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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mutula Kilonzo Mini Skirts Saga

The Mutula Kilonzo mini skirts in school saga has kicked off quite a bit of controversy. So much so that it has even relegated Miguna Miguna to the periphery, at least for now.

Many things have been written and suggested about Mutula's controversial remarks but what Kumekuchans need to know is that this man will seek a significant office in the upcoming general elections and he is smart enough to know how powerful the vote from young Kenyans is going to be this time round. And so the man spoke with votes uppermost on his mind. Although he has now clarified that he meant short skirts and not mini skirts (my question is what is the difference? How short is a short skirt and how mini is a mini skirt?)

Mutula himself has quite an interesting and colourful past with lasses in his office. Read that sensationally amazing earlier Kumekucha story.

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Taabu said...


You have again provoked Luka who will come at you with full force, OLE WAKO.

That said, this miniskirt talk is all hype and I think Kenyans are taking conservatism stuff too far. Mutula said students are not studying to be nuns and now the Catholic church is baying for his blood.

We are so serious we miss the opportunity to chuckle when a joke stares us in the face. It is not just girls but if you go to boy schools you will find them in modified uniform.

Schools must up the game and be ready to manage demanding youth. On the flipside the youngsters must not be allowed to make their own rules. Otherwise they will next demand to be their own keepers and what a tragedy?

Me thinks kids take after what they see. Here we are a nation with leaders making laws purposely to break them. So why not drink from the same cup?

Uniforms play a very imporatnt role in our unequal society. You can imagine the rainbow colours if pupils were allowed to dress as they wish. It amount to taming inequality and focussing on education. That is why most big schools insist on metal boxes to avoid kids showcasing latest suitcases while others arrive in wooden boxes.

Law and order are inseparable.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 11:18AM

I wouldn't have said it better myself. Kenyan school kids are actually very disciplined and well behaved when you consider the terrible examples Kenyan adults are setting.

Their mums are busy wearing shorter and shorter skirts to look younger not to mention mpango wa kando in younger boys fit to be their sons which is now the norm rather than the exception.

Then their big pot-bellied dads are busy mounting the househelps, some poor underage girls from the village.

Oh yes our school kids deserve a break. Well done Mutula.

Anonymous said...

You wish! That photo has been photoshpped to death. Kilonzo do not and will not own a nice pair of legs like those ones even in a billion years.

Anonymous said...

Mutula of all people and above all modern parents will be credited for having seconded the game changing proposal for school girls to feel free, or even be allowed to enhance the hemlines of their uniforms into mini-skirts if they so decide to wear them, or even adapt to the modern panchira times of their lives.

On the other hand, Mutula will soon realize that nothing is more disappointing than finding out that he is excellent at doing something that doesn't need to be done at all, because the - present day quasi-conservative - grandmothers, mothers and aunts of many of the school kids clamouring for mini-skirts, have already been there, done it in the days when they hemed their micro-skirts in the '60s, hot-pants in the '70s, see-through mini-skirts and blouses in the '80, skimpy skirts in the '90s and the elastane (lycra) skirts and shorts in 2000s.

When all is said and done, the school girls should be allowed to have their mini-skirts enhanced to compliment acceptable urban and rural tastes and standards.

However, the last thing the general public and the ever prawling wide eyed nyang'au, mbwa-mwitu, fisi, mbweha, duma, chatu, mkizi, mamba, sokwe, tumbiri, mburu kenge, teusi, and korongo want is to be subjected to school fashion statements that translate into micro-skirts galore.

Unfortunately, the county education bosses may end up being forced into budgeting for the establishment of a special unit of panchira school inspectors by January of 2013.

Anonymous said...


In all fairness, Mutula Kilonzo deserves the Kamba equivalent of a Scottish kilt or Welsh clit to match the occasion and his acquired taste for urban male strong aesthetic sensivity.

Just make sure that his tailors from Hong Kong recieve the pre-requisition and final purchase order to make three or four custom made klits for him before next year's swearing-in ceremony for parliamentarians who will have survived the dreaded cut at the polls.

As for the school kids (aka makinda), they really deserve better, thanks to Mutula Kilonzo's efforts, so that those who have the desire, conscious or subconscious to trim their skirts to knee-length size, can do so without fear of being frowned upon as little advocates for indecent knee-exposure.

While at the same time, students who do choose not to opt for the knee-length skirts or join the potential leagues of school fashionistas around the country should have the alternative of retaining their full-length dress skirts without being rediculed by their peers or worse, the school fashionista cliques that tend bully or shame others into toeing the line.

By the way, the last time I checked, oh yes I did while visting a friend of friend at Mater Hospital, the nuns or Catholic sisters were spotting knee-length dresses and they seemed modestly clothed by all standards.

Kudos to Mutula Kilonzo for highlighting an issue that continues to cause a lot of growing pains for our school kids around the country.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with allowing the kids to have their cake and eat? Let them live and learn the hard the way sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Is Kilonzo Mutula wearing a kamutula from Tala, eastern Kenya, or is he wearing a kabutula from Butula, western Kenya?

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