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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hell Hath no Fury Like the Fugitive Miguna's Ego

BREAKING NEWS: Miguna Miguna has just left Amsterdam for Toronto in a KLM flight.
He came, raffled feathers, grand stood, dared, stirred hornet nest, sought martyrdom and became a fugitive. Miguna Miguna's taunting 'come baby come' has just mutated to 'gone baby gone'.

Miguna's departure from JKIA last night now puts the police and DPP Tobiko on the spot. His departure from the country smells the usual sinister motive and/or incompetence. Or may be armed with critical PEV evidence, MM escaped to offer himself as ICC witness.

The damage is already done. The cat brought a skunk home, left the house full of putrid stench and escaped into the greener forest. Let the government pursue the cat and bring it back home for skinning. 


“I can take every leader to The Hague, they should actually kiss my feet... They actually begged me to go back to office when they knew that I could spill the beans,”....Miguna Miguna

Miguna Miguna better arms himself with solid evidence now that bravado got into his head and is threatening to consume his kingsize ego as DPP Tobiko orders him to make a statement with police to elaborate on his knowledge about PEV gloating above.

The adage that god makes mad those he intends to destroy could as well be applicable to Miguna Miguna. Granted, he has all the constitutional right to author his memoirs. But writing a book is a painstaking exercise in research which is more than just binding unsubstantiated newspaper allegations.

His allegations may be true. But in publishing both substance and style matter. Miguna Miguna's style of marketing his book has seen him come out distinguished in all the unique vices that define his persona. The intellectual who rubbished Mutula Kilonzo's first class degree as a product of cramming is now facing his Waterloo.

In his customary bravado and oozing exotic confidence, Miguna Miguna dared all the devils mentioned in his book to challenge him in court. Well, the victims have promptly picked the gauntlet and dutifully called his bluff by suing him for defamation and character assassination.

Loud, large, pushy, bloaded ego

Raila's Chief of Staff Caroli Omondi who appear to have been the main thesis and butt in Miguna Miguna's memoir has instructed his lawyer George Oraro to file a case against Miguna. Among other things, Mr Omondi has instructed Orarao to specifically:

1) Conduct an official search of the records of the Registrar of Titles and Registrar of Companies to determine the ownership of the land and the hotel business on the premises known as Heron Court Hotel situated along Nairobi’s Milimani Road in Nairobi. He wants Oraro to write directly to the directors of the hotel requesting for their written confirmation about the identity of all individual beneficial owners of the said hotel.

2)Write to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) requesting for a certified copy of their report on investigations of subsidized maize importation together with a copy of the Kenya Gazette Notice published by the commission in respect to the investigations.

3)Seek for a certified copy of a letter from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Director General confirming that the consignment of the disputed maize cargo imported by the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) in 2008 from South Africa and loaded at Maputo Port was kept by KRA in their bonded warehouse. According to Omondi, such a letter will also confirm that the maize was never released for public consumption but was instead re-exported out of the country.

4)Write to Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) with a request for their written opinion on the total weight and dimensions of Sh54million in cash in Sh1000 notes.

5)Write to Bavaria Motors with a request for a technical report on the boot size and maximum weight possible for loading therein with respect to BMW 318i Series.

......"He is a man who exhibits mental and emotional fits in his defence of issues and principles which adhere to him. At the time when he was in good books with the Prime Minister, he came across as the son and heart of the PM.” ....Judge Mohammed Warsame

Raila himself is not without blemish in inviting this unto himself. When you take accommodation amongst pigs you must brace yourself to host some flea. You are defined by the company you keep. So Raila invited Miguna into his inner sanctum he must bear the consequences of entrusting a loose cannon with your closely guarded life.

The stage is set for a legal battle royale. Miguna Miguna has been arrogantly boasting of his superlative legal mind. Now the gods have called his bluff and he is destined to meet his match. Let the game begin in earnest.

Kumekucha gives you hot tips and wise sayings; You will never be young forever and so it is NEVER boring nor too early to start thinking of an investment and pension scheme advisor even if you are in your early twenties.


Anonymous said...


This is comic relief for and from both parties. While MM is basking in the headliness chestthumbing to market his book (finance), Rao has been rattled, fairly or otherwise.

MM has the best oportunity to prove the doubting Thomases wrong with hard evidence which could as well nail Rao for good.

Anonymous said...

Poor HADSOP3 aka Hair Dyeing Septuagenarian Opinion Poll president,

His wife and gullible supporters think that the presidency is his entitlement and have been very busy trying to cushion the fatal blow that Miguna book has become. The press and blogsphere is awash with their desperate attempts to cast aspersions on MM character. One Mr. Hamisi Tembo who paid 100K to attend HADSOP3's dinner was recorded yesterday at Diani Beach furiously asking for a refund.
When one's presidency has its foundation on FRAUD & a quick sand, it will all be blown away.

Taabu's post jubilant over the impeding court cases reminds me of a vulture circling a cornered gazelle. The only difference is than in this case, the vulture gets NILCH, ZERO, NADA just sadistic ululations. Let the FORA up their game coz the pensioner will not win their case.


Anonymous said...

Maji yakija hupwa. Let them all foam and broil in the shameful public drama of their own shenanigans. People saw it all coming from a very long distance, aka years ago.

Anonymous said...

The ferocious spotted genet is already out of the bag, and the Kenyan public will be watching every move, frantic reactions from the individuals whose names were mentioned in the book that was just released over the weekend.

Of interest to many outside obsevers will be the type of selected media ammunition deployed in the efforts toward damage control of the current situation that may actually hazard the sinking of the ODM ship as well drowning several political careers of Odinga's inner cricle.

Including politically and personally propeled revenge attacks and counter attacks that will be extensively launched at their former comrade in arms, including what will be strictly said for public show, and what will not said for fear of obvious legal reasons and backlash from the genral populations.

In the meantime, believe it or not, hell has no fury like a group of very angry politicians who have been put on the defensive, and have been used to eating together without fear of any kind since the golden coalition opportunity fell into their laps courtesy one of Kofi Anan's negotiated settlement in 2008.

Add their circles of friends who will joing in the fog of battle, talking of people who have benefited enormously since 2008, and an ever ready, loyal and willing band of foot soldiers who will stop at nothing in order to get back at anyone, people or perceived threat(s) who dare portray their chosen one, the one and only emperor as having been naked all along, from the day he assumed the lesser office in the land.

Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way the saga unfolds, there is no doubt that there will be extensive collateral damage along the way when the dust settles down in the course of the next several months, or worse in mid-late 2013 after the general elections are over and done with.

So far, let the calculated games of rebuttals after rebuttals, counter attacks, vilification, demonisation, round the clock smear campaigns and the ganging up of many against one - "Traitor from Within" - begin.

The rest of country can not help itother than seat back, relax and watch what becomes of the saga involving the unpeeled masks put on the defensive edge and the peeler of those very masks, coiled in a well laid out stategic offense.

Anonymous said...

If the book by Miguna Miguna aka "Njuguna Njuguna" is a "PNU and G7 project against Mr. Odinga, then what is to be made of the book by Joseph Githongo? Mmmmm. Should be now classfied as a project of certain political groups and individuals against those mentioned in therein?

Mwarang'ethe said...

bwa ha ha ha ha he hi hi we we we we wi wi wi wu wu wu,

Poor Kenyans!

"Miguna is a man of wild extremes. His actions have nothing at all to do with Raila Odinga. They have everything to do with Miguna Miguna, his lack of balance, and his distorted sense of self.

Miguna Miguna has no brakes. He never knows when to stop. He is loud and large and pushy and intimidating. He is completely insensitive to other people’s reactions to him, and he appears unable to judge where situations require restraint and DIPLOMACY."




"But first I need to say that I know Miguna and I have worked with him. I have found him intelligent, well-read, well-prepared, honest, stalwart, upright, hardworking and supremely committed to what is good, proper, right and just.

I also know he is impatient and highly vocal about anything that contravenes these values, and that he does not suffer fools gladly.

About HIS STYLE OF OPERATION style (NEVER THE SUBSTANCE), he and I have in the past had rather lively discussions. But I have learned to respect Miguna.

He is ONE of the FEW people I know who ACTUALLY reads complex legal and constitutional documents, when OTHERS are just too idle or too incompetent to put in the hard work required.

Miguna patiently winkles out the loopholes otherwise overlooked, and bravely stands his ground against the inevitable attacks.

It is a LONELY position, and Miguna might not always be DIPLOMATIC. But DIPLOMACY isn’t everything.

If things go well for us in this country, Kenyans will owe Miguna more than they know."

By Sarah Elderkin



The BEST brains (a joke) the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS can produce.

Anyway, since we see no value in any of these discussions (another joke), we continue enjoying:

See them fighting for POWER so as to ROB Wanjiku,

So they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and MONEY to the NEWSPAPER EDITORS,

Trying to belittle our

They say what we know
Is just what they teach us;
And we're so ignorant,

'Cause every time they can reach us
Through political strategy

Anonymous said...

Miguna Miguna may have made himself a huge target for foes (former comrade-in-arms) by turning his back into a bulllseye, but who really does know the fact two political parties went for each others's throats, choked their opponents and fought to the point where it resulted into post-election violence?

Political bigwigs, their inner circle of suppoters, and regional political players from both sides were deeply involved in the deadly election uproar.

But as it turned out, the ring leaders and several polititical henchmen who are known have to played key roles in what led to the post-election violence were allowed to remain scotfree, thanks to Kofi Anan, while the current Ocampo Six were the only ones scapegoated for the whole deadly political affair that nearly sunk the country into a civil war.

Therefore one wonders what new evidence if any is Tobiko seeking or pretending to go after at this point and time?

Why now and not then, immediately or months following the time after thousands and thousands of Kenyan citizens who had been violated, brutalized, robed, forcifully removed from their homes and others violently murdered?

Why has Tobiko and the so-called government machinery that failed to interview every IDP and other victims of post-election violence, trying to insult the public's intelligence while over 65,000 IDPs still languish in inhumane conditions within several IDP camps in the country?

Why are some people in government trying to pretend that they have clue about what happened or didn't happened during the post-election violence five years after the fact?

While in the meantime there have been only one individual out of thousands of culprits from both political camps who has been charged for post-election violence.

Is it because their political security and past actions related to the post-election violence have been called into question or threatened to be exposed by public statement made Miguna Miguna over the weekend?

Who is fooling? Why not also concentrate or pay some attention on corruption allegations, cronism in government?

Without convenietly ignoring the systemic traditional misuse of taxpayers money by ministers, senior government officials and their bloated entrouge (families, friends, associates, mistresses, et al) who usually travel abraod every other week or month of the year, with little to justify for the wasteful trips and huge expenditures in question?

Anonymous said...

Who is Sarah Elderkin and why does she always rare her head at such moments? Is she a hired gun? Or is she part of the people Kemenchu the young presidential candidate was trying to figure out as whether or why one prominent politician is associated with them?

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts; that's how you know it's hurt. If someone caomes to you and says soemthing really nice, they're probably lying!

ODM will emerge a more formidable party if those at helm decide to use this volitile times as an opportunity learn from their mistakes, some as indicated by Miguna Miguna in his book Peeling Back The Mask.

Otherwise, if they refuse to heed the painful dose fo reality, then will have no alternative but prepare to start embracing the a slow but painful march toward the ventual demise of the future of their political party in more than many ways known to many.

Hope ODM learns from the mistakes of KANU before it is too little too late for those involved.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

Who is Sarah Elderkin and why does she always rare her head at such moments? Is she a hired gun?


We have no idea and we care not!

However, we are 101% sure she is a product of the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS which specialize in production of:


You doubt what we say?

"Many Wall Street executives says WRONGDOING is NECESSARY: survey"

"If the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes were to go out with his lantern in search of an HONEST MAN TODAY, a survey of Wall Street executives on workplace conduct suggests he might have to look elsewhere."

When he called and some guys came, he rebuked them that, he had called for MEN and not PYGMIES.

We continue quoting:

"A quarter of Wall Street executives see wrongdoing as A KEY TO SUCCESS, according to a survey by whistle blower law firm Labaton Sucharow released on Tuesday."


And, to illustrate you how well they do it, we quote once again:

"A 'pervasively polluted' culture at HSBC Holdings Plc allowed the bank to act as financier to clients seeking to route SHADOWY FUNDS from the world's most dangerous and secretive corners, including Mexico, [DRUGS] Iran,[DRUGS] the Cayman Islands, Saudi Arabia and Syria, according to a scathing U.S. Senate report issued on Monday."


Anyway, since we might be sued if we write bad things, we leave to enjoy:

Guiltiness pressed on their CONSCIENCE.

They live their lives

They'll eat the bread of sorrow [of Wanjiku]

Anonymous said...

Miguna Miguna is in good company. Here in KK we have a loud, large, pushy, bloaded egocentric blogger who believes intellect exclussively revolves around him. All others are fools according to him and dare you challenge him he will mouth insults.

Just contrast MM's brashness in describing other Kenyans as DIRTY and HUNGRY to our own IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS.

Same deluded, large, loud ego and mindset only different mouths.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Miguna Miguna is in good company. Here in KK we have a loud, large, pushy, bloaded egocentric blogger who believes intellect exclussively revolves around him. All others are fools according to him and dare you challenge him he will mouth insults


Avoiding insults, how would you describe:

(a) SARAH ELDERKIN, as the authors of the two articles above?

(b) schools/educational system which produces such minds?

Anonymous said...

No wonder Miguna believes owning a wesbsite or subscribing to scribd is what defines intellectualsm. Our own alpha male KK intellectaul not long ago bragged Wikipidia as authentic source.

Real birds of a feather - self-destructive, DELUSIONAL with life exclussively inside their own heads.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Fulani is the adopted step-daughter of an elder kin to a well known former Kenyan statesman.

Anonymous said...

The Ruto and Uhuru prayer rallies must have worked..they have a new witness!

Anonymous said...

Good people of Kenya please spare a thought for Miguna Miguna. No matter your political persuasion, this Kenyan needs medical help.

A psychologist need to come to Miguna's aid to unmask his childhood, upbringing, parentage. His charater is defined by his bitterness and secrets to his unmet needs which he so much craves for.

Just like our DELUDED of KK (DOK), MM's problem lies somewhere in his unfulfilled past. See how our own MM of KK (MOK) predictably explodes spewing insults when challenged?

Those engaging such characters are doing them no good. There is no need to answer a good brain housed in tomented/tortured body.

It may be wise to leave such MENTALLY DISEASED characters alone to find themselves on their own search.

Anonymous said...

Who are the real mental basket cases in our midst? Nani wazimu kati yetu?

A picture may be worth a thousand words when viewed from a distance, but the mirrors on the walls of our bathrooms, wardrobes, inside our private bedrooms, living rooms, motels, hotels, guest houses, places of work and along the corridors of power, never fail to beam back at us, the viewers, the exact landscape of the images as seen or portrayed in the respective mirrors before us, the viewers.

So, the latest question is, if Miguna Miguna is really in need of immediate medical help, psychiatric evaluation and management care as it is being claimed by some people from the other side of the political fence and ethnic valley, then the majority of those of us who cheered, supported, relished and clung to every word he spoke, every article he wrote and quoted him before, during and after the 2007 general election, including the whole time he worked at the prime minister's office, are the ones who are really in need of not just a major collective psychological evaluation, but they are also in need of urgent collective emergency psychiatric treatment and be palced on long term or indefinite regiment of pyschotropic medications.

The bone of contention is that how comes the person in the name of Miguna Miguna was highly regarded and worshiped as a hero on the other side of the political fence and within the huge ethnic valley when his previous utterances, articles, reviews and media interviews resulted in what would be considered as an outright ugly double exposure ("attacks against") of Mwai Kibaki's adminstration, certain senior elements within PNU, Mount Kenya Mafia and certain well known political stalwarts from the larger ethnic valley of Kenya?

The simple question is Miguna Miguna being branded as a psychological or mental basket case just because the dreaded iron clad shoe of viritas is now on the other foot busy kicking the collective behind of certain elements from his own political fence and ethnic valley?

Or worse, the much anticipated poisoned arrow (Peeling Back The Mask) is heading in the opposite direction at an alrming speed and will eventually strike some of his former comrades-in-arms and their associates.

There are those who are very much afraid that Miguna Miguna's released poisoned arrow may hit hard at some of its intended targets to the point where the political stature and eating (looting)careers of well known individuals will soon be cut short.

And worse, may even end up sending some of them to the ICC's cold slumber party for years given what Miguna Miguna knows as he claims that really took place behind the scenes before, during and after one of the darkest political and ethnic moments in the our nation's ungliest history.

The ferocious genet is already out of the bag, out of the ethnic valley, over and beyond the political fences, and it's only time that will tell what kind of impact, if any, it will have on Kenya's delicate political and ethnic tensioned filled landscape.

When all is said and done about Miguna Miguna, the question rmains, Who are the real mental basket cases in our midst? Nani wazimu kati yetu?

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to one of the most essential offices in the land of Kenya, minus the men who have occupied it in the past as well as its current occupier, Tobiko is no different from all of his toothless predecessors since the 60s. The man is all talk but no show, unless he proves to be otherwise. The Kenyan public is still waiting for the day when Tobiko will have the real guts and much needed legal muscle to reel in hundreds of powerful criminals, known habitual political offenders, economic hit-men/women and poachers, and entrenched ethnic mafia dons to face real justice for their conduct unbecoming law abiding citizens and their continuous violation of the criminal code of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Kwani are some of us at Kukemukucha already wishing or planning to have Miguna Miguna's kneecapping during his home-coming ceremony takes place whenever shows up at JKIA?

The message being passed on in that picture is really eerie and worth untold .... to say the least. Of course, someone intended it to be humorous as it were but who knows, life may end up imitating art in more ways than one.

How about the owner of the $6000 dress suit be taken for country wide ride in the same chair for a change?

So that he may be re-educated about what it really means to live on a $1 a day in a poverty stricken constituency or village that time and the government forgot during the 9170s.

One thing is for sure, that Miguna Miguna's next book will not be entitled Come Baby, Come Baby, Come Baby!, nor Run Baby, Run Baby, Run Baby! as some have already suggested, but it will either be Burn Baby, Burn Baby, Burn Baby! or as depicted in an eye turning photo, it may end up to be Roll With Me Baby, Roll With Me Baby, Roll Me With Baby! after the general election and the expected huge windfall from the sale of the first endition of his book that has been well received in Canada.

Time will tell!

Anonymous said...

It is in very bad taste and an insult to the PHYSICALLY IMPAIRED KENYANS ESPECIALLY ZACK OF THE BRING ZACK HOME CAMPAIGN that Kumekucha can dare post such a picture. Chris and Taabu should apologize and remove that photo ASAP. If you think dissability is hillarious, lets pray you get to rightfully ride a wheel chair and then you will know how to ridicule the less privilidged.

Its one thing to be bought by FORA to launch a smear campaign of Miguna in KK but using that photo has made your raila very much less popular with the physically impaired.

Isaac Mutisya said...

Well in other news, seems that the government of the people, by the people and for the people is going to ati appeal against the ruling by the Supreme court of the land regarding the unconstitutionality of the Couny Commissioners appointees. As it emerged that the government, or should I say Kibaki, even after being advised against having such appointments by their very good Advisor, the AG, and also the very learned Justice minister, ignorantly and with a 2 GB worth impunity, it still went on with the ilegal appointments. Now my question is what's the use having a legal adviser if you're heeding to his/her advise. And while the AG may appear to be so patriotic in countering his boss's directive, he and the Justice minister, like the very bold and daring Martha Karua, should prove their boldness and resign citing frustrations in the carrying out of their duly assigned duties!!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

It is in very bad taste and an insult to the PHYSICALLY IMPAIRED KENYANS ESPECIALLY ZACK OF THE BRING ZACK HOME CAMPAIGN that Kumekucha can dare post such a picture. Chris and Taabu should apologize and remove that photo ASAP. If you think dissability is hillarious, lets pray you get to rightfully ride a wheel chair and then you will know how to ridicule the less privilidged.


Mcheka kilema hafi bila kumpata, i.e. he who laughs at a cripple will not die without becoming one himself.


Anyway, since DUPES, FANATICS, FOOLS and such is what ILF produce, we leave to enjoy:

To have PEACE is intelligence:

Anonymous said...


That is what kingsize egos do to those housing them. Look at MM and his flurry of correspondence with media enroute to Canada and now that he as landed in Toronto.

Typical of his he has now disowned his facebook account while he had derided Sarah Elderkin of not being and academic enough without FB and scribd accounts. Just like MM of KK here coiled his tail after bragging Wikipidia was his authentic source.

Such types are often very violent with words (FOOLS, DELUSIONS, SHEEPLE, CHILDISH...). Always right and believing they must win every argument, things must be done their way or the highway.

Woe unto anybody challenging their oasis of ideals. They readily revenge albeit verbally. Life revolves around them and all other graduates are ILLITERATE.

Luke said...

wacha zako ati MigunaMiguna is a CANADIAN AUTHOR from KENYA hio ni bure kabisa

Anonymous said...

At least Miguna is a man enough unlike Chris aka Kumekucha who was too afraid to write an article about Raila for fear he'll be skinned alive by ODOMOS readers of this ailing blog.

Anonymous said...

There are those of us who couldn't agree more with Mutahi Ngunyi's latest perspective and 'take' on the country's latest political tempreture(s).

Further, understanding our fleeting political culture - the essence of who we have been, who we are, and who we want to be - is both fascinating and dizzyingly complex, and challenging even political experts and political scientists - like Mutahi Ngunyi - to comprehend it fully.

But one thing remains clear: as much as whistleblowers like Shujaa Yohana Githongo and Ukali Kuwili Miguna Miguna - the double edged sword - are derided or embraced by whatever political camps and amalgamated ethnicities out there, depending on the political flavours and moods of the times, one of the deepest mysteries and biggest challenges in present day Kenya will always be how outsiders - real neo-owners of Kenya since the late 1800s - with deep-deep pockets and very big sticks (well trained and armed expeditionary forces) continue to play a deeply fundamental role in our not so well advanced lives and Kenya's future.

Wheather we, the people, like it or not, the likes of Ukali Kuwili Miguna Miguna, the double edged, and others who will dare blow the whistle in the future, may not be the kind of persons who bring moderate voices to social issues, including ethnic relations and cyclical political battle grounds of the day.

However, room must be made for private citizens and adequate protection accorded to them at all times, when and if they dare to speak up or blow the whistle for whatever reasons known to them and for the common good of the whole country.

Believe it or not, the history of Kenya from Kenyatta regime to that of his former shrewd deputy, leading to the current regime, would have been a lot more different, ethical and transparent had several whistleblowers found not only the courage but also room to navigate and breath without ever looking over their shoulders while fearing for their dear lives in exile, once they had spilled the beans.

Why should any patriotic Kenyan in his or her right mind, remain silent or look the other way when knowing very well who-is-who that are involved in the looting and stashing away - call it 'secretly moving' - to offshore accounts - two to three billion dollars from the country's treasury on a yearly bassis?

Lest we forget, Mobutu and his henchmen lost all the stash, 96% of their multi-billion dollar accounts, to foreign banks, agents, arms dealers, conglomerates and western governments, while the rest of the Democratic of the Congo still continues to wreath and froath in abject poverty.

Anonymous said...

Anon@4:08 AM.
Sarah Elderkin is a dinosaur from the Kenyatta political park and Nyayo's political conservation fund. A dinosaur whose time has come and gone with the winds of time. Let's wish her well.

Anonymous said...

Is Dzi-Pa-Pa really after Miguna Miguna?

Anonymous said...

Chris is carefully observing the whirlwind that Miguna's revelations have stirred so that he can come back and shout to all and sundry that he had a dossier on Raila but had no balls to publish for fear of having raila goons and fora crooks unleashed on his as%^. In the meantime he is engaging in ridicule of the disabled by photoshoping Bring Zack Home campaign. God ca never be ridiuled and Chris will receive his reward in good portions...He should be very very afraid!!!

Anonymous said...

What is more difficult between peeling back the masks of people that were once known to you on various personal levels, versus peeling the onions of personal lives of people who thought that they knew you as a brother-friend, comrade, confidant, colleague, hitman (scribe) of choice when it mattered most, and one of the ever staunchest soldiers within the political camp?

What is next for Miguna Miguna? What happens to him and his ffuture adventure(s) once the euphoria and the podiums are no more for him?

Will certain segments of society still cheer him on, high-five him, embrace him and urge him to blow more pent-up air from his revelatory whistle?

While will the other side that feels shortchanged, betrayed, hurt, abused, used, embarrassed and left high to dry in the eyes of the whole the nation, ever find the time, ritual space or agree to collectively forgive him as a proverbial prodigal son?

Or will all camps and outside observers just move on with their lives, money making enterprises, political expenditions, and ethnic conquests (aka "notable, famous or most powerful sons and daughters of this or that ethnicity") in the manner in which thousands and thousands of colonial adminstrators and settlers did years after the Baroness Karen van Blixen-Fincke had completed her masterpiece book that was later published in 1937?

Will the passing of time ever help Miguna Miguna's story to be kept relevant and retold circa 2050, 2075 or 2095?

Or will the periodic short history of Kenya written by the victors judge him very harshly in 2040 as predicted by one in the person of Mutahi Ngunyi?

Anonymous said...

Did someone, a wise guy within the judicial system, decide to release the Iranians on bail? Are they under house arrest or have they already left the country given what happened to innocent foreign tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria several hours ago?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Did someone, a wise guy within the judicial system, decide to release the Iranians on bail? Are they under house arrest or have they already left the country given what happened to innocent foreign tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria several hours ago?


A bit of HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE is very important in these matters:

Anyway, since many are KIDS (ignorant of TRUE history), we leave to enjoy:

Worry Onto Those That Shed Innocent Blood Of People

Worry unto those that say they're of Israel and they are not,

Worry unto those that say they're Jews and they are not:

Anonymous said...

Miguna is in very good company here at KK. You see there is only one adult here programmed in TRUE history. All else are KIDS.

True good brain tortured by a toxic sense of self importance. To MM others are dirty and hungry and to KK's MM we are KIDS/SHEEPLE.

Anonymous said...

Will several effigies of Kenya's next president be carried shoulder high through the streets by angry mobs and set ablaze in designated public venues after the swearing-in ceremony in 2013? Or will more railway lines fall victim to the raw power of angry mobs?

Anonymous said...

SWA 101:

Miguna Miguna, ni hali ya kujikunakuna, bila fahamu wapi pana washa...

Mwarang'ethe said...

Did someone, a wise guy within the judicial system, decide to release the Iranians on bail? Are they under house arrest or have they already left the country given what happened to innocent foreign tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria several hours ago?


Bulgarian press names bomber:

Mehdi Ghezali Terrorist said to have been a SWEDISH citizen with a HISTORY of Muslim extremist activities

Ghezali was reportedly a SWEDISH citizen, with ALGERIAN and FINNISH origins.

He had been held at the US’s GUANTANAMO BAY detainment (SURE) camp on Cuba from 2002 to 2004, having previously STUDIED at a Muslim religious school and mosque in BRITAIN (AS USUAL), and traveled to Saudi Arabia (HOME BASE), Afghanistan (LIBERATED), and Pakistan (SOON TO BE LIBERATED).


If it was in Kenya, where their SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE works very, they would have issued TRAVEL ADVISORIES in advance, BUT NOT IN EUROPE and such places.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha hi hi ti it it tu tu twa twa twa ra ra ra ra ri ri

They FOOL only those who are FOOLISH!

Anyway, as we wait for usual rants, we continue enjoying:

Children, who can you trust?

Anonymous said...

All these abbreviated sources are by ILF. We need authentic sources of info like Wikipidia, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse the misplaced political digression for a second. Thanks.

First of all, there are those of us who will not care much about which American presidential contender gets elected to be the next leader of the United States of America.

And why? Due to a very simple reason that boils down to the fact that, whoever becomes the next occupant of the what Americans love to refer to as The Oval Office, "will not add any extra bakuli of kiporo, wali (mocele), ugali, githeri, mothokoi, sembe, matoke," to our kitchen or dinning tables.

Nor will the so-called the most poweful man in the world, and rightly so, given the mighty navy under his command, bother with having our little towns and villages retrofitted with modern infrastructure.

[To the critics who are ready to jump-on with their usual fangs, here is answer for you - of course its not the business of the POTUS to clean after our self-inflicted mess aka 400% underdevelopment.]

There are some odiero ... bishops, missionaries and their adherents who would rather willingly offer themselves to be burned alive at the stake or serve a lifetime in the depths of hell than get get caught associating with Kenyan clergy from the indigenous churches like the Akorino, Legio Maria, Dini ya Musambua (spl), Kaya Banda, etc, or let alone be seen supporting any political candidates from the indigenous religious churches and faith communities.

Yet the very same individuals are so quick and have no problem whatsoever when it comes to supporting and associating with the American clergy (aka elders)from the Mormon temples, as well as extending their undivided attention, support and financial donations in an overwheleming favour for Mitt Romney.

Last month, a group of missionary tourists were spotted at JKIA on arrival dressed in shirts, t-shirts, maxi dresses, caps, hats, jackets, and carrying marked luggage that had very distinct political logos screaming out loud: BELIEVE IN AMERICA.

So, some outsiders and bystanders were left wondering whether the harmless but well intended, clearly thought out and calculated political slogan (potent message), Believe In America may end up being mistaken or tantmount to Believe In Mormonism given the candidate's image and background attached to such messages?

Anonymous said...

The never ending issuance of TRAVEL ADVISORIES (travel aversaries) has turned out to be one big joke as well as a huge economic shadow hovering over many businesses that depend on tourism for survival. Yet very little of the same is issued in places and American cities where people get killed or murdered during every day and night. One might guess that whoever said the death of an inner kid or adult is cheap that never qualifies for prime time was as right as sunrise. BTW, are the chickens coming back home to roost? Where are the hungry foxes when they are needed?

Anonymous said...

At the risk of provoking cheap patriostic rants, there is no need to blame the west for all our problems. The truth is we bring it upon ourselves. Look at the so-called road accidents. It makes news no more and the carnage is unfathomable. Contrast that with a single traffic death making headline in BBC. It is not British drivers killing Kenyans.

We are our own enemies. Look at the immigration officials looking the other way as terrorists arrive home. Cheap arguments will gallant us with history of terror but we are living here and now. More rants please!!!

Anonymous said...

Concur with you 100%. There is no doubt that we have been our own worst enemies regardless of whether we live in the European urban concrete jungles, or back here in own little regional and tribal enclaves. By the way, no one is blaming the west or our former colonial masters for own sinful mess, poverty crashing state of affairs and killer roads (HTH - Highways to Heaven). The afore stated was a contrast between the daily cold blooded murders take place in most cities and urban areas of North America and in the rest of Europe. Murders that never get reported, make the breaking news or the headline news on the so-called BBC, CNN, DW and what have you news networks out there, due to excessive manupulation and commercial control of what type of news is aired for the sake ratings and demographics (bottom line and shareholders is always a priority). Then compare the saturation of the networks on any given day with the death of a single "moloko tourist" that happens to occur on African soil. For you information, self-induced road accidents are as common in Kenya in the same way drug related deaths and self-induced prescription medication suicides are so common in Europe and North America. We are all our own worst enemies on earth. A rant it is.

Mwarang'ethe said...

All these abbreviated sources are by ILF. We need authentic sources of info like Wikipidia, LOL.


A lot of idiots have accused us of using abusive language.

Well, we note with GLEE that, even the mainstream media is WAKING UP (TOO LATE) to the reality of IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS FOOLISH graduates.

Sample this from the DN:

"But we have been very good at conning each other that we have “reformed” the country, that we have a Constitution that will “transform society”, and that we have crossed the Rubicon of decency.

I think we have been listening to too many ILLITERATE LAWYERS, politicians and NGO activists."

That is EXACTLY the message the African Teacher has been preaching for so long.

They are ALL ILLITERATES although they call themselves ati learned friends.


Anyway, as usual, we continue enjoying in peace:

African Teachers, please, teach these ILLITERATE LIARS:

Anonymous said...

...A lot of idiots have accused us of using abusive language......

And you still use the word ACCUSE. Well, we need no Julius Malema nor Miguna Miguna. They have an older brother here at KK.

What Mutuma Mathiu said was just an opinion. If that makes you have a juvenile premature ejaculation ululating then you have proved who and what you are.

Opinions are everywhere and everybody has one. You only embarass yourself when you think yours is the only one. So much so that when someone elese makes a similar comments you go gaga as the founder of Wikipidia. Well, rant on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7/19/12 1:27 PM
Here is one more rant without the cheap shot that usually appears under the banner 'I hate to say that I told you so' in connection to why WE are our own worst ENEMIES when it comes to wasting precious lives in our midst.

Precious lives wasted in Aurora, Colorado (USA) by demented a gunman who tried be part of the movie rather than seat silently among the audience and eat his greasy popcorn. Fourteen movie goers lost their lives while enjoying a movie that was debuting in the theaters in Aurora, Colorado, and rest of the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Prof ITYS (I-told-you-so), LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wengi baini yetu tumetosheka na kucheuwa cheuwa, kutafuna tafuna, kuchambua chambua, kugunaguna, kutazama tazama na kusoma soma visanga pamoja vinyango vya raia fulani vikikobolewa hadharanni na huyo mwandishi, Miguna Miguna.

Tafadhali, tunakuomba ufunge virango, yaani safari ili uweze kupata pumziko la manufaa hivi leo jioni ya ijumaa na wekindi kutwa, punde tu utakapo maliza kukinyambua kitabu hicho.

Anonymous said...

Miguna Miguna is back, and he probably looks at this premature celebration of his 'flight' and chuckles to himself.

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