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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ruto Troubles Plus Oldest Political Blog In Kenya, Kumekucha Celebrates 8th Anniversary

When a king uses a chariot to get to his palace, he normally leaves it outside when he gets to his destination.

That is the gist of what Kalenjin voters told William Ruto when he started appealing to them to vote for the JUBILEE coalition. Ruto's convincing response (as was earlier reported in an earlier issue of these raw notes) was that he had the king's clothes and all his shameful secrets and would expose him
if anything went wrong. In other words Ruto told his people in their Kalenjin dialect that he had the King by the balls and he would therefore be the real power behind the throne throughout the next 5 years.

This Ruto influence and power came out very clearly in the line up of cabinet secretaries and cynical Kalenjins must have breathed a lot easier. However it seems that their relief was premature and short-lived and it now looks like the prophets of doom will finally be proved right.

There are a number of clear signs that all is now well for Ruto and that powerful forces surrounding the throne have targeted him and are working very hard to ensure that the power he enjoys is greatly diminished. If you are rubbing your hands in glee thinking that he will be forced to resign then I have to disappoint you. It is extremely unlikely that it will come to that. However what Kenyans should expect is a return to the Kibaki days where the centre of power will only be the president and his close advisors. All signs are that Ruto will go through the kind of frustrations that Raila Odinga went through as PM and end up with a nusu mkate that in actual fact is a single slice or even less. I have given details of the numerous setbacks that Ruto has suffered in recent times plus the surprising composition of Uhuru's inner circle and kitchen cabinet in my latest raw notes.

Happy Birthday Kumekucha brand
It is with great joy that I celebrate the 8th birthday of the Kumekucha brand. The Kumekucha blog was stated on May 12th 2005. These raw notes were launched in April 2008 and so this is the 5th birthday for the raw notes.

As I look back I do so with pride at how far we have come as a country. Kumekucha was launched with a strong emphasis on political assassinations and historical injustices (see all our old posts for verification of this) indeed when we started strongly suggesting in 2005 that a truth and reconciliation commission be set up to address these historical injustices there was great skepticism over whether it would ever happen in our lifetimes. Not only did it happen but you will also be aware that the TJRC explosive report has just been released and is now in the public domain. You can see the full report HERE.

Indeed if I was to shut down Kumekucha now, I would already have plenty to be so proud of, the stuff that you tell your grandchildren with pride. But don't worry I have no such intentions, if anything today as I celebrate I re-dedicate myself to get even better at what I have been doing for decades and already for 8 years here.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion we are giving away the raw notes and other products almost for FREE. See the details NOW!!


Anonymous said...


It's breathtaking the change that the last eight years have made on Kumekucha, in your life and rest of the country as well.

All things taken into account, the majority of the people of Mbalamwezi, Ukingoni, Kunazi, Upeponi, Ujimoto, Chaukesha, Chang'ombe, Pweza, Kivukoni (Key-Boat), Msungwi, Bomani, Bombaulela, Gudulia, Korosheni, Pantoni, Mlandizi, Minazikende, Wakashina, Gonakoshi, Lindi, Mkizi, Shirazi, Ujuni, Pembeni, Kondekaunde, Vutanikuvute, Lengo, Ukakamavu, Bondeni, Kibarani, Korongo, Mezawembe, Bulakheri, Chuja, Machueyo, Dalasini, Vuguvugu, Tembo, and Kwaferozi, would like to extend their best wishes to you, Chris of Kumekucha, and Kumekucha.

Congratulations for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying WSR is being set up by wenye inchi to mess up his standing in the eyes of Kenyans-eg.expensive travel arranged behind his back?

Anonymous said...

A shame. Those who voted crooks can be considered to be pigs who elect their slaughterer. 100 millions to spent in wooing African leaders in supporting anti-ICC campaign. And you taxpayer you are supposed to pay. Impunity, arrogance, corruption. A pity.

Bobby6Killer said...

Happy Anniversary Kumekucha!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday KUMEKUCHA!

Well done Chris for standing up and fighting for this country and for bearing all the matusi.


-M. Pesa

Phil said...

Happy birthday Kumekucha.

Many sad returns as kings of impunity force their way back to power.

But we must not give up....

Bado tuko kwa mapambano

Anonymous said...

W. Samoei Ruto does seem to be bothered at all by any trouble being engineered or might be crafted by "dark forces" pretending to have Uhuru Kenyatta's, citizenry's and the country's best interests as their number one priority.

But unlike the symbolic political scenario that had entrapped the former Kalonzo Musyoka, Samoei Ruto is a strategic political partner to Uhuru Kenyatta and carries equal weight to the table that is expected to sustain the survival of their current coaltion.

The dark forces that be and company will rant, rave and chant all they want but in the end they will have to swallow their pride and at the same time keep in mind which side of their political bread is buttered and for how long they want it to remain well buttered without any unforeseeable interruptions, or political consequences thya arise along the way to 2017 or 2018.

Unfortunately for them, Samoei Ruto has been and continues to be several steps ahead of them, on every move they make and at every corner they plan to gather without him or his vital input.

While Uhuru Kenyatta is also very much weary of the pitfalls and political baggage that can be caused by some close advisors, kitchen cabinet and worst the resurgence of a clique that would remotely resemble the bygone era when the dreaded 'Kiambu Mafia' were the untouchables and de facto executive with all the privileges.

The disgruntled and embittered former political partners of Samoei Ruto will keep barking at the wrong trees - issues - from a distnace instead focusing the real issues of the day that need to be dealt with in the name of their constituents and country at large.

The nusu mkate or nusu mkeka type of frustrations will not be the order of the day because those concerned are very much aware of the grave repercussions should they extend or plot the same against Samoei Ruto. Anyway, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your achievements, happy 8th anniversary aa well as happy 5th birthday for the notes in the raw, Chris!

Taabu said...


EIGHT LONG YEARS gone and counting. Bado pale pale. We have seen it all - HOT and COLD but the fire is just being ignited.

Phil na Luka tuko PAMOJA (LOLLEST).

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! Jubilations! Celebrations! And best wishes to you and Kumekucha.

May you continue to enjoy several peaceful and Happy Birthdays of Kumekucha brand.

Mwanetu, one more thing, don't forget the offer for one or two daily pictorial images - to be displayed at Kumekucha for free - from around the country still stands since October of 2008.

There is no doubt that the pictorial offer would be a welcomed addition at Kumekucha.

The pictorial package consists of some of the most impressive and beautiful natural scenery from all around the former regions (provinces) of Kenya.

Plus new edition of spectacular pictorial views of a variety of unique scenery from all the new counties - yes all counties - of our great nation.

Pongezi and thanks for everything, Chris.

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