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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Thin Divide Between Hate Speech and Ethnic Art

So National Cohesion and Integration Commission has made good its threat by charging three Kikuyu musicians (Kamande Wa Kioi, Muigai Wa Njoroge and John DeMathew) with hate speech.

It appears the hitherto thin line between creative art and hate speech has been erased. Those who understand Kikuyu metaphors and mythology may beg to differ with the alleged charge of inciting hatred between the Kikuyu and Luo communities.

Kenya is bigger than these two tribes who have been always generated more political heat between them with devatating/fatal consequences.

Listening to the songs one may get nothing more than the common stereotypes albeit ordered into lyrics. I know people will be quick to remind us of Rwanda's Radio Miles and the subsequent genocide.

To drive fear into Kenyans we will be reminded of the not-yet-healed PEV wounds and many raves. But art is better appreciated for its creativity and entertainment value.

The Hague Bound song may be the most emotive with its lyrics posing questions about what to do if, for example, someone takes you to The Hague or takes your wife or property. The chorus reply "kill him" is so natural it may pass as tasteless.

All these years Luos have lived with the kihii tag. So it is therefore no heinous crime singing about finishing the uncircumcised.

The courts are better left to deal with more weighty litigation rather than engaging in criminal interpretation to artistic works.


Anonymous said...


That is an elitist view. The raw truth is venacular songs are very venomous. Now that UK has disowned the musicians who did they intend to benefit?

The Luo-Kikuyu heat is just too much.

Mwarang'ethe said...

We have maintained from day one that, Dr. Kibunja and his commission is a COMMISSION OF IDLERS armed with useless PhD's from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS.

Now, to justify their huge salaries EXTRACTED by the BARREL of the GUN from Wanjiku who walks to work without food, for IDLING around in the CONFERENCE HALLS, he deludes himself that men fight because of songs. Bure kabisa hawa watu!

To dare believe that the Rwandese genocide was because of songs is to show a lot of illiteracy in human affairs.

Songs are nothing, but the means by which man expresses the deepest human emotions.

That is why for instance, in burials, to express the greatest sadness, men/sing.

Also, in weddings, to express their joy, men/sing. In the same sense, when a young child was born, there were songs.

In the same sense, when men fought in the old times, there used to be war songs. As such, war song were not the cause of the war, but a means of mobilizing men for war that had already being declared for other causes.

In other words, whether we have songs or not, the tribal war is gathering pace.

NB: There is no Kenya. At any given time, there are many tribes under the DOMINATION of one tribe or a few tribes.

It is this desire to dominate under the guise of united Democratic Kenya (Kikuyu's for instance mobilize), and the effort to refuse such domination (Luo's for instance mobilize, Luhya's are mobilizing, in the Coast there are also, mobilizing) is the problem and not mere songs.

Anyway, we would have left to listen, No Ithui Twari Kuo(

However, to avoid "problems" with these IDLERS, we instead leave to enjoy:

Mûhiki wa Mikosi:

Anonymous said...

Does blogging make one the opposite of FOOLS? Just asking please.

Anonymous said...

There are those of us who have supported the arts and continue to do so by all personal, civic, financial and political means where necessary.

However, creative art is one thing, but hate music (speech) is quite another rapid animal all together.

Some in our midst may beg to differ when it comes to the kind of metaphors, mythologies and analogies used by certain hot-rod performers or contraversial ethnic artists of our liking, and times from our own respective communities and nationalities.

However, it's does not give them a carte blanche to showcase their artistic experessions bordering on hate filled ethnic lyrics or loaded with racist lyrics that include hardcore chauvinistic rhymes.

Lest some of us from the post World War II generations forget the ugly fact(s) about how the evil and cruel Nazi machinery employed the frequent use of anti-Semitic lyrics, metaphors, mythologies and analogies that consquently led to the well orchestrated demonization and vilification of millions of victims who perished during the Holocaust, while at the same time leaving several millions survivors traumatized and maimed for life.

Anyway, we can agree to disagree that it's one thing to rightfully communicate one's ethnic opinions and ideas through vernacular lyrics, but it is totally unacceptable by all decent human standards when any type of racist/tribal vernacular lyrics are used to vilify, disparage, target, victimize, incite hatred or hostility toward persons or any ethnicity for whatever reasons under the sun.

Furthmore, we all currently live in the year 2012 and as a matter of fact there should be no room nor any inch of space at all in our midst for the continuity ethnic bigotry, or perpetuation of century old ethnic chauvinism and intolerance in this day and age.

Music of any kind should never be used as a deadly vehicle to communicate messages of hate, or incite ethnic violence, or be used in the commission of crimes against other communities and humanity in general.

Enough is Enough. Let's RESPECT each other and unite against RACISIM and TRIBALISM (ethnic extremism) wherever they two headed monsters rare their ugly and demented stinking heads.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Enough is Enough. Let's RESPECT each other and unite against RACISIM and TRIBALISM (ethnic extremism) wherever they two headed monsters rare their ugly and demented stinking heads.



The world DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES must be very deceivingly comfortable.

Who told you history is not about unending succession of cycles which is no different from those in the natural world?

Aha! We know that mankind has been promised salvation via religion, politics and science and technology. Continue being a believer!

However, bear this in mind. In science, we can say PROGRESS is a fact. But, in the world of ETHICS and POLITICS, PROGRESS IS A SUPERSTITION.

In other words, the gain that has been gained in ethics and politics are NOT CUMULATIVE. What has been gained, CAN BE LOST RATHER QUICKLY.

Sample this:

On this blog, we warned that, the so called f$%£ing new Libya, was destined to become the APARTHEID REGIME in the north.

As usual, we did not have to wait for too long for we are now reading there are signs in the FREE LIBYA delivered by a MULATTO, has signs which read:

"What remains of the shattered homes, shops and restaurants have been daubed with vile graffiti:


So, in UTTER IGNORANCE of what is coming, continue shouting your talking points like RESPECT etc.



Does blogging make one the opposite of FOOLS? Just asking please.


Pumbavu wewe!

Our job is to tell that, the EMPEROR is NAKED!

As an example, what did we foretell about Libya when every talking empty head was telling us about so called revolution?


Anyway, as we watch this great drama, we retreat to enjoy:

Some say the devil be a mystical thing,

I say the devil he a walking man,

He a FOOL he a LIAR (who lies he is liberating nations), and a THIEF

Anonymous said...

Pumbavu ni wewe. Revolution only existed in your head. And BTW you have to fall to sich fads so that you can predictably come back to gloat I TOLD U SO. Cheap intellectualism.

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