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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The political impact of Miguna Miguna’s book on Raila

Kenya Suffers Big Blow at AU on ICC

Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma of South African has been elected the new boss of African Union. A veteran of the fight against apartheid, the ex-wife of President Jacob Zuma beat the incumbent Jean Ping of Gabon. Her election spells a diplomatic Waterloo for Kenya which was fronting for Mr Ping with his hostility against ICC (pan Africanism my foot!) the main driving force.

And the paediatrician Nkosazana Dlamini has refused to be associated with the meaningless Anglophone tag. "I am not Anglophone, I'm Zulu," she said.

The tenure of tough cookie who became the polygamist Zuma's third wife in 1982 only to divorce him 1998 promises some interesting times ahead that will rub many African leaders the wrong way.

“Eeeeh...eehhhh..eiiii...Please save me from Kibaki! Eeeeeh..eiiiii...Please don’t let me go back to that man...I don’t want to go back to Kibaki! Eeeeh...eiii...Please save me from Kibaki!” Raila broke down and cried, torrents of tears flowing freely down his cheeks. He was shaking uncontrollably.It was about 3:30pm on April 6, 2008. Everyone in the room was stunned. They had never seen Raila cry before.

Former close aide to PM Raila Odinga the always controversial Miguna Miguna launched his explosive book this morning as the many enemies of Raila circled their prey anticipating the kill. The truth is that they are in for a big disappointment because in my view the book in fact boosts Raila’s image rather than doing any real damage to the man who many believe won the 2007 presidential polls.

While it is true that there are a lot of negative things said about the ODM presidential candidate in the book, the bottom line is that as a political weapon to discredit the man and paint him as a corrupt politician this narration attempts to take off but before gaining any height crashes and burns.

What does the reader feel after reading the last sentence and putting the book down? Most will feel that it was a good read and I dare add that what will poignantly remain on their minds will NOT be Raila’s corrupt ways but instead the kind of man one Mwai Kibaki really is. Many will not help but empathize with Raila because after having his sweet victory stolen away from him, Kibaki went on to rub salt on the sore wounds of the Langata legislator by making it a nightmare for Raila to operate in a  government where he was in fact supposed to be an equal partner. Indeed to the credit of Raila he must have a really big heart to have gone through what he has suffered ever since he had the presidency stolen from him in broad daylight in early 2008.

Our brothers from the Luo community are reputed to be very petty and more concerned about prestige and their personal image and yet reading through the book it is the member for Othaya and the PNU side that come across as being petty going for the bigger and better rooms, using seating arrangements to put Raila down at every opportunity etc.

The excerpt at the top of this post speaks volumes and is probably one of the most unforgettable passages from Miguna’s book. A real shock when we were all sure it would be the inside details about Raila Odinga’s corrupt ways. Instead we get to see the human side of Raila. Who would imagine the tough guy who went through Moi's detention camps for political opponents, unscathed would be capable of breaking down and sobbing like a small child? This is bound to endear people more to him.

Interestingly the PM’s wife Ida Odinga does not fare so well. A single incident in the book where she ordered a ferry that was already half way to it’s destination back and then proceeded to eject several cars (including that of a cabinet minister) from it so that her entire entourage would be accommodated makes for some very interesting reading and paints the joint first lady in very poor light. Indeed she makes Lucy Kibaki look like some meek nun in a seminary.

P.S. Politicians boycotted the Miguna book launch today with only new Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan showing up. What message does that send forth? In my view the political class do not like exposes one bit and are very nervously observing this development.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Chris that Miguna's book is a great disappointment for those of us who were expecting what this confused man had promised us. Namely an expose on Raila's corrupt ways. Instead there is a lot of talk about Kibaki and PNU and the way they failed Raila and ODM... and that clownish episode of Kibaki talking to Raila from behind a curtain hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Many readers like Chris may have been greatly disappointed by the lack of a concentrated salvo on Raila Odinga and company.

The PM's henchmen, ODM's leadership and foot soldiers were also spared, but who knows, the author - Miguna Miguna - may have just served the public with an appetizer, while the main course is still in the making (cooking in the form of a second book).

And later, a decadent caramelized desert will be served in the form of a third book after 2013. Lest we forget the old saying, always save the best for last.

Recall the scene where Miguna is heard daring someone (Muite I suppose) by challenging him with the saying, come baby, come baby, come baby, so that Muite and company may end up falling on their swords after they have been crashed and burned by the pages of the next book in the works.

Miguna is as wise as they come and so far, he has not been reckless in terms of what he wrote or wanted to share in the first release of his book.

He may end up peeling back more masked faces in the near future or after the general election are done. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Could anon@9:04 be Bwana Miguna himself? At this juncture not many people have read the book through or know it so well. Anon@9:04 seems to know the full content of the book too well not to be the person who edited the book or Miguna himself.

If my theory is correct then it would mean that Miguna is still a Raila supporter and wants to publish the real hot info after Raila is safely in State house. Which would mean that this first book was chiefly a money making project.

Mwarang'ethe said...

What does the reader feel after reading the last sentence and putting the book down? Most will feel that it was a good read and I dare add that what will poignantly remain on their minds will NOT be Raila’s corrupt ways...


Poor Kenyans!

You are nothing, but, willing slaves of prejudice!

As such, you cannot reach the TRUTH any more than frogs can fly!

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

There is something wrong which even Njuguna Njuguna cannot understand:

Anonymous said...


Please do speak for yourself.
You have CHOOSEN to concentrate on the parts that show the humane side of raila and given a WIDE BERTH to the sides that show how Raila's campaign was funded by crooks and how Raila himself protected the merchants of corruption some acting on his behalf. So please stick to your own interpretations coz we know you are receiving financial support from ODM to buffer the acrid impact of Miguna's book.

Please credit majority of your readers with wisdom. You do not have to read the whole book, the serialization in DN has enough material that shows how unfit the hair dyeing septuagenarian opinion poll president (HADSOPPP or HADSOP3) is.

kumekucha said...

Anon @12:53AM

I have no problem being criticized. However get your facts right which is easy in this blog because all the posts are here to be read like an open book, including this one;

Chris Kumekucha

Nguthi Joseph kagechu said...

Now that Miguna admits he has evidence against ODM regarding the 2007/8 post election violence, it time ICC took action to avert misscarriage of justice.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Now that Miguna admits he has evidence against ODM regarding the 2007/8 post election violence, it time ICC took action to avert misscarriage of justice.

7/15/12 2:13 AM


You mean the KANGAROO court called ICC whose lawyers were "arrested" in the NEW APARTHEID regime ARMED by NATO in Libya so as to obstruct justice?


Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Is Peeling Back The Mask - Quest for Justice in Kenya much ado about nothing?

Miguna Miguna may have failed where many who would be supporters and readers of his current and future books had expected him to literarlly peel back the masks of political rot and endemic corruption that have become the exclusive playing ground for a few individuals who are still gaiting and slithering within the corridors of power as the country prepares itself for the general election in March/August/December of 2013 with too much uncertainity.

Unfortunately, Miguna Miguna seems to have have failed to rise to the occasion after months of the eagerly awaited release of what was acclaimed to be the holy grail, the author's 'tell it all book' (toboa siri yote), about who-is-who in the PM's political camp that have had no respect and regard, whatsoever, for honour, fairness, justice and equality in Kenya.

However, in author's defence, let us not forget that failure means little in the grand scheme of things. It certainly doesn't mean he has failed in his peeling back the maska, it only means he failed at this one attempt, this time. But he will keep peeling the masks, and he may make history when and if the Attorney General builds a solid case and brings criminal charges against some of the characters and lords of impunity whose names and activities are mentioned in the book.

On the other hand, Miguna seems to be no longer a supporter nor a payrolled agent of Raila Odinga and his ODM reloaded election machinery, but he has positioned himself as a free agent whose sole mission which he has made no secret in the past, is to continue peeling back the masks of some of the people, (call them 'lords of impunity' aka 'the untouchables') who have been and are still deeply involed in unethical and criminal activities that continue to trash the new Constitution, good leadership, integrity and the rule of law.

There those of us who were hoping against that the author would not just limit himself at peeling back the rotten onions behind the masks in question, but engage in the real scalping of more than a few heads of undesirable characters who should never ever have been allowed, nominated, appointed, elevated or employed to serve (steal from) the unsuspecting Kenyan public.

Woe unto us, Ole wetu, if the same old same old political crooks and elites are re-elected and returned back to parliament, State House, Senate, and other powerful positions of influence after the 2013 general election.

Woe unto us, Ole wetu!

Anonymous said...

This might be of interest to Chris of Kumekucha.
Deadline for Raila lobby groups to register with ODM
The Orange Democratic
Movement (ODM) yesterday
gave all lobby groups campaigning
for Mr Raila Odinga
two weeks to register with the
party failing which they will be
Lobby groups such as
Friends of Raila, Raila Action
Group, and Sibanduki,
Raila 4 Rais are some of the
outfits that are supporting the
Prime Minister’s presidential
bid in the Internet and in the
social media.
...Source: Sunday Nation...

Come on chris, join your ilk and stop shadow boxing for your paper HADSOP3..

Ti hi hi hiiiiiii

Mwarang'ethe said...

But he will keep peeling the masks, and he may make history when and if the Attorney General builds a solid case and brings criminal charges against some of the characters and lords of impunity whose names and activities are mentioned in the book.


There is no need for the NON - SMILING Wako Muigai to do anything.

There is CHAPTER 6 of the New Wonderful katiba.

It will be Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) time.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he hi, ti ti tu tu tu twi twi twi twi, hu hu hu hi hi wa wa wa we wu wu woooooooooo, mu mu mi mi mi ri ri riri

And, before we rush, if you study that Chapter 6, IT IS THE WORST FORM OF LEGAL DRAFTING ever witnessed in a Constitution.

Anyway, since Kenyans have had the BEST LEGAL BRAINS, we only say:

Woe unto thee!

With that, in peace, we leave to enjoy:

Iron Sharpening Iron:

Taabu said...

Looked at objectively, Miguna's book is not just a catalogue of dirt aimed at Raila. Neither is the book akin to tantrums from a juvenile throwing toys out of the pram.

The book is more than a lonely ego trip nor a witch-hunt dished as sour grapes. But whistleblowing, as Miguna advertizes, it is not.

Granted true whistleblowing is a mark of good citizenship involving great sacrifices. Maybe John Githogo's collected mien, resignation and sacrifices qualifies him as a whistleblower.

For a bigger picture, launching of Miguna's epitomizes our maturing democracy. Kenya has come a long way and you need to contrast and imagine what would have happened to the audience gathered for the launch during Moi's repressive regime. Make no mistake, this is not to settle for tokenism as progress.

MM's memoir in an eye opener which should disabuse Kenyans of their legendary short memory to demand accountability from their leaders. His may be a pacesetter to promote a reading culture past exam. It is even more valuable as a documentation of events for posterity.

Shorttermism saw Raila suspend two of his senior aides over the maize scum. But before we could even say Agwambo the duo were back to promptly headline the Kazi Kwa Vijana scandal.

Anonymous said...

Muguna's motivation behind writing the book are purely financial, revenge, fame or whatever else but not public service. All else is pretense. Any takers please?

Anonymous said...

Miguna the cry baby

Miguna Miguna has yet again made sensational claims saying his life is in danger.

Miguna sent statement to the media claiming allies of his former master, Prime Minister Raila Odinga were threatening him.

“From the organizing hungry and dirty goons from Kibera to picket at my book launch to sending pathetic and unethical hounds like Otieno Kajwang and Jakoyo Midiwo to threaten me is a clear proof that Raila is a desperate Kanu orphan; not a reformer!”

Miguna added: “ I am fortified and remain solid granite…as I have said before let them bring it on!”

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
If u r also gonna waste our time like this MM on the promised dossier, plz kip it to urself.
We Kenyans are our worst enemies!

Anonymous said...

Even if he is ryt..why now?why didnt he peel the mask lng he waz peelin his own mask coz since he was the advicer..then damn a huge % of what he accuses Rao of duing..must have bn contributed by him..ONLY JILTED OBSESSED LOVERS ACT LIKE THIS

Anonymous said...


Luke said...

Ati Miguna Miguna Miguna is GITHONGO 2.0 wapi hio ni bure kabisa

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:18 PM [7/14/12]
Miguna Miguna's first book is and was not about chiefly a making project, but very far from it.

How about we view the book as a public service project that has been made available in the knick of time, regardless of whether it will be loudly applauded or deeply derided depending on people's expectations, political and other personal interests.

While Anon@9:04 PM [7/14/12] may not be one and the same as Miguna Miguna, s/he seems to have had a slight inside first take at the comments made by Miguna Miguna on K24 Capital Talk, although it is open for debate about the timing, and has yet to be verified.

Anon@10:55 AM [7/15/12]
That's what Odinga's political crew, sympathizers, diehard supporters, foot soldiers and avid doubters of Miguna Miguna, would like the readers and rest of the public to believe.

However, let us not be oblivious to the fact that the publisher has to at least recoup the expenditure to some extent, it's goes with territory.

Furthermore, East Africa and the rest of Africa need more people like Miguna Miguna, whether we hate, like or love them, to come out of their personal, political, professional and ethnic cocoons and expose the continuum of the endemic deacy caused by African lords of impunity, their families, friends and close political/business assocites in their respective countries.

Be assured that there will be a similar more revealing book coming out soon about the other half of Jacob Zuma's double masks.

A reveal which will cause the najority of the residents of poor townships of South Africa to be so displeased when they learn of the several miilion dollar yachts and planes that are owned by their so-called refromers and one time resistant fighters.

Don't forget the $6000 suits and the gold plated belts that have become a staple for some well connected African cabinet ministers while they are on official business abroad.

By the way, lest we forget, rumours are making their rounds within some certain corridors of polotical camps, that the official scribes in the king's court were summoned and commissioned to craft, ASAP.

The book in favour of the king must not consist of less than four-hundred page rebuttal and stinging counter personal salvo against the author who is busy trying to peel back the many masks of the king who has been put on the defense by being declared naked before his loyal subjects, diehard political troops and foes alike.

So as to recast the king intoa brand new light and help boost his last golden chance and royal hope of ever ascending to the throne in the colonial edifice situated on the hill.

For your information, the hill or area in question once belonged to the extended family and four warrior clans of Ole Tiampati, a young brother and a formidable war tactician of two great Maasai laibons that managed to fend off the Arab in-land invasion for decades.

The Scribe said...

Let us give the Devil{read Miguna} his dues!In as much as i dont agree with the manner and timing of the release of Miguna's book,i believe he has managed to spur debate among Kenyans.In all objectivity,if we as Kenyans take a moment to ponder over the pertinent issues raised-real or Imagined-then we would be in the right direction in as far as re-evaluation and vetting of our leaders in public office ahead of the next general elections.

Anonymous said...

The Book Review by one writer that has appeared in one of the daily news papers caps it all for some of us, no more no less.

There are those of us who have been pissed off so much by the contents of Miguna Miguna's latest book, while there are others among us who are busy relishing what they had eagerly been waiting for.

At the end of the day, the good that can come out of this book and many others like it to come, is for Kenyans to really wake up and smell the rot in their political, social, ethnic and regional midst, and do something about it for the sake of a better country and their better future.

Otherwise, there will very little change or no change at all in the whole country's political, economic, judicial, parliamentary and above govermetal spheres for the next ten to fifteen years.

As it has been reiterated before, Kenya is bigger, more important and precious than anyone individual or a group of certain people who are busy and bent on trying to curve the country for their personal interests, as if Kenya was a large roasted piece of meat to be comsumed at will by a select few.

Regardless of whether we may or not like the contents of Miguna Miguna's book, it will not hurt our egos if we are left with a vital lesson or two that will help us on collective level steer the nation into a better direction after 2013 while avoiding the evils mentioned in the afore mentioned by all means necessary.

When all is said and done, it's better for the majority of us to be on the side for the quest of real justice rather than just on the so-called "right side of history" that is forced down our throats by few political elites and powerful ehtnic kingins.

Anonymous said...

All has bin said n cudos 2miguna 4 showing wot kind of aman,lawyer,father n husband he truly is. Y running away now? Sambody plz tel thiz big baby 2kam bak, listen all this politician has dirty history n if we can go thru thea histry/ bakground,then am sory coz we may end up having no president in this country.all of us du sin n hav dirty secrets,lets not bhave one is clean including i n u wu is reading thiz cment.lets think abt it plz.

Anonymous said...

Miguna Miguna is still a free man, who is able to come and go as he wishes, and just because he has left the country to promote his book in places where much larger audiences and more sales are guaranteed at a higher price, does not mean that he has fled the country or he is on the run from the furious Lake Nyanza Mafia, their foot soldiers or the toothless machinery of Tobiko.

On the other hand, concerned Kenyans should not be attacking Miguna Miguna for some of the contents in his book, rather they should be really angry and outraged at any cabinet ministers or MPig who can afford to spend $6000 on simple dress suits - at the drop of the hat - that retails for $800 or $500 in other near by established and distinguished men's stores in Chicago and elsewhere in Europe, while dilapidated primary schools, secondary schools, clinics, dispensaries, polytechnics, regular police and adminstration police stations and living quarters, public markets, et al, in their home comstituencies and rest of the country continue to lack the basics necessities in 2012.

Oh yes, ten years, a decade since the previous most hated government was voted out of power, and above all fourty years, ten decades, since the Jomo Kenyatta adminstration and the dreaded one time powerful Kiambu Mafia ceased to exist under the strategic and watchful eyes of Kenyatta's pupil and shrewd successor.

Who is fooling who in 2012? Who is really fooling who in the case of wasting $6000 on a simple looking suit picked from the rack in a men's clothing store in the United States of America?

Talking of money - public funds - that could have been put to better use or replaced windows on one of those so called rural ("stone age") primary schools in modern day Kenya.

Sadly, when will most constituents stop the senseless worship of bwana kubwa and wake up for a change from their mythical political slumber that always depicts the real enemy of their communities as the proverbial individuals from other ethnicities or in government, when in reality the very real enemies of the people, development and overdue progress in the constituencies are the greedy MPigs that the voters keep sending back to parliament after every general election?

Who will be blaming who and who will fooling who, now that the 2013general election is on the horizon?

Anonymous said...

Are we starting to see the political drama of 'The Rise and Fall of the Odinga Empire' unfold before our eyes? Or will Miguna Miguna's book, Peeling Back The Mask cause minimal or zero ripple political effect in the coming months?

murimi wa kerugoya said...

Let the kenyans Know the whole truth about people who died as a result of selfish politicians. Everybody has a ryt of expression,.

Anonymous said...

We should know what was happenning in the backdoor when thousands of kenyans were killed and displaced because of selfish politicians.
Everybody has a ryt of expression

Anonymous said...

Some people in the Scandinavian Peninsula have gone overboard with their adverts by claiming, the book, Peeling Back The Masks is a sizzling summer sale! Extensive selection of political scandals in Kenya and behind the scenes intrigues. Excellent value for a jaw dropping book, superior coverage of events of the oppressed turned oppressors, and expert penmanship (craftsmanship) from a very knowledgeable inside source. Get a copy reserved while they are still in stock. Free shipping. (Excuse the poor word-for-word translation of one of the local language).

Anonymous said...

Kenyans know what happened and who was who that were behind the whole mess. The only question is why has the office of Dzi-Pa-Pa never been bothered with taking a good look into the whole issue of post-election violence, including victims and culprits alike?

Anonymous said...

What is next for Miguna Miguna and Raila Oddinga when they all return back to the country or their normal lives? Whichever comes first.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for some courageous soul, one in three million, to start peeling back the masks that consist of occupants within what is always referred to as the civil CSK - society of Kenya. In all fairness, civil society is not the equivalent of ESK - evil society of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Miguna miguna is just trying to get revange on raila coz he was sacked!!!! Trying to get back at his previous boss is totally out of place!!! He seems to me as a confused fe llow and thats a wrong way of approaching a problem.he should know the way he too proud!!

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