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Monday, July 09, 2012

Why Is The Kenyan Government Protecting Felicien Kabuga?

The ICC has set April 10 and 11, 2013 for hearing of the Kenya cases against William Ruto, Joshua Sang and Uhuru Kenyatta, Francis Muthaura respectively.

This development spells an interesting scenario whether Uhuru or Ruto makes or does not make it for presidency during the first polls round scheduled for March 4, 2013.

A run-off including or without either of the two is a must-watch Riverwood movie. The way out is to have the duo win outright first round directly or through a surrogate who will refuse to cooperate with ICC.

The heat is on, let the real game begin.


The latest explosive revelations by a local TV station NTV that long time Rwandan genocide fugitive FĂ©licien Kabuga is still in the country raises key questions that the people need answers to pronto.

The question is what does this man have that is so precious to the government of Kenya?

The truth is that there have been rumours for a very long time that the man wanted by the ICC has been hiding in the country as the guest of the government of Kenya ever since the days of the Moi presidency. These claims have always been met by stren denials. The NTV investigative story proves beyond any doubt that those rumours have been in fact very true all along.

Interestingly Kabuga was busy financing and overseeing the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of hapless Rwandese Tsutsis and only stopped to flee the country when Paul Kagame’s RPF forces invaded the country. The first country he fled to was Switzerland where he was promptly asked to leave. Quick enquiries convinced him that there was no country in the Western world willing to accept him and he therefore left for war torn DRC where he still had good contacts from his business empire. It was shortly after his arrival in Kinshasa that reports of his being in Kenya first emerged.

The really worrying thing about the NTV expose is the fact that it proves the involvement of the country’s top security organs in protecting and hiding Kabuga in Kenya. This includes both the NSIS (National Security Intelligence Services) and the Military.

Most analysts of the Kabuga saga have always confidently stated that the motive for the government to protect Kabuga is simply cash. According to their theory, the man has simply used his millions to buy off the entire government of Kenya starting with former president Daniel arap Moi.

While top brass in government have always been known to be extremely corrupt and it is a fact that it is easy for anybody “to buy” virtually anything they want in the banana republic known as Kenya as long as the price is right, this theory does not exactly hold water in this case. It still leaves too many loose ends and unanswered questions.

The determination and great lengths that both the Moi and Kibaki administrations have gone into to keep this man whom no other nation on earth wants to touch with a 20 feet pole is puzzling. For instance as recently as August 28th 2006 the then Senator Barrack Obama while visiting Kenya accused the government of allowing Kabuga to hide in the country. Kibaki’s government promptly responded by not only denying the senator’s claim but calling it an insult to the people of Kenya.

The involvement of the NSIS and the military in the protection of Kabuga in Kenya points to the fact that his very arrest or capture is a threat to the security of the state. Now how can that be? What golden key does this murderer surely hold that allows him to hold our government by their balls? And not just one government but two different administrations.

To add insult to injury this mass murderer has not been holed up only in Nairobi but has been moving around the country freely albeit sometimes disguised as a woman. For example credible reports reveal that while in Mombasa his favourite disguise is usually a buibui (commonly worn by women at the Coast, this is a collection of black garments that covers the entire body and face leaving only the eyes).

The burning questions about this Kabuga guy persist. What secret is this that Moi passed on to Kibaki about Kabuga that gives this murderer state protection that is better than what even the VP or members of the cabinet get? What is this important thing that has caused the government to take such a huge risk in secretly harboring the fugitive? These are the intriguing questions that this blogger is furiously pursuing.

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Anonymous said...

these is impunity

Taabu said...


Why are you casting aspersions on HE Kibaki? You must know one Zakayo Cheruiyot. Kabuga is in Kenya under diplomatic immunity folowing his retirement from the military. And for your information he Somali and not Rwandese.

Stop inviting foul mood from Kibaki. He already has his plate full from Arturs/Murage/Wambui.

Kabuga had to exterminate those US soldiers who were threatening his business with wildlife in Uganda.

As for Obama he lied that Kenya was hiding Kabuga. Wapi evidence to the contrary? Don't envy Munuhe.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Interestingly Kabuga was busy financing and overseeing the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of hapless Rwandese Tsutsis and only stopped to flee the country when Paul Kagame’s RPF forces invaded the country.


A lot of the money for the genocide on the govt. side came from the World Bank etc.

For the other side, i.e. RPF, money came through Uganda and has since become the debt of the Ugandan people.

And, in a Stockholm meeting, Kagame agreed to fasten that money, i.e. from the WB used to buy machetes on the victims of genocide.

What a farce?


While top brass in government have always been known to be extremely corrupt and it is a fact that it is easy for anybody “to buy” virtually anything they want in the banana republic known as Kenya as long as the price is right, this theory does not exactly hold water in this case. It still leaves too many loose ends and unanswered questions.


Abdullah Ocalan of Turkey was arrested in Kenya.

In this arrest, the USA, Kenya and Turkey cooperated. Why this case?

Does it mean Ocalan did not have the millions to bribe Moi and his corrupt government?


How come:

(a) the journalist who was working with the FBI to "arrest" Kabuga, and

(b) this army man who was working with the same FBI to "arrest" Kabuga,

were all killed?

Isn't there a pattern emerging here?

What does it tell us?

If an intelligence body has information about someone's bodyguards, why does it need photos for?

Since they knew the bodyguards, why not just follow their mobile phones etc and arrest the person they are protecting in a swoop?

Even if they get the wrong person, they can release him with an apology.


There is a lot of DOUBLE SPEAK in this saga, and one ought to be very careful.

- why do they tell us about this now?

- what reaction do they expect, and why?

Anyway, since many have become the TRUE BELIEVERS, we leave to enjoy:

Rasta no work for FBI:

Anonymous said...

Shadows are so egocentric. You better watch out for the shadows which freak you out. You may end up running from your own shadow.

Anonymous said...

We have become a sheeple nation that is manipulated so easily. Ni wajinga wangapi wanaamini eti some journalists are smarter than NSIS?

What a sheeple I understand the pains of Mwarang'ethe!!

Anonymous said...

More shadow freaks. Journalist are NOT better than NSIS far from it. The truth you hate to admit is that NSIS is at the beck and call of weneyeinchi. Recall NSIS warned to 2007/8 PEV? They were dismissed because Kenya owners had other ideas.

The journalists are only scraping the surface but atleast they do the right thing to expose drug lords and genociders protected by state/NSIS.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The journalists are only scraping the surface but atleast they do the right thing to expose drug lords and genociders protected by state/NSIS.

7/9/12 10:12 AM


What surface are they scratching?

FOUR MONTHS before the Rwandese genocide, the USA policy makers were FULLY AWARE of the forthcoming genocide.

The CIA, did warn the State Department this way:

That, the Arusha Accord would fail and:

"that if hostilities resumed, then upward of HALF A MILLION PEOPLE WOULD DIE."

What did these guys do?

They withheld this information from the UN until after the genocide when they passed the same to Maj - General Dallaire, who was in charge of the UN forces in Rwanda.

So, how do the same people who facilitated this genocide come around and start lecturing us on stupid SELF SERVING things after achieving their DESIRED GEOPOLITICAL INTERESTS in the heart of Africa?

More so, to just focus on the actual war and refuse to understand the CONTEXT in which this genocide was committed is to show a lot of ignorance on human affairs.

However, we understand all this because, we have been told that, Kenyans only read for their BOGUS exams.

After that, they spend their precious time "DISCUSSING" politics (a joke because, they do not even understand what they are discussing), reading newspapers or as we expect, WATCHING PREMIER LEAGUE.

In any case, how can Kenyans STUDY not READ, when Kenya as led by the World Bank and the IMF, is busy IMPORTING THE ANCIENT ENGLISH laws on TAXATION of BOOKS which ensued STUPIDITY of the SHEEPLE:

Even worse, when they are asked to read, they are implored to study SPECULATION and how to work hard.

Are we not getting money from our coffee because we do not work hard?


Anyway, since only the Americans know, we just leave to inquire, where are the WISE AFRICAN TEACHERS to teach these so called journalists about this material man:

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked CIA is populated by IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS so why would they be trusted? When you comb the forest floor, you are sure to come across leaves and that is intellectualism, LOL.

And the journalist John-Allan Namu, Mohamed Ali and Denis Onsarigo don't work for CIA. Cut-and-paste to advance Sumarian folklore can be so costly with Wikipidia as an authentic source.

Please stop torturing your head into an overdrive to appear controversial and knowledgeable. Poor soul!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Last time I checked CIA is populated by IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS so why would they be trusted?


And what do the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS graduate?

- thieves and

- murderers,

bwa ha ha ha ha hu hu hi hi cu cu cu ci ci ca ca, ci ci, ma ma ma mi mi

With that, we leave for the Babylonian walls:

For Jah set I & I as a watchman around Babylonian walls,

I & I should never hold I peace while wrong is going on - day or night

Man! Bust down Babylon gates - preparing the way,

Fight down WAR CRIME, fight down war and crime, fight down war and crime

Mwarang'ethe said...

"And what do the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS graduate?

- thieves and

- murderers,"


To illustrate.

Just like the MFG, $ 200 m has been VAPORIZED by these graduates:

"Regulator: $220 Million Missing at Iowa Brokerage."

"A regulatory group ordered accounts frozen at Iowa-based brokerage Peregrine Financial Group late Monday, saying it hasn't been able to account for $220 million in customer funds, following what the company said was a suicide attempt by its founder and chairman.

The National Futures Association said it received information that PFG may have falsified bank records, and that the company only had about $5 million of $225 million it had claimed to have in a deposit account."


Vikii said...

The Kumekucha House of conspiracy theorists!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, What happens when any banana republic offers you refuge in exchange for cash and you are no longer of any use to them since you are sickly and almost driven broke by the many greedy hands waiting for a handout? They exterminate you!

Anonymous said...

It takes a shameless and deluded fool to be exclussively obssessed with everything IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS. Repeating the same thing expecting differnet results.

Come on oaf the world do not revolve around your intelectual fanatasies. You appear to have a head which cannot be contained in your skull. POLE.

Anonymous said...

Osanaki? Habari za kushinda? Bado umeangaluka tangu tulipo wasiliana hapo awali?

Natauliza kwa Kizarimombo ili nipate kuelewa na kuridhika vilvyo, yaani, why are you still soldiering on and fighting in the quest for the search of one very famous "Ghost of Mukarange" that once resided in protective custody near or around the palatial properties in Karen?

Luke said...

Welcome back bro, there will never be another SUBSTITUTE for the ORIGINAL pioneer au sio? maybe you can update us IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS on how far your plans for Governor/Senatorship of Kambaland county are going?

By the way where are your perennial E-FRIENDS(ENEMIES) Phil and Sam Okello

Taabu said...


BB here, long time brother. Welcome back and you arrived when the kitchen is heating up again. You owe BB an update, who is your running mate? Wachana na Luka, anakuchongoa bure tu.

Anonymous said...

These are the intriguing questions that this blogger is furiously pursuing.

While at it, have we ever wondered what became of Felician Kabuga's humongous businesses and real estate properties in Nairobi, Nakuru, and majority of them in the tourism industry where they were concentrated along the Kenyan coast?

Who were Felician Kabuga's silent partners, who still owns the properties in Kabuga's interests, and why has the Kenyan legal system not confiscated nor frozen Kabuga's assests that are still located and fully under opreation on Kenyan soil since Kabuga went underground?

Some people kill for business, they are the untouchables of Kenya aka wenyeinchi, that the Kenyan law, as limited as it is, can not dare touch, prosecute and send to prison, courtesy of Kamiti, Manyani, Naivasha, Shimo-la-Tewa, Kodiaga, King'ong'o, Shikusa or Lang'ata GK funded quasi residential facilities.

That's one of the many reasons why the sickening and tiring endemic culture of business as usual will carry on after the next general election, regardless of whether the majority of us so-called wanainchi like it or not (tupende tusipende) for the rest of our productive or activist or passive or quasi-intellectual or angry or downright miserable lives we decide to curve for ourselves under the clear Janury to December skies above Kenya.

On the other hand, the business of successful business empires on Kenya soil as every else has a dark underbelly that always comes back to bite those who have extended open arms, pledged loyalty of some kind to those in-charge of the underlings and henchmen based in Kenya.

Money, Pesa, Fedha, Mang'otele aka Mamotele is a killer, it corrupts and ends up destroying the very lives of people that handle it, including those who deicded to look the other way as well as those of countless innocent bystanders.

So far, it's no longer a secret by now that some well connected individuals, former senior government personalities and certain members of their powerful families, high ranking military, GSU and police officers did fire all of their salvo of mounted energy behind making sure that Felician Kabuga was untouchable and well taken care of while on Kenyan soil.

The case of 'Who is (was) Who' that has been invloved in providing Felician Kabuga with an official sanctuary on Kenya soil will be published sooner or later, but it gets published while many the players are still alive.

By the way, it's the constant pressure and concerted efforts of the Rwandan intelligence and security agencies including well situated Kenyan born Rwandans that ended up forcing Felician Kabuga to flee the country and seek an alternatibe secure hiding playground.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Raila Odinga is a billionaire with interests spanning several continents and a business portfolio that has grown significantly since he entered the Grand Coalition, according to his former aide.

Anonymous said...

This not an attempt in any way, shape or form to rain on the post regarding Felicien Kabuga's ongoing mysterious presence in Kenya.

Far from it, there are those of us who have always wondered why in the world would the FBI's fugutive task force, or the mighty government of the United States of America decide to remain in the shadows and take a back seat while waiting for unprofessional and unqualified wannabe hunters of most wanted elusive international fugitives like Munuhe of Kenya and others to flash out or deliver (betray) ethnic kingpins and warlords on the run like Felicien Kabuga on a siliver platter?

On the other hand, NTV presented a very poorly hatched pseudo-documentary about Felicien Kabuga's alleged continuous presence in Kenya, while leaving those who cared to view the programme wondering whether the whole production was all about the half-baked presentation regarding the mysterious deaths of Munuhe and Cheryiot?

The producers wasted a whole precious one hour and threw it down the drain in the efforts of trying to compete and out do Jicho Pevu.

Further, there was nothing new or a different angle presented about the whole saga, and there was no way that Kabuga would have allowed his pictures to be taken at random by a sentry who was never even involved with the two inner tight layers of a security blanket that always surrounded Kabuga wherever he was or went.

Then the issue of background in the photos alleged to be Kabuga's is another matter since they are as fake a three thousand dollar bill or plastic Rolex watch.

And there is no way that a high profile fugitive like Kabuga, "the most elusive one", would have stared casually or directly into any type of camera device without having the threat eliminated on the spot.

The NTV field producers and post-production team dropped the ball big time, in terms of investigative journalism and it will take a long time for them to recover their credibility standards in that department.

The NTV crew could have done better a job than rash with what they considered to be an earth shuttering and eye-catching account on the latest scoop about the now aging, sick and frail Felicien Kabuga.

Vikii said...

Luka and Taabu, good to see you guys too. I am trying to re-establish contacts with Phil with the intention of striking a pact that whoever between us manages to get into the gravy-train (read get elected)should incorporate the other as an errand boy in mega scams (a Miguna of some sorts). Now my friends, you think you can "Koffinize" that?

Anonymous said...

Felicien Kabuga may have been a perfect scapegoat in the deaths of informants such as Munuhe and others who may have wanted to financially benefit from the capture, arrest and prosecution of one of the most wanted men in connection with crimes against humanity.

The Kenyan media houses have never bothered trying to examine a different angle about the death of Munuhe and others ('Kenyan Rwandans') who are known to have disappeared in mysterious circumstances while based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Has it ever occurred to some of us that people like Munuhe may have fallen victims or perished at the hands of unidentified killers or assassins hired by certain powerful individuals within the RPF and it's government, rather than a man on the run like Felicien Kabuga?

Talking of people who really wanted to get their hands on Felicien Kabuga and others responsible for the Rwanda Genocide, before anyone else, including the FBI, Belgian or French intelligence could get to get him captured.

The Kenyan media houses should have taken the time, had courage to employ their journalistic instincts in the attempts of taking a different look or angle at a special 'Search and Snatch Crew' from Kigali that operated in and around Nairobi and Mombasa, and may have been responsible for the kidnapping, torturous interrogations and subsequent marked execution of informants like Munuhe and several others, whose names never made headlines in the major news papers of the day due to their lack of distant or rumoured connection to being informants to people affiliated with agents within the FBI, CIA, MI6, Scotland Yard or Mossad.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Felicien Kabuga has been undergoing frequent treatment in a private hospital in Zimbabwe, where he underwent a liver transplantation several years ago after suffering from hepatorenal syndrome (Type 1 HRS). He has been in hiding in Zimbabwe ever since the day he fled the Kenyan capital dressed as a cloistered Catholic nun from the DRC enroute for emergency medical care in South Africa but landed in Harare, Zimbabwe according to plan. Period.

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