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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Raila's Epitaph: Inspired G7, Lost 5 to Become G1

They came breathing political fire and brimstone packaged as a potent G7. In no time the real owners G2 took charge and Kenyan politics has never been the same again ever since.

The mad season of political coalitions is here. The December 4, 2012 deadline promises to see to may political moves and counter mover Kenyans may as well be left in a delirium.

But one political fulcrum whose main joint has been left unhinged in PM Raila Odinga. The captain of is seeing the hitherto MV ODM capsizing faster than the might Titanic did exactly 100 year ago.

Not for lack of trying, far from it. Raila remains the most formidable politician in Kenya. But the sheen that madehim unbwogable in 2007 has come off.

Politics is a fickle game. So much perishable is politics that Raila cannot just recreate the superlative force he was in last elections. Maybe those who STOLE the elections from him knew that he never be the second time lucky.

Make no mistake, Raila's lack of grinding force does not necessarily translate into shoe-in for the Uhuruto victory. The coalition of the accused will soon come tumbling like the Tower of Babel. The ICC glue holding them together is like wax now that the new-found bravado is cheating them to fly near the sun.

The folly of making the next election a referendum on the ICC will backfire in all directions. Forget rants from cheap pundits always lurking online to pounce on breaking news with glee as analysis.

Make no mistake, no amount of political laundering will cleanse the evil duo from CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Back to Raila. The son of Jaramogi would do himself a favour in retracing his steps. But again time is not on his side. The present business of cobbling tribal alliances will only succeed in polarizing Kenya more.

While Mudavadi has been left high and dry after being fooled to decamp from ODM, Kalonzo will never tire telling Kenyans they owe him plenty. So trinity vices of embarrassment, false pride and misplaced sense of entitlement will not see the birth of any formidable third force.

So as we polish Raila's political epitaph in golden letters, secure your vantage seat, fasten your straps and brace yourself for a long and eventful political duel in the next 100 days.


Anonymous said...


Wewe kwenda. The epitaph should be for G7 after losing 5 to become G2.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Make no mistake, Raila's lack of grinding force does not necessarily translate into shoe-in for the Uhuruto victory. The coalition of the accused will soon come tumbling like the Tower of Babel. The ICC glue holding them together is like wax now that the new-found bravado is cheating them to fly near the sun."


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha hu hu hu hi hi hi wa wa wa wa we we we we ra ra ra ru ru

This is so much fun!

We hear that, some people wanted to DEMOLISH MT KENYA using a TRACTOR:

Muruthi (Lion) Gukoma - KWANI UTA DO?

Anonymous said...


Very clever of you to put all he PEV blame on Uhuru and Ruto. Even a newborn will tell you that Raila is guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!
By the way, why did you fail to mention that desperate Raila is working out an arrangement with MSALITI aka WATERMELLON??? Or are you afraid to embarass the hair dyeing septuagenarian opinion poll president aka HADSOP2?

Anonymous said...


Why are you so insecure when it comes to matters age? If not speaking of pensioners then it is septuagenarians.

Please ask your dad for a clue. And if he is illiterate stop projecting that on others.

Ever heard of 'AND OTHERS NOT BEFORE THE COURT'? Raila may be guilty of CAH in your head but please he is not an accussed (upto now) at the ICC. Maybe you can defend Kibaki againts SH meeting with Mungiki.

Luke said...

Kitendawili:Nazungukazunguka nyumba nje bila kuingia, Mimi ni.....
(no right answers please)

Anonymous said...

Mimi ni.....

Bila shaka wewe ni jongoo! Natuone ndipo twambe, kusikia si kuona.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

Very clever of you to put all he PEV blame on Uhuru and Ruto. Even a newborn will tell you that Raila is guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!


"Blogs are supposed to be the voice of the independent. They are supposed to be the tools of free speech. They should be places to SHARE information, research DATA, and even amusing prose [AND ABUSIVE PROSE].

They are supposed to point out the flaws in our society that MAINSTREAM MEDIA CANNOT ADDRESS address. But now blogs are themselves badly flawed.

Blogs are being used for personal vendettas and, in many cases, BLOGGERS GET PAID [EVEN LAID] to destroy the reputation of other individuals.

Underground blogs are even less objective because their agenda is almost publicly available if you see who they are smearing.

This being an election [OPIUM SESSION] period, blogs will be used for dirty campaign tricks and smear tactics."


Having SHARED that INFORMATION, we leave to enjoy:

Muruthi Gikira [The Lion has Woken Up]

Anonymous said...

Our collective will to achieve caring, reasonable, and mutual relationships between different ethnicities in Jamuhuri is within our grasp, yet all too often, if left to our political and other devices, we fall short of creating and nurturing genuine social reltionships, progressive political coalitions, and productive economic alliances, in which we develop into the people and nation many Kenyans - mashujaa - fought and died for and so many others from all walks of life had also struggled for and hoped to be after December 12th, 1963.

Ethnic pride, egoes, self-doubt, mistrust, greed, hate, and their kin continue to keep us from connecting with each other except in politically self-interested ways under the usual sickening and tiring political auspices of characters like Uhuru, Odinga, Musyoka, Ruto, Mudavadi, Wamalwa, Ngilu, Karua, Kenneth, Kiraitu wa Mbaasi, Mwakwere, Balala, et al.

The 'General Election 2013', provides us, the people, with a clean and golden opportunity to steer far away from the dirty and at times violent clashes and political-cum-ethnic business as usual of distorting others and ourselves, unreasonable political and financial expectations, and unjustified ethnic based political hopes that do not have the people's as well as the nation's best interests at heart.

What are we, the people with rational minds and good national intentions going to do before and after the general election of April 2013?

Are we going to change the course of our lives, and political futre of our nation after fifty years of complete failure as a nation?

Or are we, the people, going to allow ourselves to be duped as usual into wholesale political patronage, greed, corruption, impunity, ignorance, abject poverty - for the 85% of Kenyans -, and senseless interethnic slaughter that usually occurs just before, during and immediately after the general election?

Have we, the people, ever wondered why Kenyans from all walks of life should continue to waste their lives and collective future by blindly following and supporting the likes of Uhuru, Ruto, Wamlawa , including the King who reigned but ruled, including other above mentioned political candidates, better known as stale political leftovers from the previous regime that ended in 2003?

Many of whom are likely matches for Pharoah Morsi I and Paramount Chief for Life Robert Mugabe of Zamunda.

Will we, the people, decide to emanicipate ourselves from tribal political bondage and allow ourselves to continue being political ensalved along the worst kind fo tribal - sorry ... meant ethnic - and regional lines for the next one or two decade?

Anonymous said...


Utaendelea kuzungukazunguka nyumba ... kila mara, kwani wewe ni sawa na Bwana Jogoo wa Chanticleer au Mwana Jongoo wa Chilopoda?

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the ongoing friendly and generous reception, weekly posts, weekend specials, and the occasional entertainment geared for all those who dare frequent Kumekucha environs in spite of the overly cluttered field(s) of blogs, social media and other online outlets that continue to saturate our lives on an hourly basis.

In the meantime, there are those of us who hope that no house rules of COMMON DECENCY were broken, are being broken and have been broken, and some of us will try and do the best we can - while still at Kumekucha - to make sure that not a single one of them is broken in any way, sharp or fashion.

That being stated, it is hoped that as you continue to extend hospitality and open door policy to others - usual strangers in your midst - you may well find that you experience some kind of new insights and read different angles into (or out of) stories, episodes, issues and comments of interest that redirect our perceptions.

Such interactions, inter alia, can and do stimulate our social, political, economical, spritual, cultural, personal, and other imaginations so that we end up becoming new beings who are not only comfortable with thinking 'out-of-the box' but looking 'beyond-the-box' as well throughout the next decade.

That is one of the many underrated rewards generated from Kumekucha some of us will not lose.

Thanks for everything, and wishing you a wonderful time during the end year - December - holidays, and above all a great time and productive year in the course of 2013.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

This is neither here or there, but it has a lot to do with the general election in March of 2013 as well as Kenyans living 'abroad', most of whom will be left just hoping and wishing for what could have been had they been allowed to cast their votes from foreign lands ('abroad').

So many of them know such hope and are, as one of them puts it, imprisoned it since many of them have never really divorced themselves from their country of origin no matter how hard they have tried, nor have they eever completely married themselves into their respective adopted countries ('abroad').

Getting imprisoned by hope and what could have been gets tougher and tougher as time becomes of the essence for those who left the country during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, as opposed to the generation that departed in 2000s.

But truth be told, the power of the diaspora is overrated. Nobody has ever indentified what this big word really means - Anonymous Kenyan living abroad.

The exotic word that is pronounced as Diaspora, or Dira ya Spora, or Dear Spora, means different things to different Kenyans, for it has yet to be not only indentified but quantified as well.

Further, going by the number of passports issued in the last twenty years, or renewed in the last five years can never be used as a measure to verify the exact number of potential voters, or approximate the population of Kenyans living in foreign lands ('abroad'), or what used to be known as "Overseas" during the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Anonymous said...

Mwenye macho hambiwi taazama, kwa hivyo wale raia wanaoishi au walihamia nchi za kigeni ni lazima waelewa ya kwamba asiye kuwapo na lake halipo wala halitakuwepo kamwe kwenye uchaguzi mkuu wa Mechi, 2013. All they can do for now is to continue engaging in the remittance exercises with the sole objective of supporting their families, friends, personal projects, and parliamentary, senatorial, gubernatorial, and presidential candidates of their choice. Things may change in 2017 or 2022 but not in 2013, but as of now it is too late for the diaspora voting block to be accomodated.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Ati Diasporas taking part in the Great 2013 OPIUM SESSION?

Bwa ha ha ha ha he he he hu hu hu hi hi hi ta ta ta

Relax boys and gals and enjoy the WINTER and, if you are in the FLOODING parts like Mzee Taabu, you enjoy that as well.

Ama vipi Mzee Taabu?

Get something USEFUL to occupy your minds and not this CHILDISH RITUAL please!

Everything right is PROGRESSIVE in nature, the LEARNED PRIESTS tell us.

NB: Progressive RIGHTS in PROGRESSIVE Constitution like that of South Africa, Kenya, etc, are DELUSIONS to mesmerize the SHEEPLE!

With that, it is time for some music:


Anonymous said...

The general election is a very essential movement that seeks to enlist all prisoners of hope, voters for change and seekers of power.

It is a fundamental activity akin to the World Cup or Olympic Games, but with real life painful consequences for the bitter losers, ritualistic participants and rest of the passive population.

That is why we, the people, always need something to look forward to such as a very expensive national exercise - a constitutionally guaranteed excuse with a several billion shillings price tag attached to it - to distract us for a couple of months with the temporary collective feeling that often deludes the majority of us into believing that we are in control of our lives and nation's destiny.

While at the same time providing us with a what may seem to be a very worthwhile five year ritual to be carried out with passion, pride and commitment in the form of The Great 2013 Opium Session.

Thereafter, when all has been said, voted upon, and tallied by all means, we all end up getting a rude awakening from our concerted delusional political camps and regions only to return back to the drudgery lives that are part and parcel of a terrible grind for the ordinary people, the so-called '85% of the country's population'.

In the meantime, it is the big kahunas, the elected officials who become the regional victors and political masters to be worshipped and served as they govern by whim, with no questions asked by their political, regional and tribal underlings, including rest of the country.

While the rest of us, bitter losers as well as good losers lick our wounds and vow to put up a better organized fight during the next general election.

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