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Friday, June 21, 2013

Chinedu update: Hilarious joke by Federeal Government of Nigeria

Chinedu: "When you touch a mad man is when you realize that even a mad man has a mother and a father"

The official position made clear just a few hours ago by the Nigerian federal government is that "the flight is going through routine security checks and would be released on completion." They further add that there were "security breaches" and that is why the aircraft and the Kenyans were held. The assumption here is that those held also require " routine security checks" and will be released when that is done. LOL!!!

This is the kind of explanation that can only be accepted by idiots. Since when did you hear that a plane had been grounded for 2 weeks (and counting) for "security breaches.'?

Here is the full report quoting the government and airport officials on the grounding of the Kenyans;

The Federal Government has today cited non compliance with security procedures as part of the reasons why it grounded a Kenyan aircraft that brought in three Nigerian deportees to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.

The aircraft has been detained by security agencies since June 3 under the directive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Coordinating General Manager, Corporate Communications, Aviation Parastatals, Yakubu Dati, who confirmed the grounding of the aircraft said that the flight is going through routine security checks and would be released on completion.

He also disclosed that the aircraft, a DC-9 with registration number, 5Y-SAX owned by Cavoc Airlines arrived Nigeria on June 3 with 18 persons on board, 15 of which were crew members and three Nigerians that were deported.

The deported Nigerians he said were still in detention at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the watchful eyes of security agencies.

His words, "On June 3, 2013 , about 18:36 hours, a Kenya aircraft with registration number 5Y-SAX, owned by Cavoc Airlines arrived Nigeria with a total of 18 persons. Among them, 15 were crew members while the three other persons on board were passengers.

The three Nigerians were said to be deportees from Kenya, but the security agencies in Lagos discovered that certain procedures were not complied with and subsequently grounded the aircraft.

"That is why the aircraft has been grounded and it is going through security routine at the moment. As soon as the grey areas are clarified the aircraft will be released according to the laws of the land. The type of aircraft is DC-9 and the deportees are still under detention."

Real reason why Nigerian government is holding Kenyans.


Anonymous said...

Now where are all those accusing Chris for sleeping on the job?

KK is back and very much alive and kicking strictly for advertizing RAW NOTES. And if you want SIZZLING e-political gossips then subscribe.

Sorry folks, Chris has to put food on the table. As he published e-books monthly no more free lunch except from Mwarang'ethe's kingsize e-EGO.

kumekucha said...

Anon @3:51

Nice try and BTW I know who u r.

If only the damn raw notes wud put real food on my table then I wud be laughing all the way to the bank.

People and their expensive hobbies!!

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Who are the mad man's - Chin Edu's - real godfathers and godmothers?

Are they the powerful owners of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the powerful ... forces that own the Federal Government?

West Africa will soon become infamous for detaining - literally hijacking - planes that risk landing in West African airports, including foreign vessels that dare dock in ports located within the region.

Lest we forget the Argentine navy ship that was seized under the authrotiy of very powerful forces in Ghana due to some kind of skirmishes that are still going on over the recovery of assets.

The assets are believed to have been owned by a Ghanian financial firm, a group of millioanires and home grown venture capitalists who had financial dealings and connections in Buenos Aires.

The vessel was eventually released after Argentina threatened to retaliate by either having several Ghana Airways planes detained in various locations around world, or staging an a military rescue operation similar to 'Entebe Raid' by the Israelis, as the last resort.

Anonymous said...

How many lawyers does it take to put a simple light bulb back into the socket?

And how many Kenyan immigration officials does it take to deport three Nigerian millionaires back to their motherrland?

What were they thinking when they failed to learn how to think about thinking in same the way Nigerians think when their livelihood has been taken away by foreigners?

Let the Kenyan officials live and learn the hard way so that such silly but costly mistakes are never repeated again in the future.

African countries like Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Bostwana, Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda, etc never deport suspect Nigerians by wasting resources on hiring a private jet or plane for repatriation.

The only way to get rid of them or force them to leave on their accord by making life so unbearable for them in a legal sense and countless other ways to the point where their only alternative is to seek their one-way exit tickets.

By the way, who were Chinedu's official handlers and payrolled protectors during his heydays in Nairobi and Mombasa?

Did the money-trail go cold or dry after the last elections, or did Chinedu refuse to agree to a new protection fee at a higher rate - 0% more - as opposed to the kitu kidogo old rate of 10% to 15%?

Anonymous said...

Hell has no fury like revenge brewed in an old African pot. It does not matter whether the fury was first brewed by Chinedu's ex, or fermented by the father and mother of the mad man who was forced to return to the anthills near his home village.

Anonymous said...

The mad man is chinedu. The father is Goodluck, and the mother? But Chinedu has uncles and aunts in Kenya. Do you know them? Are they from Othaya? Oh my Lord. This Banana Kingdom!

Anonymous said...

Kenya ako na wenyewe. What Kenyans dont know is: Nigeria has its owners too.

Now Chinedu was sent to fetch firewood in Kenya. He got it, lit it and stayed. Then came the owners of Kenya who gave him conditions of staying.

The change of ownership of Kenya has created him a kaproblem. He refused to pay twice.

The dog called Banda found the dope the policemen through in his house. That's why he had to go.

But the people who sent him for firewood see Kenyan Owners as smalltimers. They are more innovative, more digital, more head choppers.
Lets wait and see how the theatre is gonna end.

Anonymous said...

Twenty - some years from now, Kenyans will be glad that the likes of "Shinetu", "Chinetu", Ubabawo, Afolofo, and other Amalinze the creative wild cats in Nairobi were removed from within Kenyan borders and sent back to wherever they came from.

It goes without that the prodigal sons of Kotonto, Biafra and Cross Mountain Villages had made Kenya their cheap playing grounds where they could bribe any willing top government official with a wad of $10,000 in cash - at any given time - in order to get away with underground criminal deals in the tune of five hundred thousand dollars up to several million dollars.

The criminal deals were usurelly carried out through the nation's airports and ancient port city of Mombasa, and then executed in the upscale neighbourhoods of Nairobi and Mombasa.

The cash and carry business operations had turned Kenya into hub of where anything goes, including contraband shipments to Somalia, DRC, and other destinations.

So, where will the ill gotten wealth of "Chinetu" and "Shinetu" be decades from now?

It all depends on the right actions the government and citizens make in 2013 and beyond, all done in the best interest of the country.

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