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Monday, August 06, 2012

Electronic Voting: Govt Shows Belated Leadership

BREAKING NEWS: Tribunal pinches Nancy Baraza's nose and finds her guilty of gross misconduct.

The Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission's decision abandon biometric and opt for manual voter registration is an irresponsible act that throws Kenya to the dogs.

Forget about all the empty assurances which are all anchored of individual integrity. Asking for integrity from our leaders amounts to squeezing water out of a stone.

The IEBC's decision is not only an admission of failure on their constitutional responsibility. It is a national sabotage and a dereliction of duty. We cannot simply afford to invite enhanced version of 2007/8 chaos.

The fact that IEBC could not comprehensively and transparently secure tender for BVR is testimony of our corrupt national fabric. Predictably, the politicians must have been salivating around the tender like vultures circling a carcase.

But the Isaack's led IEBC knows our politicians just too well and surrendering a national project as a result of their thieving manoeuvres is akin to moral treason.

Even the overtly corrupt Nigeria has a BVR system. We cannot and must not surrender progress and revert to manual voter registration which is an unwitting invitation to Kenya's meltdown in seven months time.

Human beings cannot be left to their own goodwill which is perishable. That is why we have laws to tame and equalize all and sundry. We must not experiment with a definite disaster.

We must resist IEBC's sentence of national suicide. No to manual vote registration in 2013 under any circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Are they not the same incompetent IBEC slackers who were heard complaining on top of their voices while begging for more time because they felt that they were not ready for the general election to held in December of 2012?

Anonymous said...

The IBEC's attitude shows how large sums of money during general election season spoils the souls of many public officials, politicians, clergy, members of the so-called civil society as well as constituents.

As far as some of us are concerned, the IBEC's collective concerns, views and demands indicate that their agenda is always ready to be put up for sale to the highhest bidder.

Much as those of us who value our votes and the coming 2013 general election, the procurement of the BVR should never have been compromised by unscruplous people, nor determined by greedy market forces.

One of the many reasons why patriotic Kenyans should not consent to reverting to the disastrous manual voter registration through which votes have been easy to swindled or bought with people's money - our own money.

The incompetent man at the helm of the IEBC and his ever flip flopping crew awe a debt to the taxpapers, thousands of Kenyans who died during post-election of '07 and '08, countless of suvivors, the IDPs and general public who were looking forward to a fair and transparant general election in 2013.

Who is fooling who? And what is the real identity of the suicidal puppet masters pulling the IBEC's rings?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Aha! Kenyans! Relax.

It is an OPIUM SESSION which is a waste of: (a) time, and (b) money which you must BORROW for YOUR kids to pay.

Now, Kenyans being DUPES and FANATICS, are all screaming that, without bio metric voting system, the skies will fall.

Just because that kamzungu Krieger asked Kenyans to switch from the manual system, every Kenyan is now a believer.

We inquire, is this FANATICISM justified by the facts/EXPERIENCE? Let us see.

In 2011, the DRC (imagine they use word democratic!) gave a Belgian company called Zetes the tender to roll out its bio metric voting system.

NB: Giving a tender to Zetes means, feeding the Belgian kids as the Congolese kids die. Anyway, that is a story for another day.


So, how much was spent on this OPIUM SESSION? We are told that, for instance, the UK (leading liberator of mankind) spent some cool £ 22.5.

Was this bio metric system tamper proof?

HELL NO, for we are reading that:

"The leaked survey obtained by Zetes, a Belgian firm that issued biometric polling cards, found that more than 700,000 so called "doublons" had been added to the list in JUST FIVE provinces.

NB: Congo has 11 provinces.

In another province the numbers on the roll amounted to 110 per cent of the estimated voting age population.

While the report was filed to the government in early August, officials ruled it was too late to clean up the roll without causing a delay in the election."


More so, having held this OPIUM SESSION, is there peace in Congo now?

HELL NO. All we hear are war songs in the Eastern side.

NB: By the way, we hear that, the WESTERN POSTER boy in Rwanda, Mr Kagame, might be thrown under the bus using this Congolese war as a pretext. When that happens, watch out for the so called political analysts who will be dining our ears with their childish analysis.

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

Rasta man cannot get peace because of these Opium Sessions and the FANATICS:

Anonymous said...

KK's sexiest and most intellectual phrases:


Anonymous said...

im so jelous, mwara' is always effing right! But as usual no solutions from him/her, just finger pointing and gloating from the self made 'virtual economist' of kumekucha! Mwara, now that you have extracted, sorry copy pasted evedence that even the so called most secure system can be compromised, what would you do if at all yo werre the iebc? The way forward please! We need an answer that inspires hopennot helplessness!

Anonymous said...

Tribunal calls for Deputy CJ Baraza's ouster for gross misconduct- contraves chapter six
" Chapter Six of the Constitution deals with leadership and Integrity. All State officers are constitutionally required to bring honour to their OFFICE in both their public and private dealings"

what a precedent set if all are to be treated equally. rough times ahead for Bill,UK etc?

Mwarang'ethe said...

"im so jelous, mwara' is always effing right! But as usual no solutions from him/her, just finger pointing and gloating from the self made 'virtual economist' of kumekucha!"


Gloating? Never. TRUTH telling we would affirm strongly.


"Mwara, now that you have extracted, sorry copy pasted evedence that even the so called most secure system can be compromised, what would you do if at all yo werre the iebc? The way forward please! We need an answer that inspires hopennot helplessness!"


This sentence is a demonstration of your ADDICTION to Opium Sessions.

In your addition, just like that of fellow Africans, you are blind to the obvious which is that, Opium Sessions or no Opium Sessions is not even the point.

Okay, if some of us were to enter that BIO METRIC electoral office, we would something very "weird." It is weird in this manner.

When Athens was attacked by the Romans, it was ably defended by an Athenian general. Interestingly, this general was also, a philosopher.

We wish our African generals would emulate such a general. If they did, they would know that, a poor nation can never win any war. It can only win under the mercy of the wealthy nations. As such, they are just MERCENARIES to be told to spend a lot of time in the sands of Somalia.

Anyway, when this Athenian general realized that the Romans were determined to win at all cost, he decided to negotiate to save that city from destruction.

When he started his speech, being a philosopher, he started talking about the glories of Athens and such. Before he could come to the main point, the Roman general, being a BARBARIAN, shouted at him:

"we did not come here to learn history. We came to destroy Athens."

With that, the great Athens was destroyed. Great Lord, what a loss to humanity do PRACTICAL MEN in their delusions cause?

In the same sense, we would not start by talking about manual or bio metric or whatever voting system because, it is not the point!

We would start with the art of statecraft. To understand this useful art, we would be forced to travel to the most ancient times up to the present.

We can assure you the electoral guys, being PRACTICAL MEN like that ROMAN BARBARIAN, will be bored to death in a few minutes and would say, "just tell us which method is good."


This is the real point. There are to ways of thinking:

(a) practical/concrete thinking, and

(b) conceptual/abstract thinking

If you analyse the present world, you will find this:

(a) 1 BILLION POOR Africans using PRACTICAL THINKING in their Opium Sessions, and

(b) 13 million Jews, using ABSTRACT THINKING.


Let us hear Professor Mazrui (we have issues with him, for he merely, mentions a FACT, also, he is anti - African, but, do not worry for now about that):

"The population of Jews in the US is three percent ... but [their 'genius'] leads to their controlling so much power that even presidents are scared [of them].

Whether [President Barack] Obama will be able to escape the notion that three percent of the country is so powerful that the top gentile in the land cannot criticize Israel is not clear."


With that, we leave in PEACE to enjoy:

Help thy brothers in need,

Live for yourself and you live in vain,

Live for others and you'll live again


Anonymous said...

Mwara said,

..In your addition, just like that of fellow Africans, you are blind to the obvious........

Ever hear of the word condescending? That sentence betrays your thought process - pretending to be what you wish.

Trying to ABSTRACT TRIVIA (to project a false self-deluding impression of intellectualism) is to generate heat and mistake it for light.

Luke said...

Kudos to Kerubo for BEHEADING Baraza next please?

Anonymous said...

Reverberation of the old signature deep heavy bass sound from the song, Another One Bites the Dust by Queen (the band), continues to be felt within some Kenyan circles that had seen the verdict lingering on the horizon days after the nose pinching incident.

Long long time ago, a former high school classmate, collegemate and colleague, warned Nancy Baraza, two days before she took her children and fled the country in April 15th, 1989, by reminding her to fulfill your obligation and don't betray trust. Your credibility will be at risk if you try to be nice to the powers that be instead of speaking out more boldly and consistently when the state abuse its power. - by (name withheld).

Years later, Nancy Baraza's fate was sealed the moment she made the grevious mistake of believing that she was the law unto herself and decided to dash back to her government issued vehicle in order to retrieve a loaded weapon that was then used to threaten (the life of) the security stationed at Village Market on the fateful day.

Thereafter, many people, including well known personalities, journalists, members from the judiciary, FIDA, civil society, MYWO, Lawless Society of ________, diaspora, and others went on to claim that she was innocent by all accounts.

A large segement of her diehard supporters at the time questioned the credibility and real motive of the victim, including the accuracy and validity of the alleged nose pinching incident.

They even raised serious concerns about the lack of commitment on the part of senior police officers to properly investigate the assault case, and dismiss it heresay at the time.

While there are others who went on to claim that her persistent critism, uncalled for under handed challenges, and hostility in the midst of her newly appointed job were not due to flaws or deficits in her character, qualification and performance, but rather to the work of her enemies, the chauvinists within and without the judiciary system.

Well, that's all she ever wrote as a cautionary tale to future occupants of the ACJ office, while her name will be an infamous footnote in the history of the judiciary.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but the bigger they are the harder they fall flat on their faces, and unfortunately, when prominent people fail, their failure becomes more dramatic as was the case with former Ladyship Nancy Baraza.

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around, remember Judge Mohammed Ibrahim?

chola said...

PRACTICAL THINKING is living blossoms borne by the human tree.

ABSTRACT THINKING is thinking with your hopes or fears or wishes rather than with your mind.

Mwarang'ethe said...

..In your addition, just like that of fellow Africans, you are blind to the obvious........

Ever hear of the word condescending? That sentence betrays your thought process - pretending to be what you wish.


When that kamzungu called Hilary came calling, wasn't Kibaki and Raila and their SYCOPHANTS scrambling helter skelter?

And, what did she WASTE all the FUEL and TIME to come and tell us?

Ati, we must have peaceful Opium Sessions and fight terrorism.

Isn't that condescending? Or, is it only condescending when we say that the tumzungu with their IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS little education are fooling Africans?

If Kibaki and co. were MEN enough, they would have told her to go back and REVIVE Detroit first:

Detroit: the ruins left behind when city loses half its population:


More so, here is your FELLOW IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS graduate:

Her THESIS was:

The Cultural Myth of Female Hair in the Victorian Imagination'.

What does she do now? Advise nations on economic recovery and such nonsense.

When such BRAINLESS ILF graduates come calling at your Treasury and ask you to raise the VAT on Wanjiku, you do it.

That, you do not call condescending. Pumbavu wewe


Anonymous said...

Mwara said,

.......That, you do not call condescending. Pumbavu wewe.....

So all you crave for is security in foly numbers. It is OK to be condescending because Hilary is. The same mzungu who informs you thought process and you pretend to hate is what you idolize.

You are simply living beautiful lies. Pongezi.

Anonymous said...


Excuse the digression for a minute or two.

By the way, did anyone among those of us viewing the London 2012 Olympics notice the presence of a long lost son of Kenya who has been missing for the last fourteen to fifteen years, only to surface up after opting to compete in the 400m for his adopted nation, the wonderful island of Grenada?

Talking of the new Olympic gold medalist who goes by the name Kirani James, although it has always been believed that his real name is either James Kiraini Omondi, or Jimmy Karani.

Others are of the opinion that he is the biological son of John Collins Omondi Tuju (not his real name) from Daraja Mbili Market, Kisii, Nyanza, and Jane Muthoni Kiraini (not her real name) from Buru Buru, Nairobi, who were medical students at the St. George's University - School of Medicine during the early 1990s, one version of many stories that are yet to be confirmed about his real origins.

It's believed that somebody must have conveniently mispelled his name and put it the other way round in the hopes of making it harder for his origins or lineage to be disclosed or found out by his young parents who had placed him in special care during their very hectic years as medical students at St. George's University, in the hopes of bringing him home to Kenya with them after graduating from medical school.

As for the doubting Thomases in our midst, this is all that can be said of Kirani James (James Kiraini Omondi or Jimmy Karani), 'of course if wishes were horses' there are many Kenyans who would have loved to claim the young man as one of their own Olympic hero given our nation's gold medal debacle at the London 2012 Olympics, due to a severe lack of funding and proper organisation since the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Congratulations the young Olympic gold medalist, Kirani James whose name will forever be remembered by the people of Grenada in the same breath successive generations of Kenya have honoured Kipchonge Keino for his exploits at the Mexico 1968 Olympics and other international sports venues.

Anonymous said...

Whether we like it or they do not, tupende wasipende, it has always been reiterated that history is made and defined by landmark events - moments that irrevocably change the course of a country's future and its vital institutions, Kenya's judiciary being one of the many institutions in the country that are hoped to be slated for change sooner or later.

Or once some underperforming public servants who thought that they were untouchable or indispensable have been sent to the chopping blocks after being fired, sacked, kicked out, terminated, shown the door, or forced to surrender what they had come to regard as their little chiefdoms for life.

In short, things will never be same again, and now is the golden opportunity well informed Kenya lawyers, LSK 'insiders', legal experts and others out there to use their expert abilities and write a book entitled or along the lines of The Judiciary Was Never the Same: Events That Changed History of Kenya's Judicial System.

A book or several books in which the peeling back the individual or collective masks of the fallen judges and magistrates can commence as a deterrence to future generations of lawyers and other senior civil servants.

Lest we forget some of the most stubborn masks within the IBEC that are in real need of an overdue peeling back process once the 2013 general elections are over and done.

chola said...

She has every reason under sun to be condescending; I am sure Kibaki and Raila wrote their PHD with distinction. But leadership/wisdom Hillary is light miles away.
Anyway might is right

Anonymous said...

Bi Hillary R. Clinton has never had the slightest excuse to habour any feeling of patronizing attitude toward African men in positions of power, or so-called powerful men who have come to believe that they literally own their respective countries, people and everything therein as if they were their personal property to toy with at will.

First of all, she knows the dark histories of most of the African countries, and sadly she is also aware of the deadly facts of how the very same histories do end up repeating themselves for one reason or another when the rest of the world lest expect them to rare their ugly and evil twin heads.

The political turmoil that has already taken place in countires such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Chad, Mali, Guniea-Bissau, Central African Republic, Bukina Faso, Angola, Mozambique, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eretrea, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Burundi, et cetera, attest to the fact.

She has also been made aware of the fact that she wields a bigger bamboo stick made of political influence, financial power, military might and immense vision.

And unfortunately for the African men in power, the foreign policies and agenda that she brings to their living-room tables located within their state houses or palaces, can be backed or enforced by the so-called 'A Global Force for Good' - US Navy - whose mission and mandate is first to protect her nation's ideals and global interests, and then try and soothe or put out the self-inflicted political-cum-ethnic fires that have become so common in Africa, and around the world.

The question is, why would a powerful woman like Hilary Clinton stoop down to the level similar to that of many other kaburus who have been deeply institutionalized into believing that the rangi of their ngozi and their countries of origin makes them far superior to all raia living in Continental Africa as well as in the Western Hemisphere?
Ever heard of the joke between two travelling strangers who run into each other at a check-in counter in one of the major international European airports after waiting for their connection flight?

Stranger I: I see, you're traviling on an American (Candanian/French/British or German/Swish/Dutch) passport?

Strangeer II: Yes, I am an American (Canadanian/French?British, or German/Swish/Dutch) citizen.

As a matter of fact I have been a citizen for the last ten (or twenty) years.

Stranger I: But you're still African! Don't you return to your home village every now then to rekindle your African roots?.

Stranger II: Oh yes, I do whenever time allows for it.

Stranger I: Exactly!! So that means you're still African regardless of having become a paper citizen of your adopted country?

Stranger II: Ohh, eeeeh, what do you really mean? What are you getting at?

Stranger I: I was just trying to be helpful, you know. By the way, it was nice talking to you. It's time for first class passenger to board. Byee!

Mwarang'ethe said...

She has every reason under sun to be condescending; But leadership/wisdom Hillary is light miles away.
Anyway might is right

8/7/12 8:23 AM


You mean might is right like this?


Some where, we read of a woman whose motto was might is right. She was clothed in purple and scarlet.

Her cup of gold was full of abominations and of the unclean things of her immorality.

Being the Babylon the great, she was the mother of Harlots and of the abominations of the earth. For instance, while SHEDDING INNOCENT BLOOD, she talked PEACE.

We did not understand such words, so, we turned to Martin Luther King for consolation. While listening to him, we heard some words like:

"And don't let anybody make you think that God chose America as his divine messianic force to be. A sort of policeman of the whole world.

God has a way of standing before the nations with judgment and it seems that I can hear god saying to America, 'you are too arrogant.....

chola said...

Hillary or America is this woman in the book of revelation

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