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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Degree Necessary, not Sufficient for Leadership

The debate has grown legs of its own and Kenyans are livid with both consternation and rage. Should an MP be a university graduate? That is the big question.

A degree may be a necessary but not suffcient qualification for leadership. True, there is more to education than just being learned. You see a degree can be either a blessing for an enriched grey matter as well as a curse for a selfish, closed or sadistic mind.

Granted formal education is not to acquire mere papers, it is being trained to think, to provide a cognitive sheen to the basic affective and psychomotor skiils. But therein lies the paradox as evident from the many degree holders in the present Parliament which, unfortunately, is inversely proportional to the qualifty of both their debates and leadership.

So we have been told more than 80% of the present MPs have rendered themselves jobless by passing the Bill pegging their candidature on degree qualification.

Critics of the Bill have given examples of great leaders who where school dropouts like the late British wartime Premier Winston Churchill and even Microsoft owner Bill Gates himself. While they may consider that comparison clever, it is no brainer comparing oranges and apples.

One can also drop the ERROR that was Moi to advance the need for higher educational qualification for leadership. But on the flipside an inquisitive mind will also not fail to mention the ruin caused by one Dr Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

Maina Njenga

Give it to Amos Kimunya. The Minister for Transport is not only a brilliant accountant but a smart politician to boot. He knew when to hit hardest where it hurts and matters most. With one genius stroke he delivered to Uhuru Kenyatta the greatest of political favours none of the UK's cheerleaders would manage with their turbo charged mandibles.

You see the degree qualification would effortlessly condemn the ex-Mungiki leader Maina Njenga to political Siberia. What a genius?

So while the voluble Chepalungu MP would want to elevate Parliament constituted by graduates to a senior common room of dons, passing the Bill without scrutiny exposed the MPs soft intellectual underbelly. The MPigs dread the fangs of the ghost they failed to exorcize.

The naked and bitter truth is that Bills are written in English and so do most technical deliberations in Parliamentary committees. While populism can afford the likes of Sonko to get away with Sheng, you don't need to hazard any guess on the values such characters add to Parliamentary debates. I guess their contributions may be most useful in the catering committee.

Even Raila's criticism while hiding under vouching for the youth smacks of cheap populism. True, most university students graduate when they are past the age of 22. But what would make somebody barely out of his teens seek an elective post instead of work hard to shape both his career and future? It must be the height of naivity to regard Parliament as a dependable and exclusive employment bureau.

The present degree debate exposes the rot that engulfs the Kenya's fabric. People look at leadership as means to an end (read grab public wealth) and not as service to voters. The rich and functionally illiterate leaders also suffer from the mortal fear of the schooled. It must be very quite easy leading a functionally illiterate populace.


Anonymous said...


Very true a degree can be a curse paraded as hollow pride or blessing to better your life and your family/community/country.

But above all else a degree is meant to make you rational and appreciate being a student of life.

The illiterate politicians will not admit it but they suffer acute bout of the fear of the unknown. They worship wealth while dreaming of brains which no money can buy.

That said, seeing buffoonery from the 'educated' lot hurts most. We need schooled and not merely learned politicians.

Anonymous said...

Having well educated leaders is a plus on many levels, but unfortunately, some of the 'most dumbest' politicians and incompetent leaders one will ever encounter or have the misfortune of working under their leadership are people with degrees that have been minted from various local and foreign institutions.

As a matter of fact, Kenya would have been fifty years ahead in terms of development had the holders of bachelor's dgrees, master's degrees and Ph.Ds put their so-called educated minds to better use rather than investing the same in egotistical endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Taabu is a living example of why a degree is not the absolute prooof of intellectual maturity..Need I say more!!

Anonymous said...

"Quacks should not be allowed to lead 'smart' Kenyans."

While some of us couldn't agree more, there are those of us who would like to know why the 'smart' Kenyans have not allowed themselves to lead the country to greater heights in the last forty years.

Luke said...

wacha zako ati now U.K. has all the RIGHT DEGREES: - PEDIGREE, ACADEMIC DEGREE and DNA bure kabisa

Mwarang'ethe said...

Ati one must have a degree?

From the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS? bwa ha ha ha ha he hi, we we wi wi wi ci ci ci ci cu cu cu cu gi gi ga ga ga go go

We must distinguish between:

(a) training, and

(b) education.


Simply, there is no education going on. So, it matters not whether one has a degree or not.

As such, all the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS can do and will continue to do is to increase the PROFICIENCY/EFFICIENCY of their FOOLISH GRADUATES in:

- robbery,
- murder,
- fraud,
- cunning,
- insolence, and above ALL
- violence.

If you want to really understand how much training is going on, just peruse the so called NEW CONSTITUTION written by men/women who parade themselves as learned.

Just to cite one example. So as to pay the PARASITES these so called DEGREE HOLDERS installed via this new Constitution, Wanjiku has to cough over KES 100b in 2012 - 13. The fact that these lawyers can call such tyranny reform, shows that, they have received so much training, but, no education at all.

So, the "debate" about degrees and such is a WASTE OF TIME and RESOURCES we do not have!

NB: For instance, the DEFINITION of education was changed in 1920's. How many of these IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS foolish graduates know such a fact and what it really means?

Anyway, since we do not even know the difference between education and training, and everything is called education, we leave to enjoy:

They keep building TRAINING UNIVERSITIES to train more EFFICIENT:

- imperialists, murderers, dupes, fools and fanatics with degrees!

kumekucha said...

This degree thing was sneaked into all the draft constitutions by some farting naive NGO types who believe that the world starts and ends with them (What does Mwarangethe say about Harvard-types all the time on this blog?)

The truth is that we have had some pretty terrible leaders who were degree holders. Robert Mugabe (does he have 6 degrees or is it more?) comes to mind.

Indeed if Kenyans were to compare the leadership of illiterate Moi and Makerere Don Kibaki where is the difference? In my book Moi was a better leader (by far), more politically smart too any day.

I agree with Taabu that a degree sharpens a leader but does not make one. We should let the people decide so that if there are special circumstances the rights of other less fortunate Kenyans are not trampled on. I am thinking of that semi-illiterate Mama mboga who leads a women's group somewhere rather successfully now being given a chance in future to govern an entire poverty stricken county and managing rather well to the surprise of those farting NGO types.

Let us be careful here we could be blocking Kenya's own degreeless Winston Churchil from ascending into leadership over this silly technicality. Otherwise we can start by banning all Microsoft products in Kenya because the founder (Bill Gates) is not only NOT a university graduate but committed the big sin of dropping out of university.

Chris Kumekucha

P.S. The truth is that education and being educated is changing very fast just now. More so with the World Wide Web where virtually all knowledge is so easily accessible for the first time in human history. Methinks the new definition of well-educated will be the person who has the skills and knowledge to process all the information and knowledge that is being thrown at us in torrents daily. This is the big challenge intelligence outfits the world over are facing just now and it is also the challenge we are all increasingly facing that easily makes or breaks people every day.

Anonymous said...


Please confirm or deny that you also go by TAABU TELE. Just curious, you know.

Anonymous said...

Eti Chris would rather have the SLAVERY of Egypt (AKA MOI) rather than the PROMISED LAND (aka KIBAKI).
Just goes to show how some people even with evidence slapping their oily faces will never see.

I think Chris needs prayers.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Impossible to resist how the DEGREE holders from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS reason (a serious joke).

Sample this:

"Prime Minister Raila Odinga has called for a reduction in the cost of doing business in Kenya to enable the country to compete effectively in the global market."


Since he is the PM, we assume he is appealing to ALIENS FROM MARS to reduce the cost of doing business in Kenya.


"The PM expressed concern [just like Wanjiku is expressing] that Kenya’s performance in Doing Business has declined among the 183 countries examined, noting the country is ranked at number 109 this year down from 72 in 2008."


How sad it is to listen to these DEGREE HOLDERS Lord?

We have been told by the DEGREE HOLDERS how the infrastructure like Thika road, internet and such have been built.

So, why are we still sinking?


“These include key legislation, tax administration and licensing reforms that will mean an annual saving of US $ 170 million to the private sector,” the PM is TEACHING US.


As noted so many times, these so called IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS only graduate thieves, LIARS, ROBBERS and murderers.

A few days ago, courtesy of the new katiba which Raila supports like his son, has added over KES 100b in tax burden.

So, where is Raila getting these savings?

In any case, do we work to feed the politicians so that we should celebrate when they rob us less?

How ridiculous and pathetic these DEGREE HOLDERS have become?


How should we measure intelligence? Is it:

(a) by looking at grade A from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS?, or,

(b) by the capacity to understand our REAL problems and the ability to SOLVE them?

Anyway, as we wait for the ALIENS from MARS and other unknown planets to reduce the cost of doing business in Kenya as the DEGREE HOLDERS INCREASE the VAT and the TENANT TAXES so as to fund MORE DEGREE HOLDERS who will be FARTING on their NEW CHAIRS in their NEW ULTRA MODERN Parliament of Degrees, we leave to enjoy:

You TAX non degree holders to build your halls of indoctrination,

To brainwash education to make the DEGREE HOLDERS foolish.

Anonymous said...


Ever heard that it is more sinful to know and do nothing. Why don't your types seek leadership and live the talk instead of blogging and waiting to trash all that is wrong?

You may be right with your singular whip on ILF but you may be a greater one by offering nothing except mourns.

Jitokezea and show us what you can do for yourself, Mbeere and Kenya.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Ever heard that it is more sinful to know and do nothing. Why don't your types seek leadership and live the talk instead of blogging and waiting to trash all that is wrong?


Listen/read carefully!

In Mbeere, having accumulated wisdom for thousands of years which the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS cannot match, they teach us this:

- When a house is burning, at least, the owner does enjoy some warmth.

We are enjoying the warmth of a burning house!

bwa ha ha ha he hi hi we we wi wi


Have you read this:

"CIC suspends five over alleged fraud."

Bwe we we we we wi wi wi wu wu wu wo wo wo, ti ti ti ti ri ri ru ru re re re

This is just the BEGINNING.

All these USELESS COMMISSIONS Kenyans have created SHALL become dens of EFFICIENCY in corruption and fraud.



Seriously, we sympathies with Kenyans/Africans very much.

The only problem is this:

Men, it is very unfortunate that, they clamor for MEN OF ACTION and not men of REFLECTION.

They think (in their usual illusions, delusions and childish fantasies) that reflection is a waste of time.

Unfortunately, every action they take in hurry, leads them closer to total ruin.


Something "else" very serious and disturbing:

If you survey the African mind on the eve of the European OCCUPATION of Africa and the African mind in the 21st Century, you will cry with SHAME!

Sample this:

Today, we heard Raila saying we do not possess so called intelligence like the USA.

The other day, he asked the USA/EU to bring EUROPEAN soldiers to Somalia.

How do you invite armed foreigners who are better armed to Africa?

If they refuse to leave and turn their guns on the Africans, what shall we do?

Shall we not our children be forced to pour more blood like our fathers to remove them?

Now, compare his mind (ICC and such things we hear these days), and the mind of King of Mossi who told the French who are coming to MENTOR us on OPIUM SESSIONS something like this:

"I know that the whites wish to kill me in order to take my country, and yet you claim that they will HELP me to ORGANIZE my country.

NB: They still claim the same thing!

But I find my country good just as it is. I HAVE NO NEED OF THEM.

I know what is necessary for me and what I want:

- I have my own merchants:

- also, consider yourself fortunate that I DO NOT ORDER YOUR HEAD TO BE CUT OFF.

Go away now, and above all, never come back."

Compare that spirit of an African on the eve of the European occupation and the present BROKEN F£$^ing STUPID spirit of a BRAINWASHED generation that cannot understand the price in blood we have paid!

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Armée française

Anonymous said...

ati Chris' FACE is OILY because his BRAIN is COOKING blog posts apologize Anon@..... won't you?

Anonymous said...


Be real and stop your empty bragadiccio. Stop hidding behind some high sounding moral and intellectual discourse that is empty.

Tell us what you have done that makes you stand out in life. You must be suffering an acute bout of insecurity that makes you see ILF lurking in every shadow.

Ati education's definition was changed in 1920. And would you to go the whole hog and accept that it was changed by brians you refer to ILF.

It is simple, you don't have what it takes to challenge the smart folks but some warpped Sumarian folklore that you delude yourself are original.

The world is on the move and will never wait for you to fossilize and reinvent itself in Sumarian wheels.

Leadership involves doing the extraordinary with ordinary resources. A smart MP won't mind studying to better his faculties.

Come on folks let us not settle for less ati mama Mboga who doesn't have the means. MPs have the means so let them be TRAINED TO THINK.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Come on folks let us not settle for less ati mama Mboga who doesn't have the means. MPs have the means so let them be TRAINED TO THINK.


Trained to think?

"Think" about what?

Bwa ha ha ha ha he he hi hi wa wa wa wa wa we wi

Anonymous said...

Anon said,

...The world is on the move and will never wait for you to fossilize and reinvent itself in Sumarian wheels...

LOL, hiyo kali.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not whether Chris has an oily face or not the issue here is education:-Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Those who claim to have seen Chris face with oil should post pictures here to prove their claims otherwise stick to the topic at hand please

Anonymous said...

Degree tosha! A cadre of local government, community, political and (to some extent) business leaders must be "degreed" from reputable and accreditated institutions of higher learning.

Proficiency in Swahili and English (British vernacular) must be required of all public officials.

While form two (Senior II) school dropouts like some of us should never ever be appointed or elected to senior positions of leadership.

Let's not even dare think of using Winston Churchhill and other dropouts as excuses or examples of what they country might miss out on in the event non "degreed" individuals are restricted from running for higher offices in the land.

Churchhill (Kilimakanisa) was very lucky because the fortunes of war changed in his country's favour thanks to the allied forces who came to his aid in the hour of desperate need.

Above all, the current educational system has to be changed otherwise we will end up getting the same results and dysfunctional individuals at the helm of all underperforming institutions in the public sector as well as private sector.

There are those of us who are going to propose after May of 2013, that underforming senior public sector staff should at least have 15 to 20 per cent of their basic salary withheld each year. Wapende wasipende

Anonymous said...

Will Maina Njenga end up being just another version of Kihika Kimani - a project of the next president or opposition leader?

Anonymous said...

Arent we tol how Kenya relies on own and few debts from China!Washindwe

Kenya’s debt accrues to Sh304b since 2003
The Government has incurred a total of Sh304.4billion in external debt over the last eight years, a cabinet minister revealed to parliament Wednesday.

Finance Minister Njeru Githae said the amount was obtained from a number of creditors, including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Government of Japan.

Mr Githae, however, assured the House that the total public debt is manageable as it currently stands at 47 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“Our debt situation is manageable and sustainable, if it goes beyond 50 per cent of the GDP, then it will become unsustainable. The Government has not been engaged in any reckless borrowing. The budget deficit currently stands at 6 per cent,”

Anonymous said...

Picture this as the ultimate definition of political desperation. In his attempt to become the next PORK, Raila has engaged the support of Mungiki leader Maina Njenga and the noisy but non influential Gitobu Imanyara to win the Central Kenya votes...bwa ha ha haaaa...te he he heeeee

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kenya’s debt accrues to Sh304b since 2003
The Government has incurred a total of Sh304.4billion in external debt over the last eight years, a cabinet minister revealed to parliament Wednesday.


The ECONOMIST Kibaki (8 yrs.) has borrowed, or, put the Kenyans people into more debts than both:

- Kenyatta (12 yrs.) and
- Moi (24 years).

It is that debt, Kenyans in their usual ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES, are calling WISE MANAGEMENT of the Kenyan economy.

However, this means two things in the near future:

(a) more taxation,

(b) inflation and CURRENCY DEVALUATION, and possibly HIGH INTEREST RATES.


Just a by the way.


Some as usual doubt this. Well, hear this now:

"The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined Barclays Bank a record £59.5m for attempting to manipulate the interest rates at which banks lend to each other."

NB: You commit fraud, make billions from the SHEEPLE, then, pay a few millions as fines which is used to pay NATIONAL DEBTS!


Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Building Churches (near these BANKS),

and SCHOOLS which graduate:

- proficient thieves, murders and fraudsters

Anonymous said...

Don't we all know how to read Nation and BBC?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Don't we all know how to read Nation and BBC?

6/28/12 1:55 AM


Bure wewe!

Which IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS did you attend? bwa ha ha ha he he hi hu hu we we

It is called showing evidence to illustrate/support a point.

Is that too difficult to understand even for the ILF GRADUATE?

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Champagne and caviar,

I hope you'll come and find me
Cause you know who we are.

Those who deserve the best in life,

And know what the money's worth,

And those whose sole misfortune

Was having mountains o' nothing at birth

Anonymous said...

Can old political foxes be taught new ethical tricks to transform them into honest, patriotic and productive human beings?

Can once hard working political mules and donkeys be forced to drink fresh waters from the county streams and country's rivers so that they can be able to function as well quenched teams?

Anonymous said...

Having an academic degree or not having a degree should never be an issue at all when it comes to public service, however, what should be very important is being in possession of sufficient leadership skills and knowledge beyond a person's area of expertise.

As a fact, it takes some of best minds in our midst to run, develop and mature a nation beyond all expectations.

On the other hand, the possession of a mere academic degree can be one of the highest impediments to public performance and personal progress - (the personal life histories of some well known Kenyan politicians and professionals speak volumes).

Anyhow, take a guess at the name of the country, political party, age and gender of the following ministers, and then be the judge for a second based on their performance grades.

Minister for Culture and Chieftancy, an educationist by profession, performance grade C.

Minister for Women and Children Affairs, a nurse by profession, performance grade C-.

Minister for Environment Science and Technology, a biochemist by profession, performance grade C+.

Minister for Water, Works and Housing, a lawyer by profession, performance grade C-.

Minister for Tourism, a journalist by profession, performance grade D+.

Minister for Finance and Economic Planing, an economist/Banker by profession, performance grade B.

Minsiter for Roads and Highways, an educationist/trade unionist by profession, performance grade C.

Minister for Transport, a teacher profession, performance grade C.

Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, a quantity surveyor performance grade D+.

Minister for Communications, a lawyer by profession, performance grade B.

Minister for Youth and Sports, an agricultural economist, performance grade C+.

Minister for Interior, a lwayer by profession, performance C.

Minister for Employment and Social Welfare, an accountant by profession, performance grade C.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, a lawyer by profession, performance grade C+.

Minister for Education, a lawyer by profession, performance grade C+.

Minister for Energy, an engineer/lecturer, performance grade C+.

Minister for Defence, a military officer (retired Lt. Cen.), performance grade C+.

Minister for Health, a pharmacist/lawyer, performance grade C+.

Minister for Trade and Industry, a lawyer by profession, performance grade B-.

Sadly, billions of dollars continue to be wasted by all the ministries under the watch of the above mentioned politicians who are in possession of one, two or more academic degrees.

Anonymous said...

If you are a successful Kenyan man and you want to avoid Sammy Wanjiru's or Eziekel Kemboi's fate, please PLEASE... I am pleading with you NOT to marry a Kenyan woman! Go foreign... anyone except a Kenyan woman and be with her at ALL times, never leave her out of your sight. Heed my advice and you will live.

This is coming from a Kikuyu woman.

Anonymous said...

They are Ghanaian Ministers of State, their boss is Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, a university professor of law and his deputy is John Dramani Mahama.

Ghanaian ministers, deputy ministers, regional ministers and members of parliament get graded on their performance and the results are published for the general public.

Anonymous said...

What a potent mix of volatile and political tribes

ANNE NJERI OTIENO vs Ezekiel Kemboi

Anonymous said...

Proverbs: 28:16 - A tyrannical ruler practices extortion, but one who hates ill-gotten gain will enjoy a long reign.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Proverbs: 28:16 - A tyrannical ruler practices extortion, but one who hates ill-gotten gain will enjoy a long reign.

6/29/12 9:01 AM


You mean like these BEASTLY TYRANTS:

As we are taught:

Men without without education (not training please) must become:

- CRAFTY, and

- CUNNING, and

- of all wild beasts the most INSOLENT.

All this for the DIRTY $$$?

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

They create $ 90b wealth p.a.,

yet, Oh Lord,look how they LITTLE BROTHERS lie down n drink bad water out a garbage pan:

Anonymous said...

A degree is not necessary for political leadership because some of the degrees decorating people's homes or hanging on the walls of so many offices in the nation's capital are not even worth the paper they were printed on.

And here is one of the reasons according to Shangazi Wakinara (not her real name);

During my high school days, we had people who were being admitted to the one and only university - of Nairobi - we had serving the whole village of a nation at the time, these were people who had scored lower grades while many others with higher grades were left out due to either political, corruption (magendo), ethnic bias, warped affirmative action, gender, SFA (sex-for-admission), certain well connected hands rubbing other well connected in the Ministry of Education and the within the Office of the President.

For instance, it's difficult to explain how a classmate of mine with following high school results, History - C, Geography - D, Lit(erature) - D was admitted to the University of Nairobi, while many other well qualified students with higher marks - such as, Mathematics - B, Geography - B, Economics - B, Mathematics - B, Physics - C, Chemistry - B, History - B, Geography - C, Lit in English - B, Maths - B, Chemistry - B, Biology - B, Maths - B, Geography - C, Economics - B, History - B, Religion - A, Swahili - B, Hsitory - B, Geography - B, Swahili - B, just to name a few - from neighbouring schools in the same region were never admitted to the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University College (as it was known at the time, or even to other alternative institutions of higher learning like Kenya Science Teachers College, etc.

Those were very frustration times for many intelligent Kenyan students who had a lot of potential but had no option of pursuing university education other than flee the country so to speak, in order to get a better chance of pursuing higher education in Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, United Kingdom, West Germany, Netherlands, France, Ireland, rest of Europe and Eastern Europe, Canada, United States of America, Australia, Middle East and Asia.

Academic degrees should not be the only barrometer or yardstick used when searching for qualified leaders, because a well rounded individual or candidate is worth more than a person with only a paper qualification to show for during pre-elections screening.

Anyone - Tom, Dick and Harry - can get a degree, and there are many degree holders out there who are known to have bought their academic degrees from questionable institutions around the world.

Our country's economy is in totals shambles and institutions in ruins because we have allowed our nation's Treasury, Central Bank, other financial institutions and institutions of higher learning to be managed and run by people or characters full of themselves who once scored History - C, Geography - D, Lit in English - D etc and then went on to study Economics and "B'Coms" at one time or another.

And now we want to open the flood gates for the same bunch of know-it-all characters to swarm into county and national politics just because they have a paper degrees?

Why not set a national proficiency exams for all political candidates, then leave it up to the people or voters to decide for themselves?

I could not agree more with Shangazi Wakinara, and the people need to look beyond the academic degrees.

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