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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AG Muigai and Tobiko Shedding Plastic Tears

The Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai cannot entertain the contempt directed at him and his office any more. And so he has spoken of his frustrations in the face of the Government ignoring his counsel.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko is up in arms too about inadequate numbers of prosecutors which in turn undermines fair and speedy judicial dispensation.

While Muigai is mad at Ministers ignoring his wise counsel, Tobiko sees sabotage directed at his office. Cumulatively these two offices are central to the rule of law in augmenting the smooth running of the judiciary. The water gets muddier given that AG Muigai has a leg in both judiciary and executive.

But Prof Muigai need not burden himself with integrity given that he was the only surviving soul among the ill-fated trinity (CJ-AG-DPP) originally proposed by Kibaki. He was picked to serve a specific role and being independent and embarrassing the Office of the President was not one of them.

As for Tobiko he can whine some more for that is a small price to pay for his pecks. You see the two gentlemen are no fools and they know what Kenyans think of them. They are simply making noise to create and impression of tactless motion without any intention of movement.

Only fools would expect them to do the right thing. This is Kenya whose owners will not allow you to author an independent script. You either resign for a one-day headline and disappear from the national radar or better still do a Miguna Miguna.

By complaining about their frustrations, both Muigai and Tobiko are inadvertently admitting that they are not earning their pay. If only they would match their acts of whining with real and honourable action. But that is not only a big ask but a wild suggestion within our Kenyan borders.

It is another electoral season and laws don't mint campaign money. We won't be surprised to learn in a year's time of another mega scandal to succeed Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing.

Game one, MTA DO?


Anonymous said...

True crocodile tears. Both Githu and Tobiko are suffering from self-guilt becoz they know they haven't delivered and Kenyans know it.

Too little too late. Instead of resigning they are making press conferences. When will Kenyan set the bar of doing the right time when circumstances demanded so?

Bure kabisa hawa pretenders.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Poleni Kenyans.

In your ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS & CHILDISH FANTASIES, all you accomplished was this:

(a) giving some of your SWEAT & BLOOD to the SMILING Wako as huge pension,

(b) giving more of your SWEAT & BLOOD to the NON - SMILING Wako Githu.

And, on the OPIUM SESSION planners, (a joke) you replaced PEV Kivuitu with the BIOMETRIC Ahmed Issack Hassan.

And to pay for these NEW and the OLD IDLERS, taxes on your:

(a) food, and

(b) housing is GOING UP.

Anyway, since KARAMA's effort to introduce JURISPRUDENCE in KUSADIKIA was met by PERSECUTION by the Chief Minister, Majivuno, we are off to enjoy: to find a solution to fix this pollution:

Anonymous said...

Jino la pembe siyo dawa ya pengo. The plastic tears is still a story with far more questions than answers. It is odd though, that it's not garnering more media attention, nor any much needed support from our so-called civil society and the Law(less) Society of Kenya.

Ironically, senior civil servants like Muigai, Dripubpro Tobiko, et al, have invested their whole professional careers and personal lives on numerous occasions in dancing with the wolves - political fisi, mbwa-mwitu, mbweha, nyang'au breed in Kenya - only to turn around and attempt to chase after the same in the hopes of hunting them down with the same old judicial snares that date back the 70s, 80s and 90s.

And when all the judicial snares fail to apprehend any of the targeted wolves that are still busy dancing within corridors of powers, parliament and around the country, a man of Githu Muigai's stature ends up crying sabotage whenever his newly discovered wise counsel falls on broad heyan like deaf ears.

While the others like Keriako Tobiko have no alternative but to continue screaming frustration and seeing subvertion and insidious weakening of their judicial snares that are intended to nab the wolves that have always been addicted to dancing in corrupt political circles.

And by the way, why even wait for to learn in a year's time of another mega scandal to succeed Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing when the country is still reeling from the labour pains of another mega NHIF scandal?

The more things change? The more political and judicial characters are replaced? The more general elections (1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2013) are held?

The more?

Anonymous said...

There are those of us who are not among the lifetime fools who still expect Githu Muigai and Keriako Tobiko to at least do the right thing for once.

But we are pockets within the Kenyan population who still are waiting to see whether the recently appointed Chief Justice, Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecution [a non political (public service) post], will make sure that all people involved in major crimes, illegal drugs, illicit brew, traffic violations, taxe evation, public corruption, official misconduct, organized crime, domestic terrorism, medical - healthcare - fraud (NHIF?????), patient abuse, sex offenders, are brought to justice.

Regardless of whether they happen to be big fish (mkizi, papa, nyagumi) or small fish (daaga, omena, kapenta) swimming in Kenya's muddied waters.

Anonymous said...


The comments that have appeared above in response to your post betray my lack of basic knowledge, education and necessary skills with regard to analysing and critiquing issues or matters of grave concern at any given moment, or any day.

So, as usual, let us just lay the blame where it belongs, squarely on some of my former primary school teachers like Mrs. Karani, Ms. Saburi, Mrs. Rajit, Mrs. Peshu, Mr. Munga, Mr. Jahazi, Mrs. Mwangovia, Mr. Patel, Mrs. Matasi, Miss. Macua, Miss. Mukolwe, Mrs. Wilkins, (not their real names) among others, for my absolute failure in not knowing how to identify, engage and write about anything of substance.

As a matter of fact, I hate to admit that had the well trained teachers from my early childhood days not spared the rod (recommended use of bamboo canes), and spoiled my language skills in the process, I would be among millions of highly eduacted and qualified Kenyans who are endowed with powerful ways of sharing their distinct thoughts and ideas through the power of words in many avenues of life.

Talking of Kenyans who are gifted with the most effective writing styles that are built on the fundamental critical and analytical
skills that transform their explanations, interpretations, stories, articles, essays, books and other publictions to higher levels.

Anyway, all I wanted to state is that the combined statements of the DPP, AG and the CJ, have not been persuasive enough since the day they took oath of office a while ago.

The DPP, AG and CJ, are on the verge of losing their right as well as one of the most important judicial privilege to stand with those of us, Kenyans from all walks of life, who have been weighed down for deacdes by the stifling power of systemic corruption, impunity, totally compromised judicial system, endemic culture of business as usual where everything goes, perverted ethnicity (ethnic extremism), economic sabotage (aka terrorism), land grabbing, among other evils in our midst, and proclaim with those who seek overdue justice, 'No, these type of injustices and modus operandi cannot be allowed to prevail'. Never again!.

It would be a real testimony to the strength of the judicial system to witness what happeness to all those of us, Kenyans, gathered throughout the country where the power of the above mentioned injustices are still palpable.

Anonymous said...

Taabu is very predictable, his posts are a whinning galore..the old fellow offers nothing just telling kk readers what they already know.
I mean, rumour mongers are at the very bottom of the INTELLECTUAL pyramid.

The oracle has spoken

Anonymous said...


Now that the courts have declared March ... 2013 as the offical date when some political giants and many political dwarfs ('unknowns') will be able to claim their rightful seats in the senate, governors' mansions and within the next parliament, thanks to the electorate who will promote them to positions of powers and influence once the general elections are over and done with.

The question remains, where does a Kenyan citizen, interested party, or rather we, the people, find information of both successful and unsuccessful political candidates for reelection since the second general election dating to the 1960s and leading to the last general election of December, 2007?

Is there an official online Biographical Directory of the Kenya Parliament since December, 1963?

So far, many former, current and dead members of parliament, including cabinet ministers, have done quiet a thorough job cleaning out any information that related to their one time stints in parliament, or current official presence in parliament for whatever reasons known to them.

Including candidates for nominations and renominations since the mid 1960s.

If people are going to seek political office, then they should not shy away, fear or be so scared of having their so-called biographical information available to the general public.

The availablity of such information goes with the territory, otherwise, anyone who is so concerned about such information appearing in an official Biographical Directory of the Kenya Parliament and now the Senate, should not be seeking political or public office, whatsoever.

What are some of the politicians, their families, firends so afraid of? What are they trying to hide in this day and age?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8/1/12 11:40 AM

What so intellectual about INSULTS? Just asking and nothing personal please.

Anonymous said...

The general election is on its way, and it will be here sooner than later, as expected by the majority of voters.

Hence, it will be harder deciding whether to starting singing, come baby, come baby, come, for your purchased votes in support of some of our not so favourite political candidates of our choice.

Or whether to brace ourselves and start shouting out louder and clear, run baby, run baby, run for your lives, for justice is coming, in the hopes that well known crooked politicians from around the country, will not contest for any seats in the coming general election.

While, on the one hand, the House Speaker, Marende, may have spoken when he urged presidential hopefuls, aspirants for the ancient colonial house the hill, to tone down their compaigns reloaded with maneno bure, maneno tupu kasoro vitendo and focus on ensuring peaceful and credible elections.

On the other hand, we, the people, and the rest of the concerned electorate have decided to dare the DPP, AG and CJ to go after 'respectable' Kenyan politicians and other high ranking officials, including those in the security services, who are known to be involved in the drug trade and bring them to justice.

Especially some of the politicians who may try to use drug money, looted funds from NHIF and CDF to finance their reloaded election campaigns in the next seven months.

We, the people, also dare the DPP, AG and CJ, including their trusted lieutenant generals within the judicial system to stand their ground and be counted for a change since the nation got its independence.

Their combined timely actions will speak more louder than any of their usual press releases and public statements that are normally fed to the hungry media houses whenever there is crisis of some sort.

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