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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Enterprising Kenyans Always Hit The Jackpot

Powered by: Web Africa Dot Net - Creativity No Boundaries ! the strong survive in this harsh economic climate. Get rich or die trying is more than a motto it is a mantra, but it is hypocritical to question how you make your money in modern day Kenya that is nobody's ethical business.Through simple mathematics any monthly salaries for example meager prime minister chief of staff can be stretched to achieve the possibility of buying wholesale hotels from such small livelihood. However such humble investment require non-ethical and educated thinking brains working behind hard earned cash. Few understand this principle very well and examples of poverty include complaining in the name of integrity and commenting  all day on every website. Become a forward looking Kenyan; soon you will be smiling with the rest of us smart investors Be forewarned though it is your own fault if you are prone to stereotypical violence or poor in this country NA BADO


Mwarang'ethe said...

Luke, first, relax.

Secondly, just to jog your memory a bit.

Long, long, long time ago, a VIRTUAL ECONOMIST, who tries very hard to be controversial as some IDIOTS say, wrote these words:

“Now, we know that, almost all of us have been led to believe that, if only we remove this leader, if only we use aid well, if only we are less corrupt, if we have a new constitution, Kenyan will march on to become a rich nation by 2030.

We DENY ALL this as MADNESS. We even go further and assert that, things will not get better, they will get WORSE.

In other words, EXPECT MORE CORRUPTION, crime, disorder and general decay and perhaps total state collapse.”


Now, this is the REAL deal.

Miguna Miguna is just another of the many IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS graduates.

Why do we say this:

Firstly, he is telling us nothing. As such, to even buy his book is WASTE of money. You will only get a lot of INFORMATION. However, that we have in plenty.

What we need is the UNDERSTANDING. This, like his friend Githongo, he does not provide us. Bure kabisa!

Secondly, he is yet to understand the difference between CAUSES and EFFECTS.

However, we understand where he and Githongo's are coming from:

A general outcry for instance against corruption is an important historical evidence.

However, IT IS NOT THE CAUSE that makes us complain, IT IS THE EFFECT, the situation in which we happen to find ourselves.

For instance, a ugali riot is not more concerned with the cause of the high cost of living, than the Roman sumptuary and moral laws were concerned with the CAUSE of the much complained of corruption.

The EFFECTS, everyone can see (especially the ILF GRADUATES), and we constantly hear of them, but, the cause, one must find.

So, it is, it was and so, it shall be. As Virgil wrote:

felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas, i.e. happy is he who can discover the CAUSES of things.

It follows that, the TRUE CAUSES of THINGS are hardly discussed in the markets and meeting - places such as the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS.

Why is this? Simply, like KIDS:

- it is the future, not the past, that worries the politicians and the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS and their FOOLISH GRADUATES,

- remedies, not causes, they are bound to discuss endlessly.

- they act as life preservers and not like those interested in the CAUSE of the shipwreck.

Anyway, since now Kenyans have gotten their TALKING POINTS which only DELUDES them further, we leave in peace to enjoy:

If you think them a Christian,
Wait until them see a thousand DOLLARS,

Them say no hair no grow in my palm.

And when darkness come down,
Them mek some ridiculous move, which, Jah alone can understand.

Taabu said...


Wewe wacha wivu. Get rich or die trying, will you? Better still get a GENE TRANSPLANT to acquire the right DNA.

Anonymous said...


i)The other day some folks parted with 100,000 Kshs to attend a luncheon meant to raise campaign money for this corrupt hair dyeing octogenarian opinion poll president (OPP).
ii)When MM questioned the sudden wealth of this caroli fellow, the OPP told him off since he is not only privy to the under dealings of his chief of staff but he uses him as an emmissary.
iii) All big investors in the energy sector are made to use OPP or his allies and companies as their local partners thereby his wealth has ammassed to billions.

I wonder what kina Phil of Kibera has to say in defence of his naked prince.


Anonymous said...

from same DN

"Mr Omondi is reputed to have been an independently wealthy property owner even before 2007 and housed the Raila Odinga Campaign Headquarters in one of his Upper Hill premises."

Anonymous said...


What of yours have we eaten that catapulted you into gathering new found guts to come out swinging from Kumekucha's outer field with harsh remarks and blanket accusations of how some of us are just plain lazy and spend all that remains of our underutilized energy and time on complaining ... and commenting all day on very website that are somehow hooked on a cybergrind linked to Kenya?

How comes you of all people become aware of the fact that there are those of us who literally waste our living moments hooked all day on every websites?

While most of us can appreciate the vital roles and contributions of forward looking Kenyans and smart investors like the rest of you, many of us, raia, give little or zero notice to the full reach of the economic principles into every aspect of our lives, from the safety of our environment to the amount of candidate information we really need to cast a wise vote in the next historic general election.

By the way, must we all be rich (aka bottom feeders) or millionaires fighting for the same old half-slice of Kenya's ever dwindling economic pie?

Anonymous said...

What a very cheap shot it is to dismiss Miguna Miguna as an "ivy league fool" when you have never been published by any backstreet press? Don't even bother purchasing a copy of Miguna's book if you don't want to, no one has put a gun on your head in that regard. Get a life for a change!

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget the fact that Felicien Kabuga was a one time very smart investor in his heydays but clould not manage to survive nor out-smart the inevitable. The rest is history, what becomes of African Jackpot hitters through underhanded government connections.

Taabu said...


The IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS monologue has left KK readers reeling and sheathing in equal measure. Some enquiries may be in order to PEEL BACK this mongrel.

At the risk of provoking unpleasant put offs and diatribe, the authors of such mean and broad brooms are better reminded that it takes wordiness to make a social scientist but diligent and frustrating failures for scientific invent (no spin please).

Granted, humanities is the pudding in an academic meal. However, talk being cheap, voluble dinners often clean their plates oblivious of the creators of the very sumptuous meal.

Social commentators are a distinguished cog in the progress wheel. Just like Philip Ochieng never tires to tell anybody ready to read and learn, a well informed commentary must be an alloy of knowledge ores to be read as a flawless sum of its diverse intellectual parts.

The fact is no single discipline can claim to inform all life's issues and challenges. The analogue between humanities and sciences may be best captured in the refrain that it is much easier to be a critic than a creator.

Just as the penchant to dive in without the finesse of swimming is fatal, allowing yourself to believe that you can jump into any wet surface because you delude yourself a professional of the swimming pool is not only foolish but also equally fatal. It is not enough just telling but your become more resourceful to your audience by showing.

True intellectualism is akin to starting with the safety of a swimming pool while not ignoring the danger of creeks, reservoirs and even waterfalls. Appreciating that you cannot swim nor dive in all these environments but knowing about their existence is an integral facet of internalizing wisdom.

Regurgitating disparate titbits here and there is symptomatic of the mortal failure to put what is learned into perspective. No need to split hairs given the irrelevant value of their diameter.

While pseudo intellectualism is often dished and limited to spewing utopian euphemisms, true cognitive inquiry involves an honest interrogation of nature using facts.

Both cognitive monotony and cognitive overload are two sides of the infamous coin of intellectual burden.

Anonymous said...

Poor Taabu,
At the risk of sounding like I am stirring a muddy well in the morning, your supposed rebuttal if that is what it was has reminded me of a broken record...noisy but at the end of the day out of tune and incoherent.
Thats what makes Mwarang'ethe special. He is clear to the point and gives enough references for those not lazy to read widely. However, old school fellows like Taabu would rather read and write half a page. Its a different world sir..

Anonymous said...

Kwani nani amekula kitu ya mtu hapa KK? Watu wamenyane.

And the cheerleaders are all out backing their horse BUT NO INPUT of their own.

Anonymous said...

This is the quote of the day " voluble dinners often clean their plates oblivious of the creators of the very sumptuous meal."
LOL! kali sana hio. a word to the wise is enough

So now you are saying you are better (richer) than us because you don't always leave comments on Kumekucha and other websites? NKT

Anonymous said...

Miguna says

“…(Dr Isahakia) has been implicated in a list of alleged corruption (scandals) as long as the River Nile. There are a few court judgments on these.

What is new here? Is like somebody binding newspaper reports on Goldenberg or Anglo Leasing.

MM is trying too hard to do a Githogo. But he is simply throwing a tantrum because he was fired unlike JG who risked his life.

That is not to say PM Raila is clean. Far from it but MM is petty.

Anonymous said...

A well stated objective description of peeling back the resident ______, and many KK readers couldn't agree more with you.

Seamen and deep sea fishermen from villages and towns situated along our wonderful and prestine coastal waters of Eastern Africa have always had an ancient term for the self-proclaimed ______; he or she has an ocean of knowledge of an inch deep and what that is uttered needs to be taken with a 'bag' of sea salt.

Anonymous said...

Luke is preaching to the choir because most of us are indeed forward looking Kenyans who have wholeheartedly approved and embraced the 'Vision 2030' but at the same time we've have our eyes tightly clued onto the rare view mirrors of our predictable lives and questionable investments.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Taabu wrote:

"... true cognitive inquiry involves an honest interrogation of nature using facts."


The above sentence is not complete.

Please, go think hard and come back and complete it.

Once you have done that small HOMEWORK, we shall commence our debate.


Also, bear in mind this:

(a) According to Miguna while living in the world of ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES, he was of this view:

“What we had fought for during the second liberation was forgotten; it was now ‘our time to eat’. I got reports that Raila, Orengo, Nyong’o and (Otieno) Kajwang’ were jokingly comparing me to the Mau Mau who woke up one day in December 1963 to hear reports that Kenya had obtained independence, but refusing to believe it, chose instead to ‘return to the forest’.”


(b) on our side, we have held consistently this view:

“Now, we know that, almost all of us have been led to believe that, if only we remove this leader, if only we use aid well, if only we are less corrupt, if we have a new constitution, Kenyan will march on to become a rich nation by 2030.

We deny all this as madness. We even go further and assert that, things will not get better, they will get worse. In other words, EXPECT MORE CORRUPTION, crime, disorder and general decay and perhaps total state collapse."

Simply, who WAS/IS STILL deluded? Mwarang'ethe or Miguna?

Or, to borrow your own words, if:

"... true cognitive inquiry involves an honest interrogation of nature using facts," we INQUIRE, who has done exactly that?

Is it a man who deluded himself with the so called second liberation, or a man who has consistently showed the so called second revolution/liberation is a CRUEL CHILDISH FANTASY?

There is only one answer and you know it, but, you dare not say it for you are a STRANGER to the TRUTH.

Bure kabisa wewe!

Anyway, we are off to:

'Cause I feel like bombin' a UNIVERSITY,

Now - now that you know that the TEACHERS LIKE TAABU ARE lyin' and have not done their HOMEWORK:

Anonymous said...

Money talks and that's why a certain cadre of Kenyan investors are in an extraordinary league of their own when it comes to diversfying their portfolios.

Some well known big time investors would rather invest in a variety of assets such as $6000 suits, $1500 crocodile skin shoes, $300 belts, $200 wallets for every day of the week, and $$$ Rolex watches.

At any given point, the sole purpose of their presence at every public or private functions is to be seen as they showcase their flashy and ostentatious clothings and accessories, rather than seeing what needs to be for the common good.

Kenya has its rightful owners, the rest are nothing more joy riders in their a country they still presume belongs to the common folks in a democratic sense.

Anonymous said...

How many desks can $6000 fetch per class in some of Kenya's poorly constructed primary schools located within many underdeveloped constituencies? The Jean-Bedel Bokasa complex of purchasing the most expensive suits and "the best of evertything" seems to be in everyone of us once we have been given the slightest opportunity to get our feet inside the corridors of powers. Hmmm, the more things change the more they remain the same.

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