take time but eventually will happen on our watch because its already here and it can not be stopped.

As change continues to take place within the entire police, I would like to urge all of you not to let your short term goals run you. You run your long term goals.

After all, you are not trying to add pressures and burdens to your lives, you are adding focus.

But be careful not to let youselves slip into the situation where your goals concern only your business or making money at the expense of police work and national security.

Think of your country, the oath you undertook, the duties you were sworn to uphold at all times, your colleagues who are ready to take abullet for, your marriages, your children, your friends and your health as important areas in which to improve your lives.

As far as promotions are concerned, they will always come and go, some of you will directly benefit while others will have to wait for your turn, and for the anticipated change to take place.

However, I suggest you start by choosing five career goals and five personal goals, which are a reasonable number to focus on.

Obviously you are not going to keep those same five or ten goals forever. But make sure you get them fulfilled every three to six months or at least before the end of the year.

It is one thing to work hard but try and be smart working police officers who know all the ins and outs of police work and the legal ramifications for what you do or don not do while on duty as well as in your private lives.

Always think before you act or react to any given situation, no matter how urgent it maybe, and always present the very best of the police to the public and your juniors at all times, because you are the frontline of what the police should be at its best.

The Kenya police will not change as expected unless every one of you decides to change for the better by becoming vigilant, ethical and professional officers.

Mambo ya mishara, mipango ya madaraka and better working conditions are being looked into will be dealt with by the NPSC as soon as possible.

Don't worry about it. We are with you on that one. You've my word. There is a diversity of opinion, but every senator is pretty reasonable about it and engaged in the process. I think we're well on track to have things worked out as soon as possible.

Kwa hivi sas, mimi sina mengine ila I had other prior commitments that I have to attend to in the next hour or so.

Ashanteni tena. Thank you very much for your time and welcome, and I wish you all the best in the service of our nation. Kwaheri.
- Sen. Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

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