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Friday, October 05, 2012

Here Comes the Three Presidential Musketeers

Forget the opinion polls. Long dead is G7. The race to become Kenya's forth president has just began in earnest. And what a formidable trinity in Jomo Jnr, the VP Kalonzo and Bill Ruto.

The three may be owners of kingsize egos but they have seen the light. On their own they are toast but together it is no contest.

Son of Jomo has revolutionized Kenyan politics in very few weeks. Even his pun in naming his party Tuko Na Agwambo (TNA) was a clever dig at his opponent which has paid handsomely.

Raila is just propping the presidential league table. And poor Musalia has been left holding the bathtub full of dirty water.

It appears Mudavadi's short-lived political honeymoon is over. No amount of clervely-crafted ICC friendly press statements will save son of Mululu. You don't win votes by condemning the 40m voters for crimes of four people.

Now as political transfer window closes, brace yourselves for the unthinkable. Game on, bring it on. The next mutation of G7 will give forth a political hydra.


Anonymous said...


Ati TNA=Tuko Na Agwambo. That is wicked. Cracked me bonkers.

Saved by Grace said...

TNA = Tuko Na Agwambo. Lol, I laughed at that too! Made my evening. Thanks Taabu.

As for the President I will make my predictions here:

. The Lord will select young leaders.

. They will lead the country on the basis of new constitution and of vision 2030.

. The next President of Kenya will be a man of peace.

....More predictions to follow.

Luke said...

PITA KATI KATI YA HAGUE or.......?just curious bro

Anonymous said...

First things first, Tuko Na Agwambo was officially replaced by Tuliachana Na Agwambo.

In the meantime, the trio, Kalonzo Musyoka, William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta, have molted into what may end up becoming a formidable ecosystem that is intended to function as tight political unit in the months leading to the general election.

The three presidential musketeers must have been aware of the obvious about three being a good company in any given fight to capture the old colonial house on the hill before April, 2013.

And one of them must have been aware of the fact that the most successful people in business or politics are those who can rally their peers around their cause.

So, the twenty billion shilling question is, who is the main-man rallying the other two and for how long will it last?

Then who among the trio is likely to agree to be designated as the wingman, while who will end up being the expendable compatriot of the fraternal order of presidential musketeers?

Only time will be able to tell whether the chosen peers will make or break the poltical success in the concerted efforts to capture the presidency that will soon be left-over by Mwai Kibaki.

Mmmmm! Wonder what happened to the likes of Eugene Wamalwa wa Wanjohi and rest of the G7 company?

As for Mudavadi the weaklink (Weakleaf), he didn't become part of the ecosystem, and may still be uncertain in the midst of holding the abomasum, after Uhuru had reserved the rumen for himself in advance, Ruto had already taken the reticulum, and Kalonzo left with the omasum.

Musalia may end up finding it very hard and tough to offer or auction off his portion of the political obomasum to the general public that is so used to having their flank steaks during the general election campaign season.

When all is said and done, what most of the presidential aspirants think they know may be hurting them in more ways than they will ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the story of the Three Little Pigs fearing the big bad Wolf.

Anonymous said...

Had expected to find Hon. Madame Shebesh as part of the trinity, given the tacit support she has been expecting to get from her newly found political padrino, unlike Kalonzo Musyoka, a man who has always been known to either bolt for his political life, or switch sides in the last minute in order to get closer to the front doors leading to the corridors of power.

Anonymous said...

Look on the not so brighter side with regard to the presidential tussle between the 'Three Little Pigs versus the Big Bad Wolf.'

At least majority of the electorate are aware of the fact that the three little pigs and the big bad wolf are nothing more than career politicians who are so greedy and have been lusting for the presidency in the last ten years.

All of them have even forgtten their original campaign promises and they have not hesitant to sacrifice the nation's best interests, in order for them to secure the unrealistic future seat as Amir Jeshi Mkuu, 'bosses of bosses', and Musaja wa basaja. within the State House.

Anonymous said...

On the brighter side, what would the people rather have as the next leader of all that remains of the vast plantation that once belonged to the Animal Farm Estates?

By the way, one of the three little hooven presidential hopefuls may be greedy farm animal but at least they are known to provide other farm residents with pork, bacon, pork ribs, sausage, pork pie, et cetera.

Unlike the voracious wolf that is known to demand a goat or lamb for its two days worth of dinner but never gives back anything of worth in return.

Anonymous said...

Can the same be said - by the three musketeers - about what is going on in Kenya as the country draws closer to the general election?

A climate of constructive social dialogue needs to be created in the country. We should not seek to portray ourselves as a nation that is perpetually fighting. - Jacob Zuma.

Who among the trinity is more suitable to be the next leader of the Kenyan people for the next five years? Or until the year 2022 send him in retirement as required by the constitution?

Will Uhuru (the son of Kenyatta), William Ruto (Nyayo's former project), Kalonzo Musyoka (Nyayo's crony and errand specialist), Musalia (the son of Mudavadi and one of Nyayo's favourite cronies), Raila (son of Odinga), Martha Karua (the daughter from Gichugi), Peter Kenneth ('Mkenya Asili'), Charity Ngilu ('Mkosa Msimamo') et al turn out to be the cause of a looming unfortunate and inescapable outcome that comes along or befalls a maligo or matoke republic that is prone to electing the same old political faces who in turn end up running the same old political machinery that has always been the exclusive reserved for the eighteen percent of the Kenyan population?

Mwarang'ethe said...

False politics, false narratives, and above all, false and USELESS ANALYSIS and DEBATE.

Anyway, since we are busy looking for our share of the OVER sh 100 BILLION needed for FULL implementation of the NEW WONDERFUL CONSTITUTION for the 2012 - 2013, IGNORING the 2014 and BEYOND, we prefer to leave to enjoy:

Rumbwa na Gikuyu:

Anonymous said...

Taabu, why are you being so politically correct when referring to the trinity? Why not just refer to "three presidential musketeers" as the three presidential stoogies? Politicians like Kalonzo Musyoka have stooged around for far too long. Did they see light at the end of the tunnel or was it light(ning) that usually occurs in a thunderstorm?

Samuel Wanjiku said...

First, I wonder why no one ever seems to understand Uhuru. He has on countless occasions maintained that "their unity has nothing to do with Raila" see: so 'A' in TNA has nothing to do with Agwambo.

As of the facts, this might help

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