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Monday, June 04, 2012

Kibaki's Self-Guilt Ghost Emboldens Terrorists

While President Kibaki has been sounding more reconciliatory and focused of late, a closer look at his latest public speeches reveals a tormented soul. The hitherto aloof President is fighting an inner guilt that he dares not expose given his known personal pride.

So what is this flaming guilt eating Kibaki's soul? Well, look no further than his continued promise for a smooth transition. We all know power abhors vacuum and the whole handover business is explicitly covered in every constitution including ours.

That Kibaki finds it an obligation to explain the obvious to shameless claim credit for the same is no mere political hot air nor mischief.

The truth is the President is haunted by his immediate past. He is acutely aware of the genesis of his present term from that midnight inauguration. Poor Samuel Kivuitu must be feeling really betrayed in his cancer bed.

And Kibaki and his handlers know when to manufacture an artificial crisis and make motions to create and impression of solving it. They are simply taking advantage of Kenyans' reknown short memories. What is more, an insinuation of a chaotic handover would leave hairs standing behind their necks.

Kenya has laws and we don't have bad leaders for lack of the same. You see thanks to impunity, the laws are made for the ordinary Kenyan but the rulers exist to break them.

Banana state

Even Moi the dictator had no choice but to handover power after seeing his Project humiliated in 2002. But that does not stop Kibaki from frightening the political daylight out of gullible Kenyans.

That the President has been making this noise in every speech is no ordinary politicking. He is cleverly creating an impression of authority knowing quite well the country lies at the mercy of drug lords and merchants of terror. If in doubt just watch the tightly investigated Jicho Pevu series.

Just like buglers are likely to attack a home headed by a coward, terrorists and their local freelancers are exploiting lack of firm leadership within our borders. They strike Nairobi secure in the knowledge they can get away with the bloodshe several times over.

Contrast that with the terrorists' mortal fear to attack Addis Ababa. Well, Meles may be benevolent dictator but the terrorists know how strong his reactions to provocations can be.

A country is a strong as its leadership and a banana state is not one feeding exclusively on the fruit.


Anonymous said...


Very true these amarture terrorists know we have a prezzo sleeping on the job.

The terrorists will never dare attack Ethiopia just like M7 did them in when they they attacked Kampala.

It is simple, TRIBALIZED police force. Iteere owes his job to his mother tongue so do Muhoro. Add that to the whole Ministry of OP, Finance and Transport and you have a COCKTAIL OF FRAUD ruling Kenya.

Look at Mary Wambui and Murungaru importing drugs and having Murage at SH to provide cover.

As you said those preaching the gospel according to fools will always crawl from the woodwork waxing academic but inside them are destructive tribalists defending their own. OLE WETU.

Luke said...

Kwani Baba Jimmy AMEKULA mbuzi ya JICHO PEVU? hio ni bure kabisa

Lately Kenyan media (including this popular family blog beloved by hard-working watchmen (AFANDE),househelps (DOMESTIC STAFF) cosmetics and real-estate developers) has been on active WITCH-HUNT aimed at blemishing the legacy of past and present DULY ELECTED leaders as well as unnecessarily questioning the CREDIBILITY of future INCOMING Presidential candidates but NOBODY IS PERFECT even lions have FLEAS on their back show RESPECT won't you?

Anonymous said...

Ati preaching the gospel according to fools, LOL.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Without drug DOLLARS, where and how do you expect the GOK to get $$ to pay back the KIBERA TOILET BUILDING LOANS advanced by OUR DEAREST FRIENDS at the WORLD BANK/IMF?

There is LOGIC even to the drug trade.

More so, one must distinguish between:

(a) reality of power, and

(b) appearance of power.

As such, Kibaki, is, and the INCOMING president SHALL be in (b).

Anyway, since this makes no sense, it is time to leave to enjoy:

They build their world on GREAT CONFUSION to FORCE US on the devil's SOLUTION:

Anonymous said...

Fleas at the State House, within the Adminstration, Security Agencies and Parliamnet galore.

Lions in Africa are known to won fleas through out their lifetime and especially to carry them (fleas) in certain areas of their body parts that can't be reached without the special help of little birds (can't recall the spicies) that have been allowed by nature to have a symbiotic relationship with the kings of the Savanna grasslands for mutual benefit.

In Kibaki's case, he has adamantly ignored frequent calls and genuine gestures for help from the little birds situated in all corners of Kenya's political grasslands at his own peril, and has gone on to surrounded himself with tribal marabou storks, regional crows and political vultures since his ascension to power.

And that's why the fleas have multiplied within the current admisntration and all over the country in last ten years to the point where Kibaki has been incapacited, let function decisively as it had been expected of him carry out his presidential duties after December 2002.

Terrorists on Kenyan Soil.

As for opportunistic terrorists (monitor lizards, geckos, salamanders, and horned chameleons), they are very much akin to the proverbial double humped desert camel (very evil and deadly faces in our midst) always seeking ways to access shelter in the owner's tent during sand storm or on a freezing night.

A country's leadership is as weak as its weaklest link, one of the reasons why Kenya's security agencies and especially the regular police have always been the problem rather than solution to the country's basic security needs.

While we are at time, take note that those concerned with security matters within the country have no clue:

a) as to how many visas are issued in any particular time or day of the month.

b) the point of issuance, and the officer's signature.

c) the number of how many individuals issued with visas do end up make it into the country, duration of their stay and final exit.

d) whether the tourist visas are being used by vistors and criminals (including majority of the foriegn business people) for reasons unrelated to tourism as specified on their original applications.

e) archives of the above mentioned are still non existence. For instance, a review of who is who (both local and foreign) that entered the country in the course specific months during last year is hard to come by or accessed by those concerned during investigations or security emergencies.

Unfortunately, the hand at the immigration head office in Nairobi does not know in real time what the other hand(s) are doing or have done at the visa sections within their respective embassies around the globe let alone who is who that walks through at the point or port of entry at any given time.

While the concerned security agencies are always left in the dark or frustrated at times because they don't access to the data or required/necessary information in real time.

Cordinated security efforts is still a foreign word within all the agencies in question and the country's leadership has a lot do with the debacle inspite one of the deadliest wake up call in August of 1998.

Anonymous said...

Taabu you must have hit a raw nerve. You see everybody is conviniently avoiding the thesis of your post and diving into sideshows.

While the tribalized police force often comes up with 'very good' good intelligence on Mungiki (now that the militia is not supporting weneyeinchi), the same police cannot gather rudimentary intelligence and remain clueless on terrorists using fertilizer bombs.

A country is as strong as its leaderhip. Couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Does the following ring a close bell, or rather sound familiar in many ways than some in our midst would like others to believe when it comes to our own home grown political climate where everything unethical goes, especially for those who have been closely associated with Kibaki's and Odinga's inner political circles?

The reality is beginning to sink in among Karzai's family as Afghan era closes. As Ahmed Karzai days as Afghanistan's president draw to a close, his family members are fighting to protect their status while secretly fighting among themselves over the fortunes they have amassed.

If Karzai's family members are already beginning to experience turbulence while he is still in office, then imagine the kind of frenzy going on among his henchmen and political allies as they dread the impending chaotic and sporadic changes that will be generated once the current post-Talibani Karzai's Afghan era comes to an end.

Everything taken into account, offshore accounts will suffice for the most sophisticated and well traveled among them, while others will resort to hasty or bad investments (as were the cases among the previous regime in Kenya before it fell in December 2002), and last but least, the old fashion stuffing of money in bed mattresses as well as burrying of valuables in hidden caves and under groundwill suffice for the rest them.

What goes around comes around in many ways than originally intended or expected bt those in the mix of things.

Anonymous said...

A country is as strong as its people in the first place and second with its given leadership at any given point and time in its history, no more no less. PERIOD!

If the people are not as strong as their so-called strong leadership then the rest of the strength as seen or exhibited within certain leadership circles, the military and regular security agencies is nothing more than a house of cards.

Recent history is littered with many houses of cards that were owned or ruled by men or presidents that were once thought to be very strong leaders - Idi Amini Dada, Jaafar Nimeiri, Samuel Doe, Siad Barre, Botha, Ian Smith, Mengistu Haile Mariam, Habre, Joseph Mobutu, Laurent Kabila, Gbagbo, Gaddafi, Honsi Mubarak et al.

Ooops! I forget to differentiate between strong men or despots and strong leadership. Excuse me for a moment while I check for the real difference.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is simply being who and what he is, A TRIBALIST to the core. Just look around him and see every decision must be made in mother tongue. All key positions populated by the right DNA. They believe they own Kenya and we owe them loayalty.

Not now, it is 2012 and they better prepare for battle royale. Kenyans must rise up and reclaim their country.

Kibaki's fraudulent regime had disinherited the whole country. Most govt facilities and intitutions have been transfered fraudulently to the Kikuyu elite, for example KR.

Let us fight to save the soul of this beautiful country from the jaws of these murderous lot.

Anonymous said...

You cannot imagine a whole police boss telling people a bomb blast is an electric fault. And he shamelessly keeps quiet never to apologize. The GSU boss wasn't meant to a top cop, NO SOPHISTICATION.

And where was Uhuruto after the blast to remind us of severeignity? We had to wait for the imperial FBI to discover the fertiliser bomb.

Talk is surely cheap. The blasts started with Uhuru Park during referendum rallies. Nobody has been arrested and since then opoortunistic bombers are on a roll. Next blast please.

Mwarang'ethe said...

And where was Uhuruto after the blast to remind us of severeignity? We had to wait for the imperial FBI to discover the fertiliser bomb.


ya ya ya ya sure sure!

"It appears to be the first time the United States has repeatedly used cyberweapons to cripple another country’s infrastructure, achieving, with computer code, what UNTIL THEN could be accomplished only by bombing a country or SENDING IN AGENTS TO PLANT EXPLOSIVES."



For us, we continue STUDYING:


But there is CONFUSION

And all these YEARS I hear THEM SAY

But all these TRICKS were just a GAME

Anonymous said...

What is worse for Kenya is that the closer we get to choosing the right democratic government for all people from all corners of the country, the greater seems the temptation to detrail the once in a lifetime golden opportunity and instead end up clinging onto our tribal political enclaves and conniving tribal chieftains.

Kenyans are caught between Kibaki, his henchmen and loyal tribal foot soldiers on one side, and Odinga, his henchmen and loyal tribal foot soldiers on the other side.

The reality is that it's does matter whether Kibaki retires in 2012 with his entire contingent of Kikuyu elite, the country will still remain stuck in the same old rut unless Odinga and his entire legions of Luo elite are sent packing or into retirement at the same time.

Both sides have been fighting each other and the rest of country for their right to eat (and loot) as much as they can while time is still on their respective sides.

So why would any group of patriotic Kenyans waste their scarce resources, energy and time fighting to save the soul of a once beautiful country from what has been referred to on numerous occasions as 'the jaws of murderous lot' only to end falling victims to the deadly antics of a new sheriff in town with his bunch of trigger happy hooligans in uniform as well as henchmen in asigned to 'most government facilities and institutions'?

Kenyans from all walks of life should unite for a change and kick all the 'political eaters' out of office and positions of influence once and for all.

Or else we will have no one political party or 'enemy tribe(s)' to blame but ourselves in the next ten years.

Anonymous said...

What should Kenyans fear most between the ghosts in Kibaki's chambers and skeletons in Kibaki's closet?

DM-Nairobi said...

Am really surprised that with this blog's much vaunted journalistic investigative skills and experience, the writer would still imagine that its some non-Kenyan terrorists bombing Nairobi!

Kumekucha, haven't you established yet that its none other than Kibaki and his cronies in the security agencies who are behind these nefarious activities? They are planning to declare a state of emergency just before the election on the guise that the country is under attack and is at war in Somali.

This is the devious plan to buy Kibaki up to one more year in power if not two simply because of the ICC cases. If this doesn't work, Mudavadi is the other project who is being propped up to defeat Raila in the run-off elections.

Anonymous said...

First, blame it on Kibaki, blame it on his cronies in the security agencies where a many of your own relatives and people are employed, rank and file.

Then blame it on Project Mudavadi that is not even any where near the main opponent's camp and highest hurdle that will be very difficult for your self-anointed candidate to overcome during the general elections.

When will people forget dreaming about the round-two (water-run-off) elections, for there will be none in case of a landslide victory that may or may not accur if the stars in Kenya's constellation align themselves in unexpected ways.

Keep dreaming!

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