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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Kerubo Wins, Rejects 3.5m Bribe, Baraza Appeals

She had her nose pinched. She cried rivers of tears. She was reprimanded for daring to ask the right questions to the wrong people. She loved her job which she did with fear or favour. She was threatened. Goliath cornered poor David. She knelt down and begged for her dear life. Poor Rebecca Kerubo has the final sweetest and longest laugh.

The verdict from the tribunal was as stinging as it was delivered in very unflattering language. The crown had come tumbling fro Queen Nancy Baraza's head.

Forget Kiraitu/Ringera's radical surgery without a scalpel. This true surgery yielded immediate results and left rivers of blood flowing in its wake.

A tiny insignificant poor security guard who begged for her life kneeling at gun point can now savour the sweet victory after risking standing up to mighty DCJ.

Pride surely comes before a fall. The celebrated civil society lawyer who was rewarded with the coveted inaugural DCJ job has paid the ultimate prize with both her character and reputation.

This must be just the right spice Chief Justice Willy Mutunga needed to augment his zeal to reform and modernise the hitherto rotten judiciary.

Judiciary is no arena for ego expansion nor condescending theatrics.


Taabu said...


Please confirm or deny that you were the intermediary Nancy used to contact Rebecca.

Kwani Kerubo is that RICH she refused to take 3.5m and relocate from NBO?

Last time I checked the shelves, there was no foodstuff called integrity.

Tell Kerubo to stop flogging queen NB.

Anonymous said...

Free at last! Free at last! No longer shall the honourable MPs be sequenced together like packed sardines in a tin while the new looking parliament is in session.

At long last, we, the people, have arrived, and now it is the moment to juxatapose the parliaments of Kenya and Tanzania for the sake of bragging rights in the genuine attempts to showcase the final products.

Some politicians among our East African neighbours had made the previous looks of the inside of the Kenyan parliament the butt of several jokes after the construction of their new parliament in Dodoma, Tanzania.

The new image looks very tempting and welcoming, it may entice many wannabe next generation of MPigs into joing the hunt for votes in one way (elections) or another (nominations) in 2017 or 2021.

In the meantime, let those among us who are still complaining about the hefty price tag attached to the overdue facelift up the ante, because the each constituency should have forked out the funds for their respective chair in parliament.

On the other hand, the next crop of hardworking MPigs will have no excuse of induldging in cronic absentism given the new seating arrangement and the monitoring system put in place.

And lastly, we, the people, at least now know how and where some of Sh.900 million disappeared to, unlike the never ending wasteful spending of millions and millions of dollars that are unnecessarily injected into very poorly performing diplomatic missions - with bloated staff - that should have been downsized or entirely closed eight years ago.

Anonymous said...

The rise and fall of the DCJ is a sad and very low point of what could have been the highlight of a long and an illustrious career of a person who came from very humble beginnings, but unfortunately ending up being blinded the trappings of power.

Anonymous said...

Majuto ni mjukuu. The poor woman she must be wishing otherwise with pounds of regrets.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

"Free at last! Free at last! No longer shall the honourable MPs be sequenced together like packed sardines in a tin while the new looking parliament is in session."


Nice to know that Kenyans have a new look Parliament for their petty tyrants.

At the same time, we cannot but inquire:

Now that the Minister of INTERNAL PLUNDER, has retreated from IMF'S/his CONSUMPTION DESTRUCTION TAX on food (famines and starvation tax), books (illiteracy tax), will he and his fellow PETTY TYRANTS not use this new house to concoct some other means of PLUNDERING Wanjiku?

Since the ONLY INNOVATION lawmakers/tyrants are capable of is PLUNDERING the POCKETS of the POOR, we shall not wait for too long to find out the next INNOVATION from the MINISTRY of INTERNAL PLUNDER.

"Food, books to be removed from VAT Bill."


Meanwhile, why not enjoy:

They Don't Care About Us:

Anonymous said...


The 3.5m was a belated offer as in too little too late, in which the soon to be former DCJ should have doubled the amount, or even made a counter-offer in the tune of 9.5m plus some sort of assurance in a face-to-face negotiation without the distractions from emissaries who tend to lack the social graces and tact when dealing with such sensitive matters.

Anonymous said...

How comes a well informed group of accomplished interior designers and their reconstruction team spend Sh.900m on proviing the old colonial parliament with an imaginative, creative and artistic facelift that included over 360 chairs worth $3000 each, when in reality free (slave) labour courtesy of the Kenya prison system was utilized in the process at the same time?

Anonymous said...

The tribunal has spoken and rendered a verdict that is tantamount to severing the jugular vein of the DCJ's judicial career and personal life.

So, when is the DCJ going to call it quits and stop the bleeding? Or will she opt to fight the tribunal's verdict by wasting another eight to nine months on fruitless appeals and self-humiliation?

Anonymous said...

Baraza had long been crucified by the media and public frency.
Poor Kerubo has been used by a certain lawyer to make a name for himself.
Let us see what she(kerubo) will gain.She should have settled for an out of court settlement of the case as proposed by baraza.
I cannot employ Kerubo to guard my premise.She will humiliate my customers in the name of security check!!!!

Taabu said...

@ Anon8/9/12 7:51 AM

By the same token I would not employ Nancy Baraza as my DCJ because of disrespect of the very laws she is meant to protect and enforce.

Look, nobody crucified madam Nancy unless you have taken leave to underestimate the capacity of the tribunal who gave the unflattering verdict on her charater. Baraza not only lied, she also invited pathological liars as witnesses.

It was Kerubo's word against Baraza and the jury believed the former. Your mindset is wired and biased for the mighty and violently against the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

There is a well known concerned resident of Africa who has always reminded those of us who care to listen that he does not doubt people's intellectual capacity to grasp facts but he always doubts their intentions.

First of all, the saga or rather serious criminal matter that unfolded at the Village Market was as a result of the personal choices and actions carried out by one Nancy Baraza.

Baraza had long been crucified by the media and public frenzy

For the record, there was not a single agent, unethical lawyer, group of people or any anti-Nancy Baraza elements within the rotten judiciary or among the frenzy public who might have conspired in order to trick, arm twist or even force Nancy Baraza into:

a) heading out to the Village Market in pursuit of her medicinal and personal needs as stated.

b) admantly refusing to have her personal bag searched.

c) overreacting against a simple standard procedure and security measure put in place by those incharge of the premises.

c) assaulting a worker (security staff member, or call her "security guard") at the entrance of the premises.

d) blowing a simple incident into a mega criminal episode by willingly retrieving a gun from a vehicle in the parking lot in order to prove her point (might or status in society), as well as put the security staff member into her rightful place.

By the way, the media is not responsible for Nancy Baraza's self-inflicted problems, but it is Nancy Baraza who chose to shot herself in both of her feet given what transpared on the fateful day.

The buck stops with Nancy Baraza, and the media nor public should not be blamed for the personal choices she made.

Anonymous said...

Let us see what she (Kerubo) will gain.

Is it "us" as in supporters, sympathizers and long term comrades of the Nancy Baraza and the status quo?

As a matter of fact, Kerubo unknowingly at the time she reported the assault to the police, did the whole nation as well as the judiciary a very big favour by exposing the failures of how the vetting process was handled.

Kerubo will not gain much other than her dignity that has been denied to millions of young women, mothers, wives, working women, and other Kenyans in various professional capacities around the country.

Above all, it is the rest of the country that will gain much more in its endless war against impunity that dates back to the colonial era.

The timely exposure of people like Nancy Baraza is just one of the many that is going to unfold in due time.

Anonymous said...

She should have settled for an out of court settlement of the case as proposed by Baraza.

Settle out of court in the same manner others are wishing against all odds that a certain IDP who had gone to court to seek justice in order to get his hundred acre farm returned back him should do, given that the hundred acre farm had already be taken a former minister and a potential presidential candidate?

Why not let justice take it course in both cases, so that prominent as well as ordinary Kenyans may learn from mistakes and up hold law and order in all of their private and public dealings as citizens?

Anonymous said...

I cannot employ Kerubo to guard my premise

The choice is yours, and you are free as business owner to employ honest and dedicated personnel, or resort to employing the kind of people who had are dishonest and are bound to look the other way when your life and the lives of your esteemed customers are compromised, or in grave danger, or at risk for whatever reasons.

Anonymous said...

God fearing Kenyans have yet to hear their religious leaders smack or hit Nancy Baraza with a hard back-handed slap loaded with a Biblical verse from Luke 16:10, because many the religious leaders are always aware of the fact that some members of their church communities or her supporters will hit back on her behalf with harder counter-punches and swift strikes laced with Biblical verse from Luke 6:37 and especially John 8:7. Case closed!

Anonymous said...

The forces that were vigourously opposed to the appointment of baraza as a DCJ have used the unfortunate incident as " blessing"to crucify her.

It has set a bad precident by security guards to intimidate innocent visitors in the name of security.
Our guards should be trained to recognise VIPs.
How come Lucy Kibaki behaved in a similar manner and no one including the media acted with the same zeal as in baraza's case.
Could it be that Baraza is being lynched because she is not well placed among the "wenyenchi"?

Mwarang'ethe said...

It was Kerubo's word against Baraza and the jury believed the former. Your mindset is wired and biased for the mighty and violently against the ordinary.

8/9/12 8:34 AM


Para. 8 of the REPORT:

"The DCJ then placed a hand on Kerubo's shoulder after telling her "Don't call me your sister, I am not your sister.

Kerubo then resumed her duties at the security desk. ... The DCJ told Omondi who was standing nearby !I want you to shoot this lady now." Omondi did not respond but asked Kerubo to keep quiet.... suddenly the DCJ appeared and pointed a pistol at her and said "I want to kill you now. If you want I can kill you now."

Kerubo begged for mercy, and the people standing nearby asked the DCJ to cool down."

Well, somewhere, we read that, the minds of the powerful are DEPRAVED by satiety.

So, we ask, where is the solution to this pollution:

Anonymous said...

I loath to hang onto the Nancy Baraza's scandalous-cum-criminal behaviour that should have already been taken care by the DPP or the authority.

However, I will give it a last shot by stating that there are no Lynch mobs or "wenyenji" ("wenyenchi") who are bent on getting Nancy Baraza's kneck (DCJ's desk job) by any means necessary.

It is Nancy Baraza who snatched the rope (her askari's gun) that was securely stored in a government issued vehicle that was parked at the Village Market, and then tried desperately to hang or lynch herself (by threatening to shoot an employee - another fellow woman - stationed at the main public entrance).

For you information, Nancy Baraza has been and still is one of those elite women who are "very well placed" within the corridors of power, within the most advantageuos economic positions, and within the highly exclusive members-only-clubs in and around Nairobi at the expense of eighty-seven percent of the hardworking women population in Kenya, aka the excluded majority.

By the way, Kenya has over a hundred qualified female candidates who are above the age of fifty years, and another two hundred more qualified female candidates under the age of fifty years, who are ready, willing and able to become the next DCJ if called upon to serve their country with integrity for many more years to come, as from 2013 to 2033, or even from 2013 to 2043.

So, nothing personal but why not let the terribly abrasive gun-totting mama face the music and further legal repercussions for her personal actions and conduct unbecoming a senior officer of the law?

Anonymous said...

Security guards should be well trained in order to quickly spot or look out for any potential violators and would be criminal elements who are out to disturb the peace and endanger the public.

But not to recognise or be at the disposal of the VIPs - Very Irritable Persons - who still addicted to the old school of thought that was once held and cherished by the exstinct kaburu settlers and at times missionaries who were always full of themselves and drunk with a bwana kubwa versus raia (slave/heathen) mentality, which led the majority of them into believing that they were superior beings ("God's gift to Africans") and owned the whole of Kenya for all it was worth during the late 1800s and throughout the 1900s.

Those days are now consigned to a bygone era, while the days of the wannabe Kenyan kaburuss and bwana kubwas are numbered.

It's just a matter of time before most of them meet their respective Waterloo moments through the new Constitution.

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