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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Breaking News: Saitoti and Ojode die in helicopter crash

George Saitoti is dead! Orwa Ojode is dead! Police commissioner escapes by a whisker

Orwa Ojode, Uhuru Kenyatta and Prof George Saitoti at a recent public function.

News just in indicates that Internal security minister Prof George Saitoti and his assistant minister Orwa Ojode were killed earlier this morning in a helicopter crash over Ngong forest. Initial reports indicate that the ministers as well as the five other occupants of the chopper were burnt beyond recognition.

It is still not clear what the cause of the accident may have been but the area where the accident occurred (Kibiku forest) like the rest of the vast Ngong forest is known for the kind of bad weather that can make flying dangerous. However another eye-witness report of the horrific accident casts doubt on the weather or terrain being the cause; "The Chopper was filled with smoke before it crashed. I heard two explosions as it went up in flames." If this eye witness report is correct then it would indicate that there was a fire inside the helicopter before it went down which opens up several other possibilities including mechanical failure and even sabotage. It is however too early to speculate and possible conclusions can only be drawn after through investigations into the possible cause of the tragedy.

Other reports indicate that police commissioner Mathew Iteere is badly shaken because he was supposed to be on the fateful chopper and was only kept away because he missed a flight from Mombasa that would have enabled him to join the others on time.

In a bizarre twist today, June 10th, is the very same date in 2008 that another cabinet minister and an assistant minister died on a plane crash. Remember Kipkalya Kones and Laboso? Read the Kumekucha breaking news story on this very date in 2008.

Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka is said to have been one of the first senior government officials to arrive atthe scene of the disaster.

I will do another much more detailed post later today after gathering more information.

Shocking!!! Shocking!!!
In my latest raw notes published recently, I reveal William Ruto's main financier in his bid for the presidency. What is even more shocking is his real motive for backing Ruto.

Also in the same raw notes is the most shocking video you will ever view in this life. Even Chris Kumekucha threw up while viewing it. Want to know the contents...

This is the season for witchdoctors. Politicians are consulting them in earnest as we approach the general elections. But there are many of us well educated Kenyans who do not believe that witchcraft exists.
In the sickening video that affected Chris Kumekucha so much, you will see the so called powers of darkness at work where an adulterous wife was “locked” with her lover and the two were completely unable to separate until the irate husband showed up and started charging eager wananchi cash to get inside the room and see “everything” even as his wife sobbed uncontrollably.
He then demanded Kshs 20,000 from the sweating young man to “break the spell.” The adulterous man who appeared to be in pain was completely unable to disengage himself from the naked woman under him even with some help from the policemen in the room. He was only too eager to pay and as the policemen inside the room were busy searching for his ATM to withdraw the money, a simple man came into the room and started praying. What happened next is bizarre beyond explanation. 
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Anonymous said...

Now just you watch Kenyans sanitizing the dead. Suddenly Saitoti will be the cleanest cabinet minister who ever lived and Ojode will be a hero without equal.

Anonymous said...

Watching the initial television footages. No effort was done to seal the area properly to assist forensic experts in combing the scene for evidence on the actual cause of the crash. Ngong forest has a disturbing history on political conspiracies. Without speculating lets hope investigations will not be left only to the Kenya police.

Anonymous said...

I join other Kenyans in expressing condolences for those who have been tragically killed in the police helicopter.

This has been a tragic day in Nairobi and around the country, and my thoughts are with the families, close relatives, friends and long term colleagues of those* who have lost their lives in the crash over Ngong Forest.

Prof George Saitoti
Ass. Min. Orwa Ojode
Ms. Nancy Gituanja
Mr. Ogyugi
Mr. Tongei
Mr. Murimi

Hail and Farewell.

Anonymous said...

Headache for Kibaki to find the right DNA for the important Security portfolio.

Anonymous said...

He was on his way to a fundraiser in a police chopper.

I wonder whether the funds raised would have equalled the fuel bill for the chopper & other costs that the Kenyan taxpayers would have to foot, just so that he would have another photo-op & opportunity to beat his political drum.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Uhuru or Raila is behind this crash?

We have lost 3 prominent Ministers this year and we are only have way before the end of the year. Should sound a warning to all those prescibing to witchdoctors. God will not allow to be mocked forever.

Anonymous said...

Public-Safety Notes.

There are 11 Things Politicians Need To Know Before Hopping On An Helicopter Ride In Kenya.

Details to follow soon @Kumekucha before the electioneering frenzy kicks into high gear.

Anonymous said...

Prof Saitoti - may his soul find a restful place in due time - was a man whose time to cross over, go across or exit our Sphere had not yet come, and there are some among us who wish that an alternative whose time was overdue had taken his place during the fateful early Sunday morning hours.

But given what some of our ancestors believed for centuries, the skies must be appeased every now and then, and it so happened that this time around, Saitoti's life had to be claimed as an appeasement to the skies above in order for other politicians to be able to fly through them freely without any worries in the course of their hectic general election campaigns that are just about to gain momentum.

Condolences to the people of Kajiado North Constituency who have not only lost one of their own, a great son, but a survivor who rose from their midst and kept moving forward in life when insurmountable odds seemed to be stacked up against him since the mid 1940s.


Anonymous said...

What we see, while surely not all bad to the public viewer, is bad enough for the bereaved families in question.

The way things are for the families of the latest fallen public servants contains enough anger, anguish, pain and suffering to make many groan inwardly for years to come.

It's at times such as these when media crews that have already pitched their tents with huge logos attached on them at various homes of the deseased should be professional enough, considerate, come to their real senses and respect the privacy of the mourning families, instead of walking all over place competing for cheap ratings and air-time.

These are moments when pulling the plug is worth more than airing raw wailings of a widow for over an extended period of time.

When does enough become enough in the eyes, minds and hearts of our so called hunters for breaking news and gatherers of the same?

Anonymous said...

Ajali haina kinga. Poleni sana. Mola awape pumziko la milele.

Anonymous said...

Watch my lips: Ole Ntimama...
Ole Ntimama...
Ole Ntimama...

Anonymous said...

Ok let's not mention 'Goldenberg' at this difficult time of mourning!

Anonymous said...

To all those who perished in the building which collapsed yesterday in Mlolongo
I am sorry that all four people who were confirmed dead will never stand a chance at grabbing as much headlines and acres of print media compared to those who died in the helicopter
RIP Lesser Kenyan

Anonymous said...

Who has the right DNA and pedigree to take up the Security Ministry?

Anonymous said...

ICC trials likely to be after March 2013.

This will surely favour ODM.

MM will also now become valueless and may move back to ODM as he is,like viper and Wamalwa shunned by Panuas?

Getting interesting by the day

Anonymous said...

@Watch your lips,
Why Ole Ntimama...? There are four sides to his aura? If he faces north, south or east, your lips will end up reminding us that you told us so. But if his aureola decides to face west at a short notice, your lips will still claim credit for it. So which is which or what is what, and why Ole Ntimama's name at this juncture?

DM-Nairobi said...

George Muthengi Kinuthia Saitoti! Lessons from the Past – When will Kenyans learn.

Anonymous said...

We have all heard it said that don't hate the player nor speak ill of a former player, but hate the game that has been the root cause of all political, social and financial problems.

That's why it's mind boggling about a very common trend in our country where government resources and especially issued equipement (planes, choppers, boats, all types of vehicles) are always concentrated on personal use by a few individuals rather than for public service.

Ever wonder why police choppers and other government aircrafts are always being used to ferry politicians and senior government officials to venues that could have been reached by road had other adequate arrangements been made in advance.

Such as the fateful trip where a senior politician and his junior were being flown to a personal political fund raising venue in a far away region of the country.

Instead of the chopper being put to it's proper use of patrolling the Kenyan skies, cordinating crime preventive measures with other regualr police and security agencies on the ground, or left on stand-by in case of any unforeen emergency situations that require rapid reponse?

Hate the game but don't hate players inviolved.

Let them RIP.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the digression, the sad news is that if our painful collective memory serves some of us right, then the overly understimated figure of post election violence ('08/'09) victims and survivors still stands at 1,133 dead and 650,000 IDPs.

Talking of 650,000 of our fellow Kenyan children, young adults, women and men who are still struggling to survive in various makeshift displacement camps around the country, five years since the political murderous mayhem was allowed to happen in a country that once seemed to be a bastion of stablity in the greater East African region.

So far, the not so good news is the fact that justice for the dead victims and survivors of post election violence continue to be delayed, although a Nakuru High Court has done the unthinkable, too little too late, but it is worth being emulated by all the other courts of justice in the Kenya where similar known cases are still pending.

There are hundreds of Kipkemboi Ruto alias Saitoti who are still roaming freely in many areas around Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Uasin Gishu, Molo, Kericho, Njoro, Naivasha, Kisumu, Kisii, Homa Bay, Kakamega, Mumias, Bungoma, Kitale, Naivasha, Molo, Nairobi, Limuru, Ruiru, Kiambu, Thika, Machakos, Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu, et al.

And the culprits are well known evil types of goons, criminals and murderers who should never have been allowed to continue living and walking freely in our midst but arrested, charged, prosecuted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Justice too long delayed is justice denied to the 1,133 dead victims (Kenyans from all walks of life) and 650,000 displaced persons in the country.

A nation that decides to ignore its painful ethnopolitical past conflicts is bound to repeat it during every general election season.

Anonymous said...

Ever wondered why the late Saitoti had a larger than what appeared to be an average chest cavity? The answer now turns out to be the bullet proof vest he always wore as an extra protective measure given his share of previous brushes with death. That explains his extra sized upper body frame minus the tradmark pot belly that has become a badge of honour for many politicians in the country. Sadly his remains may have been easy to spot and identify after his tragic demise. May he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

People can be so shameless at times, especially those are already clamouring for a by-election even before the two politicians are laid to rest.

IMHO, the political slots in North Kajiado and Ndhiwa constituencies should remain vacant until the general election, for there is no need for wasting time and funds on by-elections when major general election is already looming on the horizon.

The ministerial portfolios are another matter although they slots will need to be filled in way or another before the parliament folds up after pending dissolution as expected.

Anonymous said...

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! So if you think you have what it takes to be among the next generation of elected politicians in 2013, then stand up soon and be counted for any one of the available positions that will soon fall vacant - 295 MPs' vacancies, 113 senators positions and 70 country governors slots. Best wishes to the few courageous men and women who are willing, able and ready to be counted among the league of politicians in August House of 2013.

Anonymous said...

Was Emrah Erdogan (his German nationality aside) trying to avenge the betrayal of his politicl icon, Uncle Abdullah Ocalan (of PKK) that was orchestrated by certain powerful individuals in government during February of 1999?

Or was it just a minor coincidence given Emrah Erdogan's Turkish ancestral roots? It's hard to believe that the whole incident had anything to do with al-something across the northern border.

Erdogan may have tried using the group in question in order to achieve his own objectives or those of someone or group of people who still habour a huge grudge against Kenya in connection to the capture of Abdullah Ocalan on Kenyan soil in 1999.

Anonymous said...

Prophesy:Next president of Kenya

Nyaboke had prophesied that Kenya would lose prominent people this year and many more unless the leadership turned truly to God, as well as all citizens of this nation.

Nyaboke had predicted that she had seen who would most likely lead this country after the next general election. She had prophesied that the person would have a very rough time and stiff opposition. This leader she prophesied is one who realises his mistake and turns around quickly just like King David in the Bible – he retracts unfavourable statements fast leaving people confused often what his real stand is yet in this lies his strength according to the prophetess.

“Friends will run away from him and he will remain as if his standing alone but he just has to do one thing – pray hard and turn to God because the leadership is being handed to him,” she says.

Surely, that can be anybody but Nyaboke narrows down and says that she sees a heavy hand of the current leadership in those trying to deny the person she has mentioned the mantle. She states that while one of the leaders has sought to also lead the country, he started too late and has no support base on the ground which in her she portrays as a man who flew so high and had his legs cut as he tried to come and land back on the ground. This has made him unable to stand.

Nyaboke says, “This leader cannot stand on his own because the ground is not with him and try as he might, there is no way he can make it to the throne.

Rather than making a big fuss about who will take over as the new president after the next election, Nyaboke points out that Kenya is currently undergoing turmoil because of arrogant and greedy leaders. She argues that most of them feel that they can make it on their own.

Anonymous said...

Hindsight maybe 2020 but there are some moments in life that can seem so eerie.

Case in point, there was a picture taken of the late Prof Saitoti and Dominic Dim Deng, formerly of South Sudan, while in Kenya on an official visit.

Well, who would have ever thought that the two of them would perish in similar tragic circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Moi: I was backing Saitoti presidency bid

Anonymous said...

And what are Nyaboke's latest prophecies on when Kenyan farmers in Kitui and other areas are bound to start getting the eagerly awaited steady rains to sustain their intensive subsistence farming?

What about prophecies on when the peaks of Mt. Kenya will be covered by snow, or the location and quantities of the next discovery of large oil wells in Kenya?

What about the time and exact location of the next poorly constructed building to collapse in Nairobi, Mombasa and Nakuru, and how many casualities?

Any more valuable inside information provided by Pythia Nyaboke, our very own Oracle of Kenya will save more lives than we can imagine in the next several months.

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